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Agendas Poems

Agendas Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of agendas poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for agendas.

New Poems

Premium Member To sin be quite shut up and listen
Unpopular is the truth to speak
it ain't vogue to be correct in manners
when tantrums have only one side in an invalid opinion
Let us cross the iced wasteland suffering fools
where frozen subjects refuse to obey natural law
certain agendas have a one...Read More
Categories: agendas, culture, emotions, feelings, heart, humanity, love, truth,
Form: Free verse

Premium Member Friday The 13th Political Landscape
Friday The 13th Political Landscape
Through Tom’s Eyes

Politicians leak cable news some totally bogus feed,
furthering political agendas, serving ego’s need.

Shedding alligator tears they declare truth as undying, 
political gamesmanship is never the same as lying.

Politicians undoubtedly think their smarter than most...Read More
Categories: agendas, people, perspective, political, truth,
Form: Couplet
Premium Member DisEmpowering Viral Violence
I am struggling
to avoid that "I told you so"
and self-congratulatory voice.

I do feel under-appreciated
but I don't feel any happiness
about the Virus
as vindicator of my beliefs
about the political and economic power
of public health and safety platforms,
which are also personal wealth
and fundamental...Read More
Categories: agendas, america, community, health, integrity, peace,
Form: Political Verse
I woke up for the 6th time tonight to the cry of the babe sleeping in our room
The mum tired, sleepy turns to breastfeed this lil monster

When I was in campus, the word companionship came without any responsibilities
It meant holding...Read More
Categories: agendas, family, marriage,
Form: Free verse
Facts of Life
The dayz beat back & fourth with the good & the bad rocking a lullaby to our daily agendas. Serenading the arrival of our deaths & the funeral that's sure to come for all. I laugh yesterday, cried last night,...Read More
Categories: agendas, adventure, appreciation, blessing, confidence, encouraging, feelings, humanity,
Form: Free verse

Premium Member Muscles, Ruffles and Truth

Most any man can do what most females cannot -
they can toss and hoist many things that weigh a lot
for they have muscles, not female strength struggles.

Otherwise, all are equal puzzle pieces
from the same Father-Mother-God and Jesus,
with same identical positive...Read More
Categories: agendas, abuse, bullying, character, christian, confusion, discrimination, truth,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Investments in Health
Gaia continues running on a Health Platform,
healthy democracy
for wealthy economy
for healthy ecopolitics
for wealthy democratic energy.

The idea of free markets
as those embedded in democratic transactional service
to a local community
Is as old and conservative
as the idea of health
being embedded in a real
organic...Read More
Categories: agendas, community, earth, health, nature, political, religious, spiritual,
Form: Political Verse
TALL in the Deep
I am
                                      ...Read More
Categories: agendas, political,
Form: Concrete
Premium Member Positive Teams and Allies
My sanctuary
includes an anti-racism team.

Our closest synagogue ally
has an anti-defamation league.

Both my Team
and our League
are against contempt for Earth
and all Her natural/spiritual Tribes and Systems,
Networks and PassionStories.

We are composed of anti-patriarchal feminists
not against non-violent actions,
and against non-verbal 
and verbal
and pre-verbal
and...Read More
Categories: agendas, anti bullying, games, health, integrity, peace, wisdom,
Form: Political Verse
Premium Member democrats and liberal politicians
democrats and liberals
progenies of Satan
weaponizing politics to achieve
their twisted agendas

Fallacious prophets
altering God's word
cannibalizing America's youth
emotionally and spiritually

One need only open their eyes
to witness the moral decay
to see the rotten fruit of fear
spread by these demonic messengers...Read More
Categories: agendas, political,
Form: Free verse

Premium Member Impeach my Peaches
Impeach My Peaches

I voted for Donald Trump. 
I wanted a change in life. 
I wanted to believe, 
that my country, 
still was the best in the world, 
then when the prior 
told me (all of us) we, 
would never...Read More
Categories: agendas, abuse, allah, america, angel, anti bullying, patriotic,
Form: Narrative
Premium Member Unforgiving on your quest
You're not a coward
having shown a great lack of intelligence
or common sense within arrogance towards another opinion

For that which matters deeply disturbed blocked out
hard hitting truth in evidence reads between the lines,
Micky mouse can clearly see the victim trapped
pushing false...Read More
Categories: agendas, betrayal, conflict, deep, faith, god, hope, love,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Let us begin instructing the ignorant
To speak a truthful opinion correctly dressed
attacked by false faces clearly visible hate
trying to shut down facts crying victim's
Judgemental liars falsely claiming right's
let's look into your heart and see who pulls the strings
Firstly you support human sacrifice
from there on in...Read More
Categories: agendas, abortion, abuse, anti bullying, betrayal, sin, truth,
Form: Narrative
Premium Member God Is All-Righty

God is all-righty.
She keeps you wet
in a dry nightie.
She fills your shorts
with hope.

