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Words: agba, age, aged, agedly, agedness

Aged Poems

Aged Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of aged poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for aged.

New Poems

Shopping in the clouds
You’ve walked those streets a thousand times and still
                      You end up here. Regret none of it –Dorianne Laux

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Categories: aged, art, birthday, community, friendship, holiday, joy,
Form: Free verse

Wisdom Was Found

The day moves me into this ultimate search
Of the principality that Lords over life
And rules over Kings, nobles, aged and Princes
As my desire yearns for that which is profitable to direct.
Steadfastly aiming to avoid the natural consequences
Invited by...Read More
Categories: aged, 2nd grade, bible, spiritual, wisdom,
Form: ABC

Polyneuropathy of a poisonous dark child,
Weapon of mass destruction,
Born to the family called Earth,
Name Corona, last name Virus,
Nickname Covid, aged nineteen (19),
Nationality China, who premeditatedly planned
The glint of bodies: naked, suited or adorned,
Down by the old soul (earth).
International terrorism...Read More
Categories: aged, death, earth, grief, solitude,
Form: ABC
Premium Member Unconditional Surrender to Love
Liquescent sunset fades away, 
From the calm ocean horizon; 
Slow ease, moving, 
Mingling hues of scarlet, 
Coral mood of twilight. 

Immerse in the serene ocean music, 
Waves begin to creep within reach; 
Graceful pull, backs away, 
To its labyrinth fathoms...Read More
Categories: aged, love, night, ocean,
Form: Free verse
Will you be my quarantine
What’s all this
Inch tapes out
Everyone measuring distance
They call it
‘Social distancing’
Never heard
Of any such thing
After all
Man is gregarious 
He, she and us
Add to it
That one more bit 
About ‘Self isolation’
Living all alone
Not a soul around, 
Absolutely none
But wait
This we’ve
Already been practising...Read More
Categories: aged, humor, love,
Form: Rhyme

Premium Member Bodega Talk

I empty my basket at the counter.

Six individual cans of strong imported beer.
A plastic bottle of ’Tums’ antacids.
A box of frozen French Bread Pizza.
A jar of jalapeno peppers.

The wiry cute middle-aged blond
checks the items, then checks me out.
I flash my...Read More
Categories: aged, poetry,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member The Homeless Kids of Delhi

Some only aged as young as three or four
Rejected by their parents, shown the door

As by themselves, travel hundreds of miles
To a life of misery as no longer have smiles

Some become lucky but; most of them...Read More
Categories: aged, appreciation, life, sometimes, sorry, visionary, wisdom, words,
Form: Couplet
Categories: aged, care, change, encouraging, heaven, miracle, strength, world,
Form: Free verse
Should we shed the boy and be a man?
Shoot of spirit wild -to be tamed in the tamed land.
Where is the proof that this cynical evolution;
this cyclical passthrough is a strengthened constitution.
A blur and a blink of vision to the...Read More
Categories: aged, birth, child, child abuse, childhood, first love,
Form: Rhyme
United State of Denial
El Presidente don’t Tennessee 
nothing bad coming,
tho’ the global orbitals
saw viral things very differently

Happy talk tongue taters
do eerily 
Idaho ear mash liquor please

Delaware drunk on denial,
so Iowa unaware
that the body litmus test
is gonna crimson cost higher

The Ivory home
(with the igloo...Read More
Categories: aged, america, death, leadership, sick,
Form: Elegy

After Violins, Buoyant Triangles on Red Horizon
Morning brews sunrise colors-
yolk yellow seeping over 

edges; light sterling silver 
strung; rubbed linens ironed 

across the rim. The creatural
world-a lime olive, sea blue 

cup- has a view from space:
mottled tints- mud grey, green. Deep.

