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Best Fable Poems

Below are the all-time best Fable poems written by Poets on PoetrySoup. These top poems in list format are the best examples of fable poems written by PoetrySoup members

The Fable of the Fox and Goose
 There once was a fox, as wise as can be,
 He lived in the hollow of an old oak tree.
 Not so very far...

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Categories: fable, parody,
Form: Quatrain

Premium Member Willow: A Fable
Timmy Tom Tuck was a young fellow with charm
who one summer stayed at his grandfather's farm.
He loved to eat ice cream and Grandma's baked goods

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© Roy Jerden  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: fable, children, death, dream, fantasy,
Form: Rhyme
Fable of Felicity
In the orchard of opalescence
magnificent myriads of mellows
fervently flow in fountains
breathing beguile blossoms
a forgotten fable ferments,
in haunting hollows I hear.

My heart is a restless garden

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Categories: fable, analogy, flower, garden, hope,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member EULOGY FOR GOD
Oh, Lord! Lest one is asleep,
the purge to kill you,yet again,
is quite deep.
Some, who read your word in
the Bible, re-create it, with myths
that are long...

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Categories: fable, abortion, faith, god, poets,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member It was Beautiful Yesterday

Bha e brèagha an-de
(It was Beautiful Yesterday)

There was a sailing vessel
With many a sail proudly lapping in the wind
A flag of the Celtic honor, in...

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Categories: fable, angel, angst, bereavement, feelings,
Form: Verse

Premium Member Midnight Romance
Midnight Romance

Dusk falls quickly on cerulean skies
Day morphs from ash of roses to sable
Our love's vision flashes before my eyes
Midnight romance, like an ancient fable


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Categories: fable, desire, dream, imagery, longing,
Form: Sonnet
Premium Member Darkness Where Now Poe And Raven Reside, Part One
Darkness Where Now Poe And Raven Reside,
(Part One)

As the Raven cross into the dark pits
Those in torment went into heaving fits
Its shrieking calls, alarms even...

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Categories: fable, dark, death, evil, fear,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Magic Beans

It was magic beans you placed in my hand as we held
Ones you nurtured,  embedded deep within your love
I know because it tormented me with...

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Categories: fable, love,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member The Ruby Spires

There, among the Ruby Spires,
      Stood I, a-gazing toward the mist,

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Categories: fable, adventure, beauty, science fiction,
Form: Rhyme
In The Name Of Dove -With Ram R V


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Categories: fable, appreciation, bird, , cute,
Form: Shape
Premium Member Gathering of the Golden Girls - Soup Convention
Four “Golden Girls” seated at a table
Grey streaks our hair, but minds remain stable
     Convention is underway

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Categories: fable, friendship, funnytime,
Form: Limerick
Premium Member A Mouse Family's Christmas
It's Christmas Eve and through the house 
there creeps a curious little mouse.
He climbs into the big arm chair 
and finds the cookies waiting there...

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Categories: fable, adventure, christmas,
Form: Narrative

A stairway of tinted boulders reveals
The fable of old gods marking a past,
Etched on tall red-stones divinely claimed…
And as I ascend to touch a warm...

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Categories: fable, appreciation, places, travel,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Lady of Tears
A statue of grey cold stone
Standing resolute in a garden of young lovers
Strolling arm in arm as young lovers do
She is the Lady of Tears...

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Categories: fable, beauty, garden, love,
Form: Light Verse
Premium Member I Am Whammy

It was a lovely summer 
the garden was filled with butterflies. 
Whammy the caterpillar was full of joy. 
He climbed the tallest stalk in the...

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Categories: fable, beauty, fantasy,
Form: Narrative
Premium Member The Old Bear
The Old grizzled Bear... was now keenly aware
    as he lay in his Cave all alone.
Where his time as King... was a...

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Categories: fable, funny, humor, humorous,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member A sword of the heavens did glean

A sword of the heavens did glean

From railings and arbors 
of dead thorn and bramble,
where ghostly reminders remain

Fall droplets of blood ‘pon
a crimson embroider

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Categories: fable, fantasy,
Form: Rhyme
The Keets, Goldie and Blueboy, Oh My
           There once was a family named Keets

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Categories: fable, humorous,
Form: Rhyme
A Mythical Creature
The sun dulled to a shade of green,
A creature hanging there I hadn't seen
Wings of webs and sparkling coloured hues
Seeming to be smiling at me,...

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© Ian Howard  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: fable, fantasy, me, me, smile,
Form: Free verse
Daniel the Conqueror
In a land far away was a family with two boys
The oldest loved sports the youngest only toys.
You should be like your big brother the...

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Categories: fable, animal, child, fantasy, friendship,
Form: Narrative
The paper lay flat
on a low reading table,

yet thick in it's pages,
a days worth of fable.

Our library bright with it's
rays to it's sills

and the paper...

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Categories: fable, on writing and words,
Form: Couplet
My Vastly Underrated Pear
We all enjoy the apple, grape and cherry
We all eat the orange, as if it was air
We never forget our favorite berry
But what about the...

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© Tom Hyam  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: fable, food,
Form: Quintain (English)
Premium Member The Dog, the Pig and the Cat

The Dog, the Pig and the Cat

Here is a tale of a dog and a cat
and a pot bellied pig, so pink and so fat

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Categories: fable, friendship,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member The Mask of Alabaster
Once the night had fallen upon a sleepless slumber,
Whence the winter woke me when the third was three in number.

I sense that a wince doth...

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Categories: fable, anxiety, confusion, deep, dream,
Form: Couplet
I had an old auntie called Mable
Who could drink men under the table
She’d tell folks of her gout
Sup up six pints of stout  -

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Categories: fable, drink, humorous,
Form: Limerick