She alone don’t .
She don’t have agendas
quit whining;
enough with the complaints.

God is all-righty
and even when you blame Her
She loves your crap
as if it were Her own.

You-all need to...Read More
Categories: agendas, poetry,
Form: Blank verse
Premium Member SANS 6


How will your soul inspire form
At the intersection of truth sublime?
Follow thus your secret heart
That knows much more than mere logic
Even as reason feels impotent
For the multi-faceted escapade
That defies all sensorial agendas
Thus really knowing that you do not know


Leon...Read More
Categories: agendas, allegory,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member They do not see the inner you
Do not give up when others tell you to
The so-called experts cannot see your heart
They clearly do not see the inner you

They have their own agendas to pursue
Their brush-offs analyzed will fall apart
Do not give up when others tell you...Read More
Categories: agendas, care, motivation, wisdom,
Form: Villanelle
Premium Member Choose wisely right or wrong take a side
The Trojan wars has begun 
when we whom do not agree 
in certain opinions branded as influencers 
this is a new age word created by hate 

Claiming certain individuals are from the dark ages 
speaking of justice being critically accurate...Read More
Categories: agendas, blessing, god, gospel, life, love, prejudice, rights,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Third World
Third World

The mouse is no longer, happy. 
Everything is dirty. 
There is disease. 

The trash cans are full, overflowing…
and the needs…are not met.

Drugs, darkness, and death, 
have come to the golden state.
Removing forever its shine. 

Needles, and Ugly have married.
No...Read More
Categories: agendas, abortion, absence, abuse, addiction, age, allah, america,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Cops


They use violence.
Hurt people, 
and care not for others. 
They have their own rules,
“Chaos” is their master.

No dignity, nor worth…
No value of the soul.
Only their own…

The brave that wear... the "blue", 
You call, we call!
They come. 
Not slow, but fast,...Read More
Categories: agendas, america, anniversary, devotion, endurance, faith, motivation, murder,
Form: Free verse
Hate is Hate
Hating hate
Is still hate
hate is not defeated with hate
hate is not defeated by love
hate is quelled with understanding
we have forgotten how to listen
instead of listening to understand
we only listen for disagreement
so busy fighting for the scraps 
of the american dream
we...Read More
Categories: agendas, culture, political,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Basic
Basic   (Bible... Always... Saving =  The Living Christ)

New math…, 
1 + 1 = politics.
Old disguises, 
sacred, promises, 
and personal agendas. 
Fear, and mongering,
all around. 

Bible thumpers, 
We laugh at you, 
always in the pink?

What do you have?
I...Read More
Categories: agendas, addiction, anti bullying, drug, lonely, race, remember,
Form: Free verse
There are no throw away people
If Jesus Christ were walking among humans on earth today,
he would believe that no suffering person would be thrown away.
He would tell there is a lack of compassion, he would warn us
about having  a lack of constructive affirmative action.

He...Read More
Categories: agendas, 6th grade, 7th grade, 8th grade, 9th
Form: Narrative
Premium Member Get the job done, Washington
Your job's not to twitter
   Your job's not to tweet
You're there to solve problems
   With the other party to meet

To hash out your differences
   To find common ground, socialize
Not to preen, pout or name-call...Read More
Categories: agendas, how i feel, leadership, political, work,
Form: Political Verse
Premium Member rose petals in the fire
panning for a nugget called freedom
the seed of the dream sprouts in the mind
deserts are brimming with icy coyote eyes
the mountains though lovely, grow higher
barely alive, the hopeful are battered
dust devil dreamers - rose tossed in the fire

the worthwhile journey...Read More
Categories: agendas, allusion, america,
Form: Free verse
all the things that come up
when a social life is lost
in the midst of walls and rumors
of walls, wars, and other
familiar yet daunting news
I am still not willing to be
intolerant towards others
because of religion...
it's man-made, most people agree
but will still...Read More
Categories: agendas, world,
Form: Free verse