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The Best Get Out Of My Hair Poems

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Slamming My Way To Freedom

You think that you know me
Reading me like a book
I had more to give you
Than the pages you took
Try taking a closer look

I don't need your disrespect
You're completely unaware
Thinking that I really care
you're the chump I'm the player
Step back get out of my hair

Your chance, has come and gone
Watch, as I walk out the door
I won't settle any more
This is not what I'm made for
I lift myself from the floor

You want me, because I'm gone
So who is now the fool
You thought, I was yours to rule
Yet I could not be your mule
You the master on that stool

I am made of stronger stuff
Watch as now I light the sky
You can't catch me if you try
You're left alone wondering why
I seemed so fragile and so shy

Verlena Walker's Slamming Competition.

Copyright © Richard Lamoureux | Year Posted 2014

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I Am Not Your Daughter

I am not your daughter
I will wear pink and red together
Just because they don’t match
I will dye my hair black
Not only just because you said not to 
But because I know I’m not a blonde 
At heart, like you.  Even though when my hair’s
Natural it’s blonde and when yours is natural
It’s gray.  And how bout next time you
Wanna lecture me about my weight
I give you a lecture on how your issues with control 
gave me issues with my weight in the first place.  
Now I’ll dye my hair red and it’s worth 
The criticizing glances I get from all kinds of elders
Oh she’s just going through that phase!
Because your looks are not less than or equal to but GREATER
Than any judgemental stare I get from anyone else.  
I’ll dye my hair red to un-match myself from you because
I’m not your daughter.
And I wouldn’t be prettier if I had your nose
Some people like me the way I am
So forget you and forget your husband
And maybe if you hadn’t been forgetting dad
In the first place
This premature mistake would never have been born
September 1st 1984, 2:40 am
Sorry for waking you up in the middle of the night, mom!
And sorry for having such a big head!
It was all my fault.  
None of my genes were ever yours, 
I don’t know where they came from…
Probably from hell.  
And that’s why my hair is red 
Burning with hate towards you.  
I don’t know where my head got stuck…somewhere between the napkin 
And salt shakers, or under the linoleum where I’d gladly call it home for a few 
It frightens me to write these words
And if frightens me to think of what you might think of what I’m thinking
But you’re my friend and you won’t judege, will you?
Somewhere between a rock and a resting place lies the sound system playing
Rock and roll in my ears and if you’re lucky, we’ll roll in bed
And not a rock and if yo’ure less lucky we’ll just keep climbing
In hopes to reach a height that isn’t even there.
We’ll read the manifestoes of idiots as if 
We were the only idiots who cared.  
Get out of my hair.  You hate it when I call you that?
Well all morons hate it when you call them a moron
Because you’re pointing out the obvious
And the obvious isn’t obviously so great when we’re referring to those traits. 
Now what is it that makes a poem so great?
I don’t know and I don’t care as long as it is and you stay out of my hair
And don’t touch me with your god-awful stares
Don’t feel me with your glances cuz trust me
Forget you and all you do and especially what you don’t
Cuz it’s what you don’t do that
Makes me wanna kill you.  

Copyright © Brooke Wolfe | Year Posted 2007

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Roach in my Hair

I felt something crawling in my hair 
This feeling is more than I can bare
I brush my fingers through 
Then I feel it and scream EW 

I slap my head over and over
The pain I now feel I can't cover
But the crawling feeling is still there
The roach my sanity doesn't care

My mom gives me a crazy look
As my head I shook 
Get out of my hair you dirty bug
As my fingers through my hair dug

Next thing I know my mom is coming at me
For the roach in my hair she did see
I saw her coming with the broom 
My thoughts turned to gloom

She kept hitting my head
I swear the roach burrowed in my hair like a bed
Finally I saw the roach drop to the floor 
My mom kicked it out the front door 

Now between the slapping, shaking, and the broom
I think I finally face my doom
I fall out across the living room floor
This day was definitely not a bore

Copyright © Julie Leigh Rodeheaver | Year Posted 2017

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J's of My Youth

Jimmy Cracked Corn, and I simply don’t care,
Jimminy Cricket, Pinnochio’s pair,
Jee Wilikers, said to world of blank air.
Jee Josephats, yelled on a sister’s dare,
Jeeze, jumping Jacks, why cousin, are you bare?
Jolly Joe Ice Cream, true story, I swear!

Jimmy Cracked Corn, oh, yellow and so fair,
Jimminy Cricket, please get out of my hair!
Jee Wilikers, name of Ed Cooley’s mare.
Jeeze, jumping jacks, Sue, I thought we were square.
Jolly Joe, honey, hot bread, we do tear.

J’s of my youth, lie in my memory’s lair.
Bring them out to play, only when I dare.

Copyright © Caren Krutsinger | Year Posted 2018