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Anaconda Poems

Anaconda Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of anaconda poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for anaconda.

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In the past conversation,
Before the advent of man,
Between the God and the Angels,
Man of the different color
And the same color,
Will butcher themselves.

When tempered beyond natural state,
The finest blade lose it edge.

The vulture
Foxed the peacock's feather
To it form.

The...Read More
Categories: anaconda, 2nd grade, betrayal,
Form: Free verse

Premium Member Python Refuses to Share Lunch
little coil
shiver and shake
tiny squeeze
tah dah tah dah

anaconda arrives
need any help? she asks
python hisses a warning
constricting a bit tighter

louder squeak, then silence
dinner’s eyes pop out

python smiles
not about to
share her
slithers away

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Categories: anaconda, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, 6th
Form: Personification
Miss So and So

She’s so neg neurodegenerative,
so womb retro Neanderthal

Her backward moving bellow decisions
aren’t thoroughly modern mellow

Got lip kicker high heels
that testosterone neuter kills

Miss So and So
loves to cold-heartedly
iron cast her anvil anger with
dragon breath death blows

She’s so con method constrictive,
so anaconda pocket...Read More
Categories: anaconda, dark, image, slam, word play,
Form: Burlesque
Premium Member Boa Constrictor and Anaconda
Boa, Constrictor and Anaconda were out on a slither.
They saw some animals up ahead, yonder, some hither.
I’ll get the baby.
I’ll get the hayseed.
With greedy appetites all three snakes were a quiver.
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Categories: anaconda, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, 7th
Form: Limerick
When the Temperature goes down
Started out with the calendar’s first cold months, started a year with some new reservations.
Ending now with the last cold months, ending the year with some old sense of resignation.
I’ll be yelling out about my dreams and my peace; I’ll...Read More
Categories: anaconda, city, life, psychological, senses, winter,
Form: Lyric

Pallet Walk

Forklift tongue ... 
snaky false pallet walk
be a paralyzing pulse dead stop
Viper lung flung from the bottom rung,
slithering slyly to the bury top

Pentagram aborted delivery — 
Fake salvation 
is morgue bad news 
bifurcated breath received

Cottonmouth spitting graveyard shifty
labor blues,
Exhaling extortion...Read More
Categories: anaconda, allegory, evil, spiritual, word play,
Form: Burlesque
Belly Full of Lies

Listen to what the snake charmers say:
We be sulfuric scaly bellies,
flicking poisonous tongues on the telly
Idoly speak pure Orwellie — 
Down is up   ...  famine be a feast sup
Tell money hungry fools they’re full of it,
when their...Read More
Categories: anaconda, allegory, metaphor, truth, wisdom,
Form: Burlesque
Sour Face Gestures

Sugar Cain spin speeches
coming from wrinkled, prune faces
Citrus acid tongue leeches
latching on to golden palatial places

Waxy viper lips moving in lamprey motion,
voodoo witches brew is an anaconda potion
Goodwill gestures nod seen tone sourly,
Facial expressions is wink frown candy

Let the people...Read More
Categories: anaconda, imagery, metaphor, wisdom, word play,
Form: Rispetto
from three miles away
the unmistakable sounds~
of howlers chorus  

a slithering snake. 
crushing prey without mercy~
green anaconda  

small eyed black caiman
twenty foot alligator  ~
watching and waiting 

waiting in the trees  
unsuspecting deer walks by~
a jaguar strikes ...Read More
Categories: anaconda, animal, insect, nature, rainforest, river,
Form: Haiku
He did not receive high school education
He did not know the US President, either;
But he was a soloist, par se.
Amen....Read More
Categories: anaconda, poetry,
Form: Prose
Ouroboros Morals

Cottonmouth America
bite the asylum-seeking refugees
at your border entry
Let them feel the hard enamel compassion
of your diamondback speech
Rip the children from their mother’s loving arms,
then take their daddy’s protective pride
and cast it aside
Give hard candy charity
to the forced orphan babies
with no...Read More
Categories: anaconda, abuse, prejudice, symbolism, truth,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Faerie Lies
Joyful faeries twirled and whirled,
Stirring up the leaves and the dead things
From the forest floor.
Also uncovering the giant
Anaconda who promptly 
Jumped into fighting mode.
Her head came up swiftly, angrily.
Until she realized it was the faeries.
“I was ready to strike,” she...Read More
Categories: anaconda, fairy,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member RIVER OF DOUBT
twists and turns of serpentine.
perfumes that emanate from time to time,
through a wall of quietus-trees.
perils in the doubting waters,
amidst the anaconda, caiman, and piranha.

perhaps, after all, man is the more sinister
as his stomach growls
and his face’s beaten bittersweet
by the zenith...Read More
Categories: anaconda, adventure, history, nature,
Form: Free verse
Kitty Katy
Kitty Katy, bigger than holsteins
Killed a St. Bernard
Pretty Kitty scratched up my blue jeans
Left my legs all scarred.

