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Affective Poems

Affective Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of affective poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for affective.

New Poems

Premium Member Healthier Directions
If you have some negative judgment
aimed directly at me,
I prefer,
in fact require,
demand you verbally
and directly confront me
and only me
with that distancing blame,
assaulting my ignorance
and failures of compassion,
too active dispassion,
furthering Earth's emerging win/lose dissonance,
toxic climates
and egocentric narcissism;

Or, informed more fully by...Read More
Categories: affective, appreciation, emotions, health, integrity, peace, power, psychological,
Form: Political Verse

Premium Member Earth Healthy Balance
A health optimizing life
also with cooperative eco-political
absence of unnecessary win/lose
egotistic strife,
seeks and finds an active conversation
between universal physics
and unitarian metaphysics,

Between living organic space
as regeneratively abstract
timeless win/win GameTime
for living happily
health wealthily

Between YangLeftBrain natural embodied
and YinRightBrain spiritually disembodied
Win/Win more lovingly powerful
than Win/Lose...Read More
Categories: affective, analogy, earth, health, integrity, metaphor, power, wisdom,
Form: Political Verse
Premium Member What I Want
What I want,
probably need,
from people of compassionate
positive faith
in sacred covenants
in healthy energy democracies,
in cooperative co-empathic learning systems:

Impressive co-investments
rather than depressive divestment,
Integral cooperative ownership
more than autonomous competitions,
Intimately transparent management
multiculturally vulnerable mediation
among and within Earth's holonic
living webs of compassionate communication,
bicameral healthy/wealth

Intelligence, cognitive...Read More
Categories: affective, community, deep, education, health, integrity, leadership, peace,
Form: Political Verse
Premium Member An Invitation to EarthHealth
Again, with Adam Robersmith,
Taking It Further emphasizing cooperative value choices
in each compassionate win/win moment
of sacred economic/ecological dialogue,
covenants of non-violent respect for multigenerational 
resilient outcomes.

What compassionately discerning choices
can we make today
the next day
next week
next month
next season
next year of seasons
for restoring...Read More
Categories: affective, christian, earth, health, integrity, peace, political, soulmate,
Form: Political Verse
Premium Member Homage to Integrity
Mental and physical health
and contribute to,

Integrity has two faces,
internal and external,
climates dominant and subordinate,
cultures poly-inclusive and mono-segregated,
bilateral frames of reference

Internal integrity
anticipates left with right hemisphere confluence
and is anxious when diverse left v right experiences
unfold cognitive/affective dissonance,
diminished think/feel resonance,
fear and anger
about...Read More
Categories: affective, earth, environment, health, integrity, political, power, relationship,
Form: Political Verse

Premium Member We Began Somewhere
We all began somewhere
not our own
and not on our own.

All life began somewhere
within Earth's regenerative systems
not our own,
as did Earth
Her EcoSelf.

No one is autonomously entitled
to sustained ego-awareness,
much less self-promoting narcissism.

Earth began someplace
beyond His/Her own north v south,
west revolving east 
re-evolving...Read More
Categories: affective, anti bullying, environment, health, integrity, peace, political,
Form: Political Verse
Merry SAD Christmas
blood stained aeons
tiding astronomical
the birth of the sun

the near dead
seasonally depressed


It sure is nice
to celebrate
with everyone

*SAD: Seasonal Affective Disorder

Beyond The Niceties Of Christmas Poetry Contest
Sponsored by Bobbie Burns...Read More
Categories: affective, atheist, celebration, christmas, depression, religion, sun,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member 2020 Sight and Sounds
Speaking With NonBully VoiceBoxes

Dissociative injustice,
like racist slurs and disinvestments,
retributive oppression
for not being SWM enough,
has ecological roots
in LeftBrain anthro/ego-centered fruit
of fragile disconnected autonomy,
against all competing odds
still struggling to win
against all other elitist competitors
for greatest capital gains
over losses.

in RightWing militarized marching squares,
LeftBrain...Read More
Categories: affective, earth, health, integrity, metaphor, patriotic, peace, trust,
Form: Political Verse
in affective dissention
to prepare for their 
weaknesses and indecision
am I beyond mortal
my strengths separate
furniture in the rumor
allows those involve to sit
she recoils and strikes
and refuses to admit
understanding her words concerning
she in her vernacular tongue
speaks ill of others
to make us succumb
in...Read More
Categories: affective, betrayal, extended metaphor, lost love, music, song,
Form: Terza Rima
Premium Member Fractured White Supremacy
Which of these,
is an actual published book title?