Sienna red flames bedewed.
Aged worn cotton...Read More
Categories: aged, allusion, appreciation, art, autumn, beauty,
Form: Prose Poetry
The art of real living falls upon the inert egos of us all and their antiquated mused ill givings. When we can encounter those mannered inequalities that keep us intolerant and locally dead, forlorn to a fault and viscous in...Read More
Categories: aged, deep, desire, destiny, devotion, dream,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member ARIA
A radio aired an awful auld aria,
Astounding all my aged aural edifices 
In eerie aura of araucaria trees
Aching angrily in a loud typhonic breeze.

My brain wanted to burrow to escape the pain
Of sounds as a warren of rabid jackrabbits
Digging to...Read More
Categories: aged, angst, emotions, music, storm, tree, weather,
Form: Free verse
Lovitivity v2
Times integrity brings structure for 
all admirers whom are confused
And its measure creates order for
every affair that are disordered
In Our passion, in love, We are satisfied
And in Our love We embody confirmation
Where are We traveling to, in Our intimate
 Love...Read More
Categories: aged, love, space, time,
Form: Free verse
Bloom where you are planted
Once I told a married Baptist missionary, I wanted to be one.  Carol said, "Roxanne, Everett needs missionaries too."  She meant I should bloom where I was planted.  But we both were much younger then.

Transport myself into...Read More
Categories: aged, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, 6th
Form: Narrative
Spoiled Grapes
Those who never take advice,
insist on giving it

To offer wine that never aged
—from empty barrels drawn

(Dreamsleep: March, 2020) 
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Categories: aged, wine,
Form: Free verse
When children and adults were not at war
There once was a point in time and space,
When children and adults were not at war,
When children were free to explore,
When adults were far enough away to ignore,
But close enough to adore.

I was a child in that time and in...Read More
Categories: aged, 1st grade, appreciation, blessing, care, character, children,
Form: Narrative
Premium Member An Annular Spectacle
An Annular Spectacle

A moderate day, clothed decently, as people engage,
Young girls amongst ladies prospects groups of all age,
Two genders, naught a third, being pointless at this stage,
Observe, a woman's lap and uncle disturbs a pamphlet page,
An aged photo, nay civic...Read More
Categories: aged, celebration, muse,
Form: Monorhyme
Been there, done that
The heart sparkles with emotions  that very time you’ve found someone new. It’s like a whirlwind that hits  you! You want that feeling to stay infinite. It tastes special, fragrant  and unique. It gets into you the...Read More
Categories: aged, desire, emotions, funny love, innocence,
Form: Light Verse
Premium Member The Kid and Me
I identify a lot with Billy The Kid.
The fact that we share the same name likely has much to do with it,
but also because both he and I are generally misunderstood.
Just like he I am still very much a kid,...Read More
Categories: aged, self,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Never Too Old
I was perusing on the Net
It was good fortune to have met
Not in person, I'm sad to say
An Interesting woman, anyway
Interesting and talented too
Amazing what she succeeded to do
After a very late start
Aged 78 before painting Folk Art
This person had...Read More
Categories: aged, 10th grade,
Form: Rhyme
The day I was born, is the day I begin to die,
That how the system is designed, there is no known answer even if one get to ask why,
For life and death without one there will not be the other,
Death...Read More
Categories: aged, age, art, death, peace, philosophy,
Form: Rhyme
Lovitivity v1
Time is the recorder, measuring events that expire
And not the Judge, deciding when events transpire
it silently and anonymously prints beginnings to endings
The world juried our Love affair
Earth’s, Mountains and Rivers observes Us moving as fast as a locomotive
Its verdict mellow,...Read More
Categories: aged, earth, i love you, love, space,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Ides In Ivy
Oh, these trees, arms reaching as they
      did then, but even wiser ... perhaps I as
         well have learned another thing-or-two
   in the eons since...Read More
Categories: aged, education, imagery, memory, nostalgia,
Form: Narrative
Premium Member Oliver, a Boy
My mother's name was Seraphine
A sadder child was never seen 
Her duty was to serve the table
Of newly widowed Mrs. Grable

Her husband Mr. Grable died
To keep the British gratified
Which left the widow newly fed
By wealthy brother Master Ted

Their lineage was...Read More
Categories: aged, england, fantasy, innocence,
Form: Epic