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New Poems

Premium Member Another day in dreamland
Another day in dreamland

Wake up.  Watch the sun ease in the light
like the day before, goin back, and on some more.
Cuddle with the reasons why while I collect
my unconscious back from the sky.
Okay, get up.  Go!  Gotta...Read More
Categories: babe, dream,
Form: Free verse

Have you ever
Have you ever woke in the morning,
and let the sunrise warm your skin.
Have you ever thought why you're there,
and what you're going to do.
Have you ever given your life a thought,
If the why's and wherefores come to nought.
Have you ever...Read More
Categories: babe, depression, emotions, loneliness, sad,
Form: Free verse
Children's Poems
Picturebook Princess

for Keira

We had a special visitor.
Our world became suddenly brighter.
She was such a charmer!
Such a delighter! 

With her sparkly diamond slippers
and the way her whole being glows,
Keira’s a picturebook princess
from the points of her crown to the tips of...Read More
Categories: babe, children,
Form: Verse
Premium Member Do Not Dress as An Enchanted Table
I need it now! My irritating little sister was shrieking.
Her mask was not finished. The paint was still streaking.
My mother said, “It will be dry when we are ready to go”
But she kept griping and complaining. my sister, Mo.

It was...Read More
Categories: babe, halloween,
Form: Rhyme
Midst dawn’s kaleidoscopic radiance, triumphantly emerging

along day break’s magnificent prism

vanquishing storm's obscurity…

I’m exposed to life’s labyrinth and enigmatic mazes

while basking under hope’s sun rays

…frolicking with the melodic splashes of cascading water falls’ grace

…and plunging into service-joy ---

Then, at night, I...Read More
Categories: babe, appreciation, blessing, christian, faith, god, jesus, spiritual,
Form: Imagism

Peering at Myself

Was it the peering at myself
That caused the ship to wreck
I'll leave it up on the shelf
Next to the noose for my neck

Was it the hours I spent alone
Sitting next to you
How were you to know
I knew you...Read More
Categories: babe, break up, longing, love,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member I Got You Babe

There ain't no question about it babe
We're destined to march in the love parade
It ain't too late
Even at this late date
Hey babe, we got it made in the shade babe

...Read More
Categories: babe, love,
Form: Limerick
Many Mothers
Our youngest was born some years ago on an island in Alaska. Her mother was too weak to feed her at the time, so several nursing mothers--good friends, all--came together and donated their own precious milk to the baby new....Read More
Categories: babe, birth, faith, mother, strength, time,
Form: Rhyme
Mad Woman Walk
Walk see the mad woman a come
Walk a come she just a come
Listen to how she talk she is not one of us
She sound like an aristocrat and a sensational bureaucrat
The idlers screamed from the other side of the street

Marks...Read More
Categories: babe, anniversary, appreciation, celebration, community, endurance, holiday, imagery,
Form: Narrative
Premium Member Mom and Baby's Love
The way Mom held me in devoted arms
   She nestled me all comfy by her side
Protected sure, I'd never come to harm
   Then gazed at me with smile that grew so wide

Yet scholars wonder if mere...Read More
Categories: babe, baby, love, mother, science,
Form: Sonnet
Platonic Love
True love never dies
Loyal souls never change
Don’t distort the beauty of fairytales
Don’t blame it on life
Don’t blame it on you
Don’t fake your heart
‘Cause I won't do
Thought you were my angel
So I gave you my wings
Now you're ready to fly?
I whined...Read More
Categories: babe, 3rd grade, anger, deep, heartbreak, love, pain,
Form: Ballad
Premium Member Hindsight
always on my mind...

   should have loved you more,

      could I be so blind...  

'Always on my Mind,' recorded by Willie Nelson

 ...Read More
Categories: babe, lost love, relationship,
Form: Senryu
buzzy as a bee
some say maybe
some say gravely
but the law of older 
age is that gravity 
weighs heavily on
ones body my body
being no exception

so to mention with 
no intentions or 
meaning but 
to man up
mainly my

starting below
the neckline i'm
taking the time
to ponder there
where...Read More
Categories: babe, muse,
Form: I do not know?
The Fleet of Time
Oh! young persimmon tree how ripe and seraphic art thee; ignorance at thy feet, when thou were but a babe,with no words to cede, mum as the mummy. How life welcomes thee, ephemeral and saccharine, as so forth, life begets...Read More
Categories: babe, angel,
Form: Haibun
Meet You In Our Dreams
lips softly kiss your temple finding 
the gentle pulse of your heart...
I never felt closer to you as I 
do at this moment,deep emotions 
swell in my chest,never imagined 
I could kiss your beating heart...
It's rhythmic beat brought a 
calmness...Read More
Categories: babe, dream, feelings, happiness, joy, love, meaningful, peace,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Babe Ruth's Game

This is about baseball America's game
Been a fan since the forties, sure isn't the same
The shift, the relievers
The staunch believers
But the game's not the same, whatta shame

...Read More
Categories: babe, baseball,
Form: Limerick
letters to my grown up children
To my son’s….
The world will tell you to be so many things.
Your boys want to hang with a guy so fly
      he drips women off with casual disregard.
Media will tell you women want a man...Read More
Categories: babe, love,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member ANGELS DANCED

Angels looked over him as he was born in Halifax on a rainy Monday. It was the first of May in 1950. No one is around to remember the time of day or night, only that it was spring and...Read More
Categories: babe, angel, baby, destiny, heaven, life, tribute, youth,
Form: Haibun
Premium Member At the Old Ball Yard
He advanced to home plate
out of time, out of place, yet
tantalizingly familiar somehow
A spirit, no number on his back...

Pausing, he tipped his cap to the crowd
a period-piece from long, long ago
Who could he be...

He squared himself, bat waving menacingly
and then...Read More
Categories: babe, baseball, fantasy, magic,
Form: Blank verse
Premium Member The Worst
my black ink flows into oceans of fear-
for I have been misunderstood by her,			
as days of time run out of grains of soft sand
and shadows pierce shores of midnight mist
(I panic with tears thinking the worst of me).

maternal intuition has...Read More
Categories: babe, mother daughter,
Form: Blank verse
Premium Member Life with Depression
Life with Depression

Life can be confusing
Sometimes good, never amusing
it can turn you upside down
but never let it keep you down

Sometimes life is but a test
as God won't put too much on your chest
sometimes fail, other times the best
and for that...Read More
Categories: babe, depression, happy, life,
Form: Rhyme
Yes I do
Yes I do
Yes I do
Yes I love you
I wish I can hold and kiss you
I really feel this way
More than you’ll ever know
It’s a battle everyday 
But I love this place
That’s why I want to stay
I can’t have you
That’s...Read More
Categories: babe, august, beautiful, fear,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Precious

This tiny precious being
I hold in the palm of my hand
About to embark on life's journey
This delicate image of man

Created in his own likeness
This soft, pink bundle of joy
Makes even the toughest of men
Start acting like little boys

Can't imagine anything...Read More
Categories: babe, child,
Form: Quatrain
Sunny Day Lover
I don't ony love you when you smile

I want to hold your hand if you cry

Even when I'm angry

It's next to you that I want to lie

I'll walk with you on rainy days

When everything is grey 

I'm not just a...Read More
Categories: babe, care, dedication, for her, romantic love,
Form: Free verse
Only For You by Kuldip Medhi
The conch and temple bells ring
The offerings lay out with fragrances and flowers
Unknowingly, you and I 
Are drawn towards each other
You hum a tune
While I listen
Slowly the sky transforms from azure to darkness
The clouds pour down in a torrent
You are...Read More
Categories: babe, image, love, romantic love,
Form: Free verse