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The WORD-Heroic Crown of Sonnets
BEGINNINGS The WORD was there before the dawn of time the Trinity communed in sacred tongue with sounds unheard, unspeakable, sublime they uttered words of their unending Love. With power in God's WORD the world was formed and from His mouth the universe was placed His voice so strong, like clapping thunderstorms God's crowning glory was the human race. With flaming tongues, God set the sun on high by His commands, He placed the sea and land made creatures on the earth and in the sky and with His breath, God breathed life into man. Tis mystery, God's ways we'll never know His Voice, unheard by any living soul. ANGELS His Voice, unheard by any living soul and yet in heaven angels heard His Voice while gathered round God's throne they would behold His majesty, and with their songs rejoice. Angelic messengers went to and fro to carry out the bidding of the Lord and Lucifer, so beautiful and bold was chosen to receive a grand reward. To him was given power o're the earth a prince to oversee, protect his realm yet with great pride, he viewed his greater worth than God Almighty, and from heaven fell. Allowing freedom, even angels find most Holy God proclaimed His grand design. EDEN Most Holy God proclaimed His grand design the master artist, architect of life made rivers, trees, and mountains so divine a stunning monument of paradise. Alluring sweet aromas filled the air from Eden's garden, wafting round about young lambs could lay inside a lion's lair peace reigned, the world was innocent throughout. While in the Garden, Adam walked with God it was not good for man to walk alone the Lord made woman from his side to love in unity their bond with God did grow. Conversed with God, their conversation flowed with sounds so pure, it made the angels glow. GOD AND MAN With sounds so pure, it made the angels glow while birds sang out sweet, melodious songs round sacred pathways man and God would stroll midst lavish realms of life the whole day long. For Love's sake, God placed man above the rest He gave him choice, would man remain steadfast? Since God knew man, He put him through a test to see if freedom in their love would last. So stood two trees, of knowledge and of life forbidden fruit, a taste of death and fate to disobey would bring men sin and strife would hurl them to death's tomb, from love to hate. A choice to make, would man yield to God's plan? Creator God, who knew the heart of man. ADAM AND FREE WILL Creator God, who knew the heart of man infused a spark of His own being to his handiwork, so man could understand a love so deep, it transforms souls anew. To demonstrate the cherished love they shared the Lord put stunning brilliance in the skies sunrise, sunsets, the moon and stars shone there to mark days passing, evidence of time. To Adam, God assigned to name the beasts spent time with them, observing how they lived a daunting task, yet he could truly see the benefits sweet innocence could give. God's costly risk, man's free will was at stake desired faithfulness, a choice to make. TEMPTATION Desired faithfulness, a choice to make the WORD most High ordained to bring about knew Satan would be crouched at Garden's gate would enter in and cause great harm throughout. The darkness slowly slithered to the light and sweetly masked its hate with lying tongue approached the woman, Eve, made wrong seem right and tempted her to sin, that wicked one! When Eve found out that she could be like God her spirit lit with passion in her eyes she ate the cursed fruit, too late to stop then Adam joined her folly in his pride. The devil came to tempt the heart of man the enemy was near to thwart God's plan. THE FALL The enemy was near to thwart God's plan entangled man, ensnared him with deceit from perfect paradise mankind was banned it caused great sorrow, making angels weep. For it appeared that Satan had his way had shattered lives so intimate with God the Lord who Sees foresaw this fateful day yet undeterred, a plan anew was wrought. Though banished from the Garden, God remained with Eve and Adam and their vast offspring descendants came, too numerous to name along with wickedness to God, their King. Chaotic sin and death ruled Adam's race yet sacrifice would cover for Love's sake. . Submitted on 5/9/2016 Heroic Crown Of Sonnets contest
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