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Unplanned Vacation

"We're going on vacation," my husband said.  I gave him a big kiss.

Time away from home and housework was something I wouldn't miss.

"Let's check into our hotel," I cried, when I heard thunder.

"Which hotel?" My husband asked. I looked at him with wonder.

"You made reservations, didn't you?" I asked with a sense of doom.

The town over-flowed with people.  We'd never get a room.

We drove by nice hotels and inns.  "No vacancy", signs read.

We were in the dingy part of town when he turned the car around.

There was a lit sign above a doorway, a room was to be found.

A shirtless man said, "Money first", I gave my man a frown.

He whispered, "It's a flophouse." I didn't like that term.

The look I gave my husband was meant to make him squirm.

And as I glared, I truly hoped that it would cause him pain.

Coming with no reservation, was really quite insane.

I vowed if we got home alive, I'd never leave again.

Copyright © Joyce Johnson | Year Posted 2014

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Plight of the Pandas

The panda bear is cute but also shy.
So have you ever stopped to wonder why?

It goes back to that time in history
when all God’s creatures sailed upon the sea!

Old Noah built an Ark, which two by two
each kind of animal was led into.

A pair of pandas got put in the middle
of that boat! But pandas are not little!

The pandas, since they could not move about,
would sometimes bump into some creature’s snout.

Poor Mrs. Panda had no privacy
and felt too flustered when she had to pee!

Poor Mr. Panda, lost his wife’s affection,
and sadly afterwards, lost his ********.

The pandas, once they got off of the Ark,
were somehow able to regain their spark.

They ended up in China, learning to
“get it on again” and eat bamboo!

But now they face extinction once again,
thanks this time to crimes of modern men.

Everything is now against the norm.
Forced together, pandas can’t perform.

Such failure, like it was in Noah’s day,
must just be part of Panda’s DNA.

Let’s hope that we’ll be hearing very soon
the pandas being told to ‘get a room!”

This was originally meant for some Noah's Ark contest
that never got judged. So here it is now for YOU, PD!!

Copyright © Andrea Dietrich | Year Posted 2013

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Confidence Shines

What's up with all y'all?

I'm awkward and tall

Catch me before I fall

I'm dancing in the Hall of Fame

Shame just came...just came...

Tame me up in God's name

Liar and cheaters aren't tolerated here 

Lick me with your fire and hold me dear

Have no fear; darling, have no fear

Steer the boat away from trouble...

Danger will double...double...

Don't burst my bubble...bubble...

Bubbled up by bubbles...

I'm not dumb - I'm a young teenager right in front of your face

I'm super deeduper smart and fantabulous in vast grace

The future has got me many places...I remember the traces

In a coma 

Add on my stress like a comma...

I pause, then I go

You know, I'm living just foshow

Leave me alone, negativity

I invite you in, positivity 

I need You to make me optimistic 

I don't wanna be so pessimistic 

Sarcasm was rolling off my tongue

You're my other lung

Lunge into me, breath of the Holy Spirit

I have a boyfriend, so quit your ****

You can eat me up bit by bit...

Because I don't throw those 5-year-old fits

Too many times have I covered up for you

You belong with me, darling, it's true

I'm a wild child for a reason

I am as magical as the winter season

Like, seriously, brah, you good in the hood

Because shame on me - I'm misunderstood

My confident stride 

Is due to my bipolar ride

My confidence shines

Paying your fines

Punks and dorks are filling this room with doom

Let me bloom like a butterfly flower...consume

Happiness...resume on with your joy and peace - get a room!

I am growing like a mushroom...

I hear the explosion of excellence - boom!

The writer, the fighter...

Has came back 7-fold

I'm a sensitive guy, so don't go higher...

We are on the same level, my darling devil

I am oh so bold...

