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My Girl

Secretly, I watch the neighbors, 
From my well-advantaged location.
Mrs. G. is complaining about her husband to Mrs. S.
No one's drama is ever as vivid as Mrs. G's.
They full-body laugh, tongues out.
Mr. P. is going to be late for supper again; 
I can hear Mrs. P. cussing.
At 4:15 I hear the all-day waited slam of a backdoor.
My girl is running toward me, flat out.
She is carrying a white pillow and gray blanket.
There's a plastic bag swinging from her arm as she climbs.
Prior experience tells me the sack holds a book, a drink
and her favorite sandwich - mayonnaise, peanut butter and lettuce.
After smashing a few ants on my floor, the girl flops down, 
and begins to read.
I smile as she devours the sandwich like a young starving wolf.
She's ten, the perfect age to devour.
Every day is the same except Saturday.
On Saturday my girl spends the whole day inside me,
reading two to three books at a time.
It is our favorite day.
Her sister runs out sometimes and begs the girl to play,
but we are fighting pirates, conquering Asia, taming macaws.
We are so in tune, she and I.
I know my girl has to climb down and run for the house, 
leaving me alone, 
to spy on the neighbors.

Date: 8/28/2018       What the Hell Throw One In   John Lawless, Sponsor

Copyright © | Year Posted 2018

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Date: 9/2/2018 3:24:00 PM
So much detail...that one can be there as if it were a scene from a movie !! Well done, Caren!
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Krutsinger Avatar
Caren Krutsinger
Date: 9/3/2018 6:09:00 AM
Thank you Carrie. I am not against the movie idea.
Date: 9/1/2018 2:19:00 PM
Hey....should such a sweet girl be hanging out in gnarly old trees? This is a really fun read and excellent use of personification. thanks for participating in the contest Caren
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Date: 8/26/2018 3:42:00 PM
Sounds like my neighborhood
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Krutsinger Avatar
Caren Krutsinger
Date: 8/27/2018 7:03:00 AM
I believe it is like all the neighborhoods used to be, so glad you still live in one like this!
Date: 4/8/2018 5:32:00 PM
Devour Hour By Hour Duty is to devour hour by hour, Yet still be skinny in the shower; Water down run, Until I am done; Maybe he will bring me a flower. You and I write a lot of poems.
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Krutsinger Avatar
Caren Krutsinger
Date: 4/8/2018 6:39:00 PM
We surely do, James. We surely do!
Date: 3/9/2018 12:59:00 AM
I am amazed no one has commented on this beautifully told story yet. I felt like I was an interloper...and then I felt like I had been in that magical place not so long all changes so quickly. This could be the first chapter of a best selling novel. You definitely have the gift of delivering something unique and exquisite. In my favourites. I think you should continue the story. Love this Caren..
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Krutsinger Avatar
Caren Krutsinger
Date: 3/9/2018 5:16:00 AM
I truly was thinking this might turn into a story, Leanne. Thank you. I have posted two short stories, but as far as I can tell nobody on this site reads the stories. I really do appreciate your feedback; glad you liked it Leanne.