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Best Company Poems

Below are the all-time best Company poems written by Poets on PoetrySoup. These top poems in list format are the best examples of company poems written by PoetrySoup members

Premium Member I Wore Your Skin
~I wore your skin~

Brother, I wore your skin last night
Nothing but friction, blood -dry ink
Announcing a crush "Silence by the Sky!"
Integrity denied, endangered enemy

Brother, I...

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Categories: company, anger, bullying, dark, deep,
Form: Dramatic Verse

Premium Member The Clouds

*The Voice*
God, can I hold your hand and follow you?

"Gods voice"
My child, it is I who will walk with you! You walked down...

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Categories: company, angel, beautiful, beauty, blessing,
Form: Narrative

Passing through framed windows like ours,
I recall your tales of reckless war and lost friends
that burned your innocence at 21... and though
you claimed flashes of...

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Categories: company, father, introspection, words,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Life Spent All Alone
Life Spent All Alone 

I felt such joy when first my hull met sea.
'Twas years ago before my shattered shell
Was tossed and ravaged, fisherman and...

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Categories: company, boat, death, deep, devotion,
Form: Sonnet
Premium Member H Stands For Human Resources


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Categories: company, philosophy,
Form: Shape

Premium Member Across The Border
"La Voz"

La Noche sin agua --- I spill my loving lips
Dancing, laughing, and celebrating life 
I am his queen, aka' dulce Nina
A night he must...

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Categories: company, anger, corruption, how i
Form: Free verse
Premium Member A tribute to Leonora G
~ Yolanda was--her name ~    Featuring:) Leonora Galinta

From a hell storm,
A mighty she-devil took on its form
Like a woman scorn ascending from...

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Categories: company, death, deep, evil, sorrow,
Form: Dramatic Verse
Premium Member Escape
Introducing: Carl Fraser & Poet Destroyer

Oh Paint me a far away horizon
Across a tranquil azure sea,
Where sits a peaceful deserted island
Where no one lives but...

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Categories: company, allusion, blessing, dream, farewell,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Teddy Bear-
My sweet little Teddy Bear...
Mommy gave 'YOU' to me
Now I never sleep alone at night
The comfort you gave, when God's sunny eyes ran out of...

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Categories: company, abuse, boyfriend, childhood, fear,
Form: Free verse
I learn to live with the silence
I learn to live
with the silence.
Thoughts echo
in the empty house.

I transform your room
into my space,
candles and shells
on the windowsill. 
Your books are still
on the shelves...

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Categories: company, loss,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Cora's clothesline
What softness in silence amidst the cacophony of a spin cycle world war.
Lying next to your glow in sleep's stillness, careful of your bandaged hand.

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Categories: company, desire, heart, innocence, june,
Form: Narrative
I Am A Poem Popper
I am a poem popper

Poetry is the drug for me
A perpetual habit
Shared with select company

I am a poem popper

I have been since the age of...

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Categories: company, me, poetry, poets,
Form: Monorhyme
I am not a father
nor I am a mother
I am just a daughter
that is growing better...

Father, you have been away
I truly wish you have stayed

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Categories: company, absence, care, child, dad,
Form: Ballad
Premium Member Two Pairs of Shoes
Two pairs of shoes beside the bed.
Mine are tiny, his large instead.

His are steel toed, sandals are mine.
His dull and dark, but mine have shine.


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Categories: company, love, sleep,
Form: Couplet
Premium Member Who Knows if Magic Exists
Who knows if magic exists,
if dreams come true
and whether miracles take place
(all of these things we thought we knew)

... buried in our haste
to dig childhood's...

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Categories: company, appreciation, beauty, family, friendship,
Form: Prose Poetry

The occupation of India began, with the East India company
And prospered across large swathes of Indian territory
Then the British Crown took control, bringing military might

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Categories: company, death, england, garden, history,
Form: Narrative
Premium Member Desert Dreaming
A violent scene lay before me
Huddled in death, there’s Ella, Mary-belle, everywhere I could see
Swollen tongues, sunken eyes, frail bodies strewn in the hot powdery...

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Categories: company, anxiety, nature, suicide,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member When the lone bird flees
Though she holds his hands, he feels all alone 
As moonlit desires sense his dissonant vibes
Emanating from pulses beating in discord
Plundering away ambiance to vacant...

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Categories: company, break up, love,
Form: Verse
Premium Member Night Shoes
(iambic tetrameter)

The curtains fell and wrapped the stage
as lights and accolades became
another yesterday once more.
Another night and one more show,
another play that doesn't last
beyond the...

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Categories: company, night,
Form: Iambic Pentameter
Premium Member Heart of Gold
The beauty of life, which is often unseen
I guess each of us has some sort dream

Intertwined with our ambitions and hope
Sometimes it seems so impossible...

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Categories: company, introspection, lifelife,
Form: Couplet
Spider songs
Blades of grass, wet under foot, insect eyes  
Dusk, offset by the cricket orchestra 
Muted and receding into the trees and bushes,
Tickled by the...

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Categories: company, animal, girl, metaphor, night,
Form: Free verse
God named me a straying cloud,
and by His perpetual wish I abide...
as the loneliest cloud floating on the earth's breeze.
I glance below and discover the...

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Categories: company, friendship, happiness, imagination, nature,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Somber Is the Color of The Day
Somber is the color of the day...
Window glass distorts the view, of the dreary afternoon
Prisms of light cavorting outside, are reflected from the dew
and rainbows...

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Categories: company, day, light, me, winter,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Can't get high enough
I started sucking my thumb until it looked like a plumb
Things didn't feel any better so I poured a glass of rum
Some will imagine I'm...

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Categories: company, addiction,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member WILD IS THE WIND

Furious wind from the north hisses louder,
banging against the gaped mouth of  a sky, drenched…
 Haggard, the night wheezes with quack
 of birds waylaid;...

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Categories: company, howl, sound, wind,
Form: Verse