Maybe a little too much for my own good

I'm in the arms of a billion angels

In all angles...stripped down by devils

I blush, for you are the one for me

I crushed on you, my blessed baby

Let's live on and die a mighty winner

For, you are a winner, reader

Confidence shines...let's follow the Leader

Copyright © J.W. Earnings | Year Posted 2016

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waitress manifesto

the noose around my neck only a little colorful scarf on my last day as a slave

to the chefs always screaming their short comings as it's never the fault of the pressure cooker of the kitchen

to managers revolving the doors and telling you are call waiter as you have to wait for the couple that forgot  to get a room as they gross you out with their display 
an hour or more for the worst tip of the night as they are here to push your buttons
the maitre D as I told them to change their tune if to collect a percentage of your earning and to be sued ask you to finish his job as he is leaving to catch his train on clockwork schedule every night
the next day the computer was fixed with a new tittle and not a thanks from general management to save their *** from a lawsuit as I heard rumors of protest

the bartender an other story as drug dealers you have to bow to them or they will make your life difficult and suck as otherwise your customers will have to wait for their needs

the owners mostly absent only showing their faces to collect do not know the ordeal
as in the past they forgot to declare you and their earnings everything under the table but them protected you are the one suffering the consequence of retirement as you show zero on your social security number for years and never paid hourly toil dusting the chairs and the what not if only mouse **** I though I had a deal with them to pay my taxes and I will be all right
took me two years to amend their lies as they though I was a wet back with fake identity
but still those years show as zero as they didn't pay their due to the government for the welfare of old age but their own

to the clients as they are the redemption of many fun night
with the exchange of words to make a meal memorable
that is what made my job worthwhile as I had a chance to meet many stars enjoying my back serve 

black pants white shirt I could tell you so many stories of encounter

Copyright © catherine labeau | Year Posted 2015

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That Green-Eyed Monster

He was right to be suspicious
She was acting suspiciously
So he followed her that morning
To see what he might see

She didn’t go towards her office
She took the road to the ocean shore
And pulled up to a motel where
They had never been before

He watched her get a room key
Then go to a cabin with an ocean view
He was hurting so much inside himself
He didn’t know just what to do

He saw another man knock on the door
Looking tall and younger than him
He loaded the pistol from inside his car
As she let the stranger in

He shot her once aside the head
Him twice in the face
Then turned the pistol upon himself
Making a full mess of the place

The police found a cell phone in her hand
The stranger left a bible on the table
The husband’s cell phone was on the front seat of his car
Displaying 1 voice message on the label

“Hi Honey, I know it’s a month early but … Happy Anniversary.  I got us a terrific little room at this quaint motel down in Seaside and found a nice young preacher who said he would perform a service to reaffirm our vows.  When you get this message, come down and join me.  See you soon … Love you.”

Copyright © Joe Flach | Year Posted 2012

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FaceBook Friends

Why does one have one bazillion fb friends…
Many not even know their face or name.

People Like it--Share it--but did they
Open the link or watch the video—first…
It may have not been what it seemed.
Everything on the internet is not real,
Be very careful what you believe.
People air their dirty laundry.
Pull their shirts up and pushing paints down 
Thinking they are hot and need to show off.
Bathroom selfies are ugly even if you are hot stuff.

Remember the saying get a room…
Take all the mushy stuff off your wall and close the door.
Then there are the post about how great some girl’s man is.			
Looks like a copy and paste—from last month’s Great Man…
Maybe he was not so great after all. Wonder how long the next one will last.

Do you ever go back and look at your posts.
Do you even care if you look like a joke.

FaceBook is not so fun anymore.
I have reduce my use--I am down to 28 friends.
And I know each one of them by name 
And something about them.

People get offended, just plain bent out of shape.
How dare you unfriend them--
This seems to mean you are mad at them…Really…
Hard to be mad at people you never speak to.
If I were mad at U--you would know.

Family or not I don’t care--I have had enough.
Most are too busy for a real visit anyhow.
You know the kind—
Where you actually sit in the same room without a screen.
Speak words out loud and listen with your hearts. 

I do not want everything in life to all happen
In a Click--On a Like--or With a Share…
Time to move on---Facebook is just dead air.

Copyright © fonda anne….mooreofme....mamao

Copyright © fonda anne | Year Posted 2015

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Rainbow Colored Camouflage

Being a storm chaser I look out for all kinds of weather,
with one particular severe thunderstorm hitting a town
about 2 hours drive away from where I live…By the time 
I was half way there the weather station called me to inform
me to brace myself when I get to the town because of 
the devastation and that I'd be driving in remnants of
the storm. They were right because the sky just opened
up with rain, hail and straight line winds hitting my van 
from all directions…the tornado threat was just a watch
and not a warning anymore so I did continue to be on
the lookout. By the time I got to the town alls I could see
in the sky was a beautiful rainbow from one side of the 
small town to the other. Driving closer and getting into
the interior of the town was a different story as I could
see the destruction of what was left of the small town
from the tornado. It was leveled. Thank God everyone
in town went to the tornado shelter and survived I'm
happy to say. After spending several hours there helping
out as much as I could with the Red Cross I got in my
vehicle to drive to the next town and get a room for the
night so I could go back in the morning to help some
more. That night in the hotel room I couldn't get the
beautiful rainbow out of mind and how it camouflaged
the violent storm that had just been there moments


Copyright © cheryl hoffman | Year Posted 2017

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Luner and Donder a Love Story

There once was a mad cow named Luner
Who loved Santa’s reindeer named Donder
She bought herself antlers
And a star map of Cancer
Her lift off was quite a disaster!

