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The WORD- Heroic Crown of Sonnets
THE LAW Yet sacrifice would cover for Love's sake before that time, the Law was sent to guide sin offerings appeased man's guilty state but could not change his rebel heart inside. The WORD was written down on Torah scrolls with warnings and commandments to obey God's prophesies with promises foretold of blessings and forgiveness when they strayed. To Israel, His people, God proclaimed a Covenantal promise of a king Messiah, Blessed One, would come and save a broken people, prone to wandering. A glimpse of hope, they waited through the years one holy night the Promised One appeared. THE PROMISED ONE One holy night the Promised One appeared You came to us in lowly manger stall a helpless babe, to give Your life so dear the Lamb of God, pure sacrifice for all. While in this world You walked a sinless path the Father's will to follow til the end You healed the sick, the lame, the blind, and cast the evil demons out of hearts of men. You shared God's kingdom come to multitudes of hungry men and women, all were fed You broke the loaves of bread for all and knew that one day they'd reject the Living Bread. The Living Bread, Lord Jesus, new and fresh God's only Son, the WORD, came in the flesh. JESUS, THE WORD God's only Son, the WORD, came in the flesh fulfilling all the prophesies of old yet scribes and pharisees would soon reject You, Jesus, since You did not fit their mold. Instead, You spoke of matters of the heart not outward acts, but conflicts deep within of pride and greed and deeds done in the dark of right and wrong, of wickedness and sin. You said You had God's power to forgive if we believe, Your love could set us free transform our hearts so we could truly live for You would take our place up on that tree You came to give us hope and draw us near to preach the gospel truth for all to hear. THE GOSPEL To preach the gospel truth for all to hear Your people came from all across the land You taught in parables to make things clear but still Your people did not understand. For sin had marred their thinking, blinded eyes still many listened, some believed Your words the call went out, repent, believe, realize You were Messiah, Son of Man, on earth. And yet good deeds by man could not atone for Holy God demanded righteousness the only way to God was Christ alone to die for sins and our rebelliousness. You came to cover our unrighteousness You came to save mankind from sin and death. THE SACRIFICE You came to save mankind from sin and death it was the Father's will that this be done with Holy Spirit power in Your breast a substitute for sin You would become. Then as was planned, one night You were betrayed by one of Your disciples, cursed kiss! An unjust trial, false accusers paid Your sentence, blasphemy, then scorned and whipped. A crown of thorns was placed upon Your head while heading to the cross Your people scoffed "Go save Yourself!", while silently you bled You suffered, then you died up on that cross. Atoning sacrifice, Your life You gave then You arose, triumphant from the grave! THE RESURRECTION Then You arose, triumphant from the grave and bursting forth, unfettered by the tomb You broke the bonds of death, prepared the way for us to gain eternal life with You. With transformed body, You appeared to man to women and disciples that You loved appeared to crowds before ascent so grand a testament that You would rise above. You carried all my sins, what matchless grace! and conquered death for all those who believe if I confess, believe in humble faith You fill me with Your Spirit to receive. You sit at God's right hand in bright array And from above, You'll come again someday. SONNET 14 And from above You'll come again someday in righteousness and judgment to correct this wicked weary world from fallen state and reign as Holy King with Your elect. Oh, Holy God, it is not ours to know or understand the whats and whys and ifs except as You reveal, as Your WORD goes henceforth across the earth that all might live. The truth in Your WORD challenges our hearts to follow in obedience or scorn the message of Your grand, redeeming part in history, a Rose among the thorns. New life begins, I'll sing in heaven's rhyme the WORD was there before the dawn of time. FUTURE PROMISE The WORD was there before the dawn of time His Voice, unheard by any living soul Most Holy God proclaimed His grand design with sounds so pure it made the angels glow. Creator God, who knew the heart of man desired faithfulness, a choice to make the enemy was near to thwart God's plan yet sacrifice would cover for Love's sake. One holy night the Promised One appeared God's only Son, the WORD, came in the flesh to preach the gospel truth for all to hear You came to save mankind from sin and death. Then You arose, triumphant from the grave And from above You'll come again someday. Written 5/12/2016 Heroic Crown of Sonnets
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