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Heroic Crown of Sonnets 2
8.Reading I see them all rise to an endless sky. Tumbling burnt pages from raging fire, To leave ash of closer, to pacify. A single deep breath near flaming pyre. To see destruction with a silent face. My eyes will cry when my soul is reborn, And melts love's charade without a trace, To feel a deeper sense of utter scorn. I'll re-read those times, those places of pain. Turn each blurring page still covered in ink, And grasp sorrow, my caused domain, To know its time for the mind to rethink. To see memory's flames or ashes cold To leave a hearth black stained by a fool's gold. 9.Freedom To leave a hearth black stained by fool's gold. Grasp reality of destruction wrought. Find a beginning of a story now told, And clear a conscience from every wrong sought. To me yesterday was a troubled time. Now tossed in a fire by a spirit tired. To release old deeds, to become sublime, And free this burden from days conspired. I'll empty ghostly ashes in the wind, And gather joy from a new freedom found. Though reading confessions not to rescind, As they flutter slowly above sacred ground. Empty this hearth from its deep tearful sleep. Filled with dung rich charcoal from flames that weep. 10.Reflection Filled with dung rich charcoal from flames that weep. Reflections from what ever deed was wrong. Memories now burned I shall never keep. Wistful regret to let go, not prolong. How crooked the path to find this resolve. Tribulations faced to be cast aside. To remember such things, to now absolve. From years passing, to have grown inside. To recollect and make peace in silence. Finding wisdom in the sadness of youth. When desire was King and love a science. When lies were a sweet fragrance of truth. To sit in contemplation, as I'm old. A moments pause for memories turned cold. 11 Acknowledgement A moments pause for memories turned cold. To find regret in a time long ago. When passionate kisses from lips were sold, And a puppeteer's strings ended the show. To see faces now with my due sorrow, And claim my own emptiness in its time Knew poems written were loves to borrow, And each poem acknowledging my crime. To bear witness to cruelty of hearts. In days younger without care or remorse To burn these writings now with all their parts, And see in time I had changed my course. I'll unveil the truth for the sowing I reap. I'll free my chastened heart so it can sleep. 12 Peace I'll free my chastened heart so it can sleep, And seek comfort when eyes slowly close. Find sweet dreams again, not shadows creep. To sleep with heart soft, to the night expose. Welcome peace from a past I've torn apart. Know resurrection from a death imposed. Convince my soul we shall never part. A marriage revealed I have not opposed. To set this fire with pages turned brown, And remove each one from its proper place. Toss it crumbled onto this fiery ground. Remember with sadness each fading face. This painful cause forever on display. I'll build a fire blazing to yesterday. 13 Healing I'll build a fire blazing to yesterday. I'll light the hottest flame with haunting past To free each ghost that I've allowed to stay. In flames of my sorrowful heart I'll cast. The stinging guilt reveals the saddest eyes. Distance of years always expose a fool. Silently heal, to understand is wise. Hidden and sheltered to be minuscule. I've rendered my heart to its deepest hue, And burned dark shadows that had claimed a space. I've traveled this ground for a better view. To revisit a past my eyes must embrace. As smoke rises I will quietly stay. To purify my heart I'll reclaim this day. 14 Release To purify my heart I'll reclaim this day. Raise my arms to the bluest round sky. Bless the moment and pay for its delay. Feel each tear fall as I quietly cry. I'll watch the sun rise with a mind now free. Sleep without turmoil in the darkest night. With regret I'll look back, the times I see. And watch them disappear with such delight. How cold love is if you are a captor, And chained in its prison where you don't care Footsteps move slow with a jailers laughter . You'll shuffle down the halls you'll always share. I've burnt each poem for its darkness found Remembrance of quilt from pages turned brown. 15 Purification Remembrance of guilt from pages turned brown To read old poems, now scattered debris Faded and torn from the books I throw down. I'll build a funeral pyre for all to see Yesterday's poems I've folded in time To be cast in flames where memories cry Their smoke froze in dark colored air will climb I see them all rise to an endless sky To leave a hearth black stained by a fool's gold Filled with dung rich charcoal from flames that weep A moments pause for memories turned cold I'll free my chastened heart so it can sleep I'll build a fire blazing to yesterday To purify my heart I'll reclaim this day contest Heroic Crown of Sonnets
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