My big kitty scares the bejabbers
Out of my sorry hide
Such loud thuds of her pitter-patters
The blood-prints of her stride.

What did she kill tonight?
Who...Read More
Categories: anaconda, animal, cat, fear, horror, humor, nursery rhyme,
Form: Metrical Tale
Fallen Angel,Fallen Hero
Have you ever heard
The fall of an angel
The fall of the man
Who was once a hero
For years you have been a curse
More than you are a blessing
The children of the commoners are dying
While your children live like Kings
What Gluttony
And that...Read More
Categories: anaconda, africa, change, corruption, political,
Form: Blank verse
Before you
They beat me, 
Two men before you,
And I watched as it happened,
As it changed from a playful swat,
To smacking me so hard my head hit the wall.
I watched as their fingers caressed up my throat,
And then squeezed - an anaconda...Read More
Categories: anaconda, betrayal,
Form: Free verse
Lagos Metropolis
Early to rise
late to lay,
business minded people
who barely slay;
best of friends with traffic
who make their day.

Clicking show glasses of Ghana bons
with schoolers ready to buy;
Athletic traffic sellers who could
catch up a bus at 120

A metropolis
coloured with yellow molue and danfo...Read More
Categories: anaconda, africa,
Form: Free verse
The squirrel
Like dust clinging to mountains,
like drops clinging to the ocean,
Like Sun clinging to the sky
and the sky,though we don't know
must be clinging to something or someone,
So also I though not aware always
still feel at times falling from the sky 
without...Read More
Categories: anaconda, mythology,
Form: Blank verse
Mythology: Mendusa
Not the same races, but we can be one of a kind 
Do you realized, when I see you, I lost my mind 
Perseus, Perseus. Wherefore are we us? 
My wild snakes needs to be tamed into a puss 
You...Read More
Categories: anaconda, cute love, funny love, hero, myth, mythology,
Form: Rhyme
We Have A Problem
Communication has gotten erratic,
there's a lot of outside interference
Aluminum yawning creates constant static
I can't hear you ... can you hear me?
Stonewalls separate us,
frequent bathroom stalls
breaks the mood, flushes the trust
How did this happen to us?
I'd be the first to admit,...Read More
Categories: anaconda, anxiety, divorce, love hurts, marriage,
Form: Dramatic monologue
Humans be not proud
Humans, be not proud
Every human is a farm
Chocolate for animals
To live, eat and survive
Every human, bacteria’s cake
Food for viruses they are
With delicious juicy flesh	
For fungus, fish and ferns
The healthier, the bigger 
The more balanced the diet
For guests they host daily
Lodging...Read More
Categories: anaconda, humanity, philosophy, wisdom,
Form: Elegiac Lyric
He's Back
My insides are tight, they’re slimy and black
He’s back. 
The anaconda. 
He squeezes my insides and I can’t breathe, 
He won’t leave.
I can’t sleep, or I’ll dream of his body
While he roams my gut, up to my lungs, 
Grabbing my...Read More
Categories: anaconda, absence, abuse, allusion, how i feel, love,
Form: Lyric
Hiding in the shallow swamps,
Waiting for its prey,
Giant anaconda snake,
In an unsuspecting way,
Predator in the undergrowth
Watching for his meal	
The hunt begins,
He snatches out,
Catches deer,
Separated from the herd,
Snake goes in for the kill,
Clutching on and grabbing,
With sharp rear-facing teeth,
The struggling...Read More
Categories: anaconda, poetry,
Form: Free verse
Forget anaconda
Forget anaconda
African rock python
Super patriot...Read More
Categories: anaconda, africa,
Form: Haiku
I opened the pages of my book of Nirvana
The enlightenment shines onto the ugliest heart of anaconda
And taming the fiercest fauna
Then everything is brightened up as the miraculous flora
Tr?n Minh Hi?n Hien Tran Orlando July 10, 2016...Read More
Categories: anaconda, allusion,
Form: Quatrain