White Fragility:
Why It's So Hard
for White People
to Talk about Racism

Patriarchal Fragility:
Why It's So Hard
for Straight White Men
to Feel,
not just Talk, about Sacred Communion
and ecopolitically resonant Matrimony

White Resilience:
Why It's So Easy
for People
To Communicate EcoPolitical...Read More
Categories: affective, deep, earth, health, integrity, peace, psychological, racism,
Form: Political Verse

Daylight savings ends Sunday
Daylight savings ends... Sunday
November 3, 2019
2:00 AM Eastern Standard Time.

Seasonal affective disorder clinical woe,
albeit depression associated,
edge of nightfall
dark shadows grow
most pronounced late
autumn and winter

outer limits of twilight zone
impinge psyche status quo
said phenomena doth
not affect this bro,
who believe me
you relished mucho

more...Read More
Categories: affective, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, 6th
Form: Enclosed Rhyme
Premium Member Spangled Star Banners
Oh say, did you notice
a national predative anthem?
Moving immediately
without reflection of starlight 
sent or received,

From waving flags predicting elite weapons
fueled by complexly masculine 
militarized corporate industries
of mutual defensive risks
against international cooperative opportunities
to coinvest

In smoke-filled dawns of manifest destiny
toward freedom for...Read More
Categories: affective, health, identity, immigration, integrity, love hurts, patriotic,
Form: Political Verse
Premium Member Multiculturing Communion
Our anti-racism, pro-polyculturing health
anti-egopatriarchy, pro-ecofeminist wealth
anti-homophobic, pro-trans-regenerative
anti-injustice Team, pro-restoring peace Organizers

Meet inside a viciously anti-outdoor
left-brain oppressively dominant room,
attitude of ungratitude.

Two women I passionately admire,
would warmly accompany within any outdoor sacred space,
are doing their best to tolerate each win/lose Other
rather than...Read More
Categories: affective, community, health, history, hope, integrity, peace, racism,
Form: Political Verse
Premium Member The Powder-Free Vinyl Exam Glove
It occasionally  occurs to me,

as I distractedly remove my right dominant
Powder-Free Vinyl Exam Glove,
after yet another young adult diaper change,

Perhaps getting lovingly laid
by a lifetime committed
caring and passionately consenting peer
filled with warm compassion,
active hope for tomorrow
would not be the...Read More
Categories: affective, care, caregiving, earth, health, humanity, humor, passion,
Form: Political Verse
Stagnancy is an illusion, that I've been choosing.
Barriers of the mind, are the worst kind.
Trapped in the pain, escape is hard to gain.
Drowning in sorrow, makes it hard to see tomorrow.
It feels like I've been walking with a blindfold.
With nothing...Read More
Categories: affective, anxiety, appreciation, confusion, depression, endurance, introspection, universe,
Form: Abecedarian
Premium Member Democratizing Health Care
I've heard it said,
and seen it done,

"This currency of capitalism
is the very venomous root of all evil."

