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Life's Fading Light-Part 2-Heroic Crown of Sonnets
Alone For in the end it's just one soul that's passed. Alone I'll lie in sod of greenest grass to answer for the sins that I've amassed at gates of gold I'll see if I may pass. In to this world I entered all alone in cold and dark and dank so old I grow, on thoughts of younger days I p and moan with little hope of changing what I know. But, now as time reflects upon my skin, the lines of life grow deep upon my face. I feel the fear of darkness closing in and of my soul it leaves but little trace. So lay my corpse upon this bier stone cold. The end of life so often is foretold. Faith The end of life so often is foretold from storms of pained emotions we retreat. When colors fade to black as we grow old we search for gold from rainbows we can cheat. Through lonely thoughts of our demise we trod, yet try, we still, to save our lives from dust With souls we've fore to sold we offer God if but in his creation he would trust. In promise lost we bide our time, we cope, for what remains beyond our short lived lives. The heaven of our father's faith's our hope, inside of us is where this hope yet thrives. Is our eternal faith enough to know, when cold the winds of fate speak soft and low? Moments When cold the winds of fate speak soft and low I hear its voice sing smooth in morning dew and all of life on wings aloft will go and fly on breeze of gentle pastel hue. So sweet the taste of life will linger on with rainbow flavors left upon the tongue, like cream filled candy, but too soon it's gone dissolved like so much piles of beetles' dung, I know that life is precious as fine gems reflecting each new moment that we live with flowers' petals sweet upon their stems our time in life is all we have to give. As years in life pass slow like buds in cold in warmth and light the blooms of time unfold. Lies In warmth and light the blooms of time unfold to search through lost emotions is our goal. In hope that we shall keep from growing old we capture fading thoughts to keep us whole, but when the final sunset has gone dark the memories we cherished are all lost and only ghostly photos leave the mark of lives that pass like melting winter frost. I can not bear the thought of you alone when life has passed for me and I am gone. What good of all the sweetness you have known if lonely night awakes to lonely dawn. Forever lies I've promised, you will see, as petals fall, my life will cease to be. Doubts As petals fall my life will cease to be, yet time goes on without a moment lost and still the winds of fate breathe blustery without remark or care or pennies cost. What worth am I but in your care and love or have I lived my life in selfish need. I've tried so hard, for you, to rise above but in your eyes do you just see my greed. For am I who you wanted me to be, the perfect man to share my life with you, or did you wish for me to just be me and give you love and promise to be true? When end is near I know in you I'll dwell in whispered songs of love my heart will quell. Life In whispered songs of love my heart will quell so soft it beats when broken scars are healed yet pain of loss for you I can't dispel when left to dream of all that you've revealed. The secret words of love that you have told in moments sweet and pleasured touch exposed to me are bits of life for me to hold when fantasies of you have been reposed. Now laid to rest inside my very soul, I've loved you strong and deep for oh so long for in my life you've played a leading roll. Without you dear this life would be but wrong. Though many words as yet I wish to tell with tender tears to you, I say farewell. Death With tender tears to you, I say farewell, my sweet, my life, my love, my need, my soul. From you the one for whom my heart once fell, this world of pain will now exact its toll Too soon my corpse in death will lay stone cold and tears from you will be my sole repose. The troubadour whose words sing songs so bold, alas, is left struck mute in death's last throes. Will loves last flower fade without perfume, to die unsmelled with human heart's adieu its fragrant scent to linger in my tomb or heaven sent, will stay and comfort you? At end of life my love I hope you'll know, when orchids bloom in beauty life's aglow. Life's Fading Light When orchids bloom in beauty life's aglow, as time, with heavy brow, is nature planned, too soon the beating heart begins to slow when passion's ember burns the gentle hand. With flames of love that flicker old and grey, but moments gone, as youth filled questions asked, the feelings lost to seasons never stay for in the end it's just one soul that's passed. The end of life so often is foretold when cold the winds of fate speak soft to me. In warmth and light the blooms of time unfold, as petals fall, my life will cease to be. In whispered songs of love my heart will quell, with tender tears, to you, I say ...farewell. 04/19/16
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