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Best Diamond Poems

Below are the all-time best Diamond poems written by Poets on PoetrySoup. These top poems in list format are the best examples of diamond poems written by PoetrySoup members

Black Diamond Night
Black Diamond Night (a coal miner’s cemetery) 

Where the ebony, we call “NIGHT”,
Old black rocks sit under the twilight
Diamond shape eyes unclear and lonely, 

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Categories: diamond, body, death, history, lonely,
Form: Epic

Diamond Cut
"A Broken Demo"

In a desperate cry for help
She hires every jeweler
A cheap sheep crying, Wolf!
Using old repeating politic
utilizing lies * manipulation 
To cover the Glass...

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Categories: diamond, abuse, evil, leadership, political,
Form: Free verse
Diamond in the Sky
A dead star that inspired this poem--the companion of the star 55 Cancri, in the constellation of Cancer the Crab--has now shrunk to only about...

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Categories: diamond, star,
Form: Sonnet
Hidden Beauty
Hidden beauty resides not in the grace like charms
Of coy smiles 
Painted across a gentle Madonnas face.
Nor is she vested within the chastened vows
Of saintly...

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Categories: diamond, beauty,
Form: Rhyme
Quarantine of the Soul
-Quarantine of the Soul-

Tranquil pills fall deep like the night
A sweet fangless course
Bites with no remorse
Your eyes struggle to read my ageless soul
You open...

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Categories: diamond, depression, emo, future, metaphor,
Form: Free verse

In The Stars
       Written in The Stars 

Two hearts bleached by the sun

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Categories: diamond, fantasy, love, muse, romance,
Form: Free verse
Sweet Sugar Cookies and Peanut Butter Bars
"I dream of Candy!"

Sweet cakes and peanut butter squares 
A living diabetic's nightmare. --  My heart 
sings to the beat, Under the Neutron Star...

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Categories: diamond, addiction, candy, fantasy, funny,
Form: Alliteration
Pandora's Kiss
"Pandora's Pearls"

Crystal tears drown under the best velvet distinctive feel
A Ghostly feel that leads into a clear diamond road
I found myself seduced down an Ancient...

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Categories: diamond, adventure, beauty, death, deep,
Form: Epic
The Age of Poet Destroyer
A diamond in the Frost ... I am Emily, gazing through the years, 
Like Poe from rancid taste and dark smoke shadows
Florescent waste escaping a...

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Categories: diamond, community, pride, princess, strength,
Form: Epic
Premium Member Never Stop Dancing
I am the diamond
     that breathes 
     in your hands;
The fine lace to sway in
     breezes through windows

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Categories: diamond, beautiful, dance, inspirational, joy,
Form: Free verse
Eyes of Kaleidoscope
Kaleidoscope eyes

A universe of change
Round and round I go 
My spirit of envy and gold,
The nascence of a new stone
Hazel room, vibrant lilac sky, 

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Categories: diamond, beauty, color, deep, devotion,
Form: Free verse

The shining light hides behind my eyes,
Comes in a super nova surprise
My spirit glides into the skies,
Spreading the perfect heat like the sunrise

I was like...

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Categories: diamond, beautiful, beauty, best friend,
Form: Rhyme
Plethora of Poetry
~STRIP TEASE~     Featuring:) SKAT

Silver Skimpy Ink, String, A POET DESTROYER's bling, bling
Think of me as a human ditty delicious decoration,
Something along...

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Categories: diamond, addiction, adventure, beauty, passion,
Form: Alliteration
Moonlight Madness

The moon falls out like a secret above the frisky clouds
Daylight and night the stars come in crowds
Like a glistening diamond, I can't stop...

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Categories: diamond, adventure, art, beauty, love,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member A Spark In Flight
My love, the world is ours,
its reflective sapphire oceans,
its turquoise pine tree forests,
its topaz colored days,
its moonstone lit evenings.
My love, I'm certain it's us.

The amethyst...

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Categories: diamond, romance, romantic,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member The Fiddler's Cat
An ebon sky, darkness to light
Diamond stars, mosaic night
Bright lunar sphere of brilliant white
Floodlights a scene of will and might.
The Fiddler’s Cat, sips warm Bordeaux

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Categories: diamond, imagination,
Form: Couplet
Sand Dollar Dreams
It's quiet here - quiet in a way that catches me off guard. The tranquility is almost tangible, something I can touch and hold and...

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Categories: diamond, memory, nature,
Form: Haibun
Premium Member I'm Vinyl Baby

i’m vinyl baby,
easy to scratch,
easy to gouge, 
prone to warping.

i’m a 45 rpm record, 
single and labelled,
still got track marks.

dot dot dot
from the seventies!

you know...

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Categories: diamond, music,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Adored to Abhorred
from owned to dethroned
you led me
from queen to unseen
you hid me
once crowned to now bound
you kept me

absorbed to derobed
you left me
a spectacle to be gawked...

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Categories: diamond, courage, woman,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Essence of love collaboration with Vijay Pandit
What is a man without the woman he loves,
searching for his lady like lonesome doves.
As his heart connects with the one he adores,
his soul will...

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Categories: diamond, appreciation, love,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Sometimes Love is not Enough
Mind softened, 
watching fusions of saffron and scarlet hues,
elegantly charm halcyon horizons.

Homeless heart craved a romantic dawn.

I became a pilgrim of love,
venturing upon an uncharted...

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Categories: diamond, love hurts,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member The Tale Of Lemuria, Master Poe, Pen And I
(Lemuria: A hypothetical "lost land" variously located in the Indian and Pacific Oceans.)

The Tale Of Lemuria, Master Poe, Pen And I

Its birth a shake of...

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Categories: diamond, appreciation, art, creation, imagination,
Form: Narrative
Pass the Light House

Odyssey of the open ocean 
Eclipsing the performance of Heaven's delight 
A beautiful name whispered along the night 
Calypso enhanced with enchanted lullabies...

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Categories: diamond, adventure, beauty, desire, journey,
Form: Alliteration
Premium Member Frozen Howl
Inside a knowledge turning cogs on this wheel
born from the darkness a heart rules supreme
fear in one wish looking towards tunnel light love
All that will...

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Categories: diamond, beauty, dream, emotions, heart,
Form: Free verse
The Enchanted Dream
How sweet the soothing songs of May
Reposed upon the fragrant breeze
The comely songs were Seagulls play
On the lulling trembling seas.

That dissolved the traces of your...

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Categories: diamond, beauty, love, nature, romance,
Form: Rhyme