And, I've heard good cooperative capitalists say,
perhaps a bit too loudly,

"Not money, this root,
merely innocent paper and metal-based resource,
but human natural win/lose evolutionary greed,"

Selfish...Read More
Categories: affective, caregiving, happiness, health, integrity, peace,
Form: Political Verse
Premium Member Personal Politics
personal issues are not entirely about some violation of rights,
but also about politically empowering responsibilities
to cooperatively take care of ourselves,
our healthy/unhealthy families,
our neighborhoods and local communities,
our faith communities and eco-villages,
our states and nations
and oceans and international associations,
our competitive cooperatively-owned commons
and...Read More
Categories: affective, community, health, identity, integrity, passion, power, rights,
Form: Political Verse
Premium Member The Playground Peacemaker
She knows what it means,
and must never not mean,
to work with newborn win/win children
perverted by wounding RightWing patriarchal punishments
overpowering LeftWing ecofeminist invitations
to liberality of loyal transparency 
and lovely vulnerability.

When she asserted her sociological conclusion:
Too many cooperatively schooled kids
feel and act...Read More
Categories: affective, appreciation, caregiving, change, conflict, courage, health, integrity,
Form: Political Verse
Premium Member Demon Dominations
My LeftBrain dominant voice
has been almost Either/Or
Win/Lose persuaded

To think accurately,
requires tuning out RightBrain dissonant feelings
flow of conflicting emotions
must not over-rule logical flow of thought,
or effective win/lose communication
will give way to affective lose/lose non-communication
of what is monoculturally significant
egocentrically wise.

Whereas, my RightBrain...Read More
Categories: affective, culture, happiness, health, identity, integrity, peace, wisdom,
Form: Political Verse
Premium Member Organic Systems
You are an organic system,
or you would not be capable of reading this,
much less reflecting upon its possible merit
for integrity with your own organic
networking experience,
real and as yet unrealized.

Families are systems,
functional and
Which may feel chaotic from inside sensory information,
which may...Read More
Categories: affective, health, humanity, integrity, love, passion, peace, power,
Form: Political Verse
Premium Member RightBrain Victim Questions
What if we live in and out
among and yet autonomously
with and sometimes against
LeftBrain dominant enculturation?

predation with ego-logical economic secular outcomes
too often predicting compromised long-term health
in exchange for conserving an evolutionary win/lose model
serving industriously degenerating corporate conglomerate capital expansion
of wealth devoid...Read More
Categories: affective, community, health, history, integrity, peace, philosophy, psychological,
Form: Political Verse
Premium Member Plowshares Into Swords
Capital is the original weapon
for blasting apart nutritional health
from commodity wealth.

If capital is human history's non-ecological economic risk,
Then cooperative investment is our original tool
for healing nutritional wealth
as compassionately felt
GoldenRule opportunity health
for achieving win/win affective and effective politics,
and eco-social
deep learning...Read More
Categories: affective, earth, health, history, integrity, money, peace, war,
Form: Political Verse
Premium Member FundaMental ComPassion Roots
What is dogmatically
unchangingly fundamental to Christianity,
and to all win/win positive faith systems,
is certainly not capitalism's ZeroSum economic assumptions
in which winner god takes all
from loser satan.

But, what is fundamental compassion's truth
is profoundly sacred
globally open-systemic theology
of HolySpirit co-passion
eco-compassion could multiculturally become
integrity's great...Read More
Categories: affective, change, christian, faith, health, hope, peace,
Form: Political Verse
Premium Member Pain in the Butt
The hater with the gun,
the loafing lover
with all my fun,
may be horrid,
too florid,

And may, like me,
merely want to be effective,
a dramatic part, affective
on and in this great staged show
we share
and sometimes care to listen
and too often speak
and shoot off too...Read More
Categories: affective, destiny, health, humanity, humor, integrity, nature, peace,
Form: Political Verse
Premium Member Narrow Paths Less Taken
A narrow way
between left-brain dominant history
in wealthy solidarity
with right-brain prominent yin-flow

Heart-touched and nature-tasted
multi-generationally tested
both/and cooperative health
with either/or competing against
creatively/uncreatively fragmenting ego-integrity potential
for win/win left here/now
with win/lose health/pathology remembering night,
tip-pointing both/and heuristic
holonic timeless fertile right
EarthSoul centered becoming
whole re-opened might.

Changing climates of...Read More
Categories: affective, destiny, green, health, integrity, metaphor, red, voice,
Form: Political Verse