She mooooooooed “I really do need gas.”
Donder winked at her as he passed.
Letting go of a load
With antlers on hold,
She rose off the ground at last.

Now, Ole Santa, he saw silly Luner
He Ho Ho’ed “What is next flying tuna???”
Donder “Your grounded!
Your lust is unfounded
Get a room you two honeymooners!”

Copyright © Debbie Guzzi | Year Posted 2010

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Mary Joseph and the Donkey

Mary Joseph and the Donkey
By Franklin Price

Mary, Joseph and the donkey, on the way to Bethlehem.
Jesus not yet born, but he was still with them
Warm in Mary's stomach still swaddled in the womb.
Would be crowded in the city, hoped that they could get a room

Finally arriving, they were tired and needed rest.
They tried but found no lodging which put their patience to the test.
The innkeeper announced, to give a room he was not able
But they could have a place to rest in the corner of the stable

There was nothing else to do and no place else to stay
Quickly they must get inside, God was about to have his way
Although the conception holy, the birth came naturally
And there was baby Jesus for all the world to see

They wrapped him up, and moved the cows, and laid him in a manger
Angels watching down on them to keep them out of danger
Little did they know, wise men and kings were on the way
They heard it through the grapevine that Christ was born that day

Shepherds saw them passing by and joined the growing crowd
Arriving at the stable dropped to their knees and bowed
The star that brightly led them there still glowing in the sky
Shining on the king of kings who on the cross must die

For Christ was sent to save us, he was God's only son.
Was sent to live among us, to show he was the one.
If we believe this story's true, that Christ was heaven made
Our everlasting life is free our dues by Christ were paid.

Copyright © Franklin Price | Year Posted 2015

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Legend Of The Black Dove - Part 3

                          Legend Of The Black Dove 
                           (Part 3)  "Outlaw Peril"
As the coach approaches, the Black Dove grabs the under frame 
Of the coach, with his amazing strength climbs on the driver's
Seat and brings the coach to a halt by pulling the reins.
He turns the coach back to where Rex Murphy is standing
And continue their journey. Hours later they stop to rest at the
Golden Anchor - a tavern in the coastal town of Southerly.
It is getting dark and they manage to get a room to spend the night. 
It is a peaceful town overlooking the sea. Everything seemed to be
Quiet as Rex Murphy secures the Golden Coach for the night, but in
Darkness Jack Wild and his men had followed the coach and 
Plan to steal it while the town is asleep. The Black Dove and Rex were
Ready to turn in for the night when they are startled by a woman's 
Scream. In a flash the Black Dove is on the scene, and seeing a girl being
Assaulted, he takes quick action and grabs the assailant and overpowers
Him. The Man is then tied up and held prisoner in the tavern. The girl seemed 
To be alright and tells The Black Dove she is the publican's daughter and 
She was grabbed by this man who would not let her go. While this is
Going on, gunshots ring out and the Golden Coach appeared to be missing.
The Black Dove notices the coach leaving the security compound along
With three men following the coach. The Dove and Murphy rush in pursuit
Of them and a chase begins, the coach gathers speed and drives out of 
Town. Minutes later they all arrive at an abandoned gold mine. The 
Outlaws unload the gold under fire and put it into a rail cart. Two of 
The outlaws push the rail car down tracks into the mine, the remaining
Two men are holding off the Dove and Murphy, then they run inside the 
Mine to join Jack Wild and his accomplice. Rex and the Dove, rush in after 
Them in an attempt to rescue the gold but they come to grips with the 
Outlaws and a shot is fired which creates a cave-in in the mine trapping 
All the men. Seconds later a rumble is heard from the ground caused by 
An earth tremor. The Dove goes after Jack Wild who intends to shoot the 
Black Dove with his pistol, but they both fall into a large open pit of 
Will either man survive these sharp limestone pinnacles? 
Are the other men also doomed?... 
Find out in the next exciting part...."The Imposter"

Written: 12th March 2013

Copyright © John Ginesi | Year Posted 2013

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Your Own Solution

For we as singles and couples have a tendency to pass judgement 
upon individuals who don't do exactly what we do for 
Individuals on the outside have a tendency to see other people 
kissing and holding hands and we automatically say they should get a room
When individuals see a man feeding a woman at dinner or at the movies then individuals
have a tendency to respond with a comment of her fingers are not broken and/or that woman must have him whipped instead of embracing the fact that he is treating her like a QUEEN
as she rightfully deserves.
If individuals /couples realize that not everything that works for others will work for them and instead of criticizing other peoples relationship they should be taking out the time to find their own solution to make their relationship work.
Be it may if every relationship takes the time out to figure out what works for them more relationships would work.

Copyright © Patricia Lewis | Year Posted 2012

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My Everything

I wanna meet the guy who calls me beautiful,
who'll kiss my tears away...
the guy I can see myself wake up to
every single day.
I want him to adore me,
to give me tingles when he smiles.
I want him to wanna be with me
when we've been apart awhile.
I want to meet the guy who'll hold me
when I'm feeling down,
who'll help me hold my head up
when my face is to the ground.

It's funny cuz you're perfect.
You're everything I want
You're such a beautiful person...
Someone I always want to flaunt.
You're the guy who'll take a day off
of work, and miss the game...
just to go to dinner
and hear them call my name.
You're the guy who'll give me everything
if you had it in your hands.
You'd change the small or bigger things
if it meant it'd keep me in your plans.
You're the guy who gives me kisses
when I'm feeling blue...
who'll take a break from work to hug me
because it's all that you can do.
You're the guy who'll pay to get a room
just to cuddle and fall asleep with me.
You're all I could ever ask for,
you're my sweet pea. :)
And you'll take me to my appointments
cuz I don't wanna go alone.
You'll be there for all the important things
I know I'm never on my own.

So thanks for being everything
for being my best friend
You're definitely the best I've had
You're the greatest boyfriend

Copyright © Melanie D | Year Posted 2009

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In The Mood To Multiply

You've heard the song, “I'm In The Mood For Love” I assume Got a new one, “I'm In The Mood To Multiply” I'll get a room A good time you're in for Hope your bum don't get sore We'll fly to the heavens, you'll feel like you're in a typhoon

Copyright © Jack Ellison | Year Posted 2017

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Bad Luck

I walk a little and talk a lot
I sing unlike a bird and tease a moth
I trip on the stair yet remember not to bare!
I saunter like a lady but stumble on a chair
Unlike my friend I tickle my own toes
Then suddenly I see this ant up my nose
I blow it off but alas its fast stuck
I forgot to wipe the treacle, bad luck!
So I sit and lament on the days events
Hoping and praying I'll get a room to rent!

Copyright © FATHIMA DAWOOD | Year Posted 2008

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The Grist Mill Inn

When you are rich you can do what you please
Building and naming stuff what you may.
So when Ford decided to build his own church
he named it Martha-Mary chapel one day

In 1923, he purchased 3,000 acres of land
And Longfellow’s Wayside Inn, still in operation today
He built an attractive red school house, and a grist mill too,
Creating a Living History Farm for me and for you.

Located in Sudbury, Massachusetts, this romantic place
Has a water-powered grist mill, with two grinding stones.
And the little red schoolhouse was the site of one of
The esteemed, poetess, Sarah Josepha Hale’s little poems.

You have probably heard of it, “Mary Had a Little Lamb.”
Ford told everybody this, however, I heard it from a goof.
The Pepperidge Farm Logo is a photo of the grist mill.
All you have to do is see that photo, to see the real proof.

Is the Wayside Grist Mill Inn still in operation today?
It certainly is, yes, indeed, a romantic setting too.
Many all-night lodgers have said that a ghost visits the sleeping rooms.
But that’s a little secret between the ghosts, them, me and you.

The history of this place, with Longfellow, and Ford alone.
Some say they’ve heard and seen ghosts there and left little bitty notes
You can pick them out of cracks and crevices, and leave some of your own.
It’s fun to just get a room, and spend the night reading these little antidote.

Copyright © Caren Krutsinger | Year Posted 2018