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Aerosol Poems

Aerosol Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of aerosol poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for aerosol.

New Poems

learned nothing from the past
by faces drawn in a smile
we're spinning over it like on a carousel
and again, each time it makes us vomit, we remain stunned

we're leisurely starting to resemble like hamsters
cramming into our gob more than we can...Read More
Categories: aerosol, earth, hope, humanity,
Form: Free verse

To Those Left Behind
(My poem is done in Mixed Rhyme which is a form created right here on PoetrySoup by our fellow poet, Ernesto Santiago.)

Things will get worse!
Year after year, of course.
Spend some time planning survival,
don't be blind, don't live in denial.
This message...Read More
Categories: aerosol, environment, natural disasters,
Form: Free verse
Afternoon Rain
Afternoon Rain
{Free Verse}
Aug 21, 2019• Copyright © daniel miltz

  Like, lollygagging by a waterfall
    Watching the clouds deliver 
      A daytime, honey drizzler
      ...Read More
Categories: aerosol, rain,
Form: Free verse
White Noise
Blat , Blat
Sporadic gunfire firing back
Our way of life is under attack
And what I mean by that 
Is protect the Oil Refineries 
Protect Democracy freedom of speech 
Protect the Banks & Institutions 
Call the order to Fire Back at Will
Give...Read More
Categories: aerosol, blessing,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Save Our Rain Forest
There are so many people pleading cases.
I am sure these facts speak for themselves
When I say there are very few places
Where man hasn't built bridges with strong
For man is one of the greediest races.
There are pilots who are known as...Read More
Categories: aerosol, adventure, animal, beautiful, bird, cat, color, earth,
Form: Rhyme

Axe the old Don, a trump peter n piper
   of incredulous hellish crud - be gone
ha air brushed pompous arse
   Sunkist in Macy's window 

   then like a jackal hound, he doth run
after public...Read More
Categories: aerosol, 12th grade, abuse, anger, character, grief, mental
Form: Imagism

this portion dashed off (while dry ving an open white hearse slay 

so many months back before sale him slotted the most coveted 

Casino biggest win - before the political imbroglio 

  ...Read More
Categories: aerosol, 11th grade, 12th grade, abuse, america, anger,
Form: Dramatic Monologue
Premium Member Happy Birthday Joyce

Born before the hair dryer
And even before hearing aids
Frozen foods and television
Pop-up toasters and aerosol sprays

Jet engines, folding wheel chairs
Scotch tape to stick things down
No parking meters, electric blankets
These items were not around

But God in His infinite wisdom
Knew...Read More
Categories: aerosol, birthday, love,
Form: Rhyme
Ain't Got a Clue

Who cut the curd cyanide cheese,
thinning out the rank suspect crowd?
Who gassed death in the air bleed,
releasing an odor murder most foul?

Follow the phew olfactory clues,
motive scented everywhere ghoul smell
Mrs. White was it your grey hairs ...
leaving a poison bottom...Read More
Categories: aerosol, fun, humorous, mystery, word play,
Form: Light Verse
Premium Member On Resilient Health
I am reading my Resilience Systems Manual,
like an underfed developer
hoping to strike gold
while laying healthy habitat foundations.

Today I see Community Resilience mention
Tipping Points,
dipolar appositional,
when exceeded 
on a WayTooMuch Yang OverInvested
Western dualistic
nature ain't spirit
so divine couldn't be merely humane,
actively cooperating ways...Read More
Categories: aerosol, environment, health, humor, integrity, science,
Form: Political Verse

Premium Member Smelly Rags Stinky Man
I am just a filthy dirty human made of dust
Dirt formed as clay made by the hands of God
The only good thing in me is GOD spirit that dwelling in me
How can it be that I have intellect, blood flowing...Read More
Categories: aerosol, abuse, analogy, betrayal, character, endurance, imagery, inspiration,
Form: Free verse
this portion dashed off
(while dry ving an open white hearse slay
so many months back before
slated him slotted the most coveted
Casino biggest win - before the political imbroglio
much more upsetting than today
- - - - -...Read More
Categories: aerosol, abuse, america, anger, anxiety, betrayal, cancer, conflict,
Form: Narrative
Anti-Dating Agency
What is wrong with you?
You're a bipedal pest problem
What in the world am I gonna do
to get rid of you ... shake you out of my life?
You're making me so sick,
hanging on to me like an Alabama tick
I wish I...Read More
Categories: aerosol, analogy, freedom, relationship, social,
Form: Light Verse
Football, volleyball, baseball --- a nonsensical poem
Football, volleyball, baseball, softball, 
Racquetball, handball, basketball, hardball. . . . 
There're lots of sports in the world you play with a ball, 
And you can't play any of them if you're an oddball. 

If you want to be good...Read More
Categories: aerosol, humor, humorous,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Aerosol Cans

Now here's something I've never thought of before
How'd they get the air in those aerosol cans I implore
A major phenomenon
Need help from dear mom
Mom knows everything, she's smart to the core

...Read More
Categories: aerosol, magic,
Form: Limerick
Premium Member New Splash On The Wall
The Valentine dress
A shock and surprise full of red and blue
coming from a heart, mine is devoted to
and from a hand I so value as my cute protection.
It is colourful, fitting and above all an exhibition of love.

The pan
A symbol...Read More
Categories: aerosol, abuse, anti bullying, anxiety, bullying, emotions, violence,
Form: Dramatic monologue
The Head Line News read, Houston under Martial Law,
Stay indoors, do not panic, and do not go out, under any
I’m not sure from wrens’ they came, at first it was just
The rain, not the regular storm, or hurricane, but the
Apocalyptic...Read More
Categories: aerosol, fantasy, gothic, halloween, holiday, horror, imagery, international,
Form: Free verse
One Pesky Mosquito
A Pesky Mosquito

There is this pesky little mosquito…
It nipped painfully down there on my big toe..
Quick! I’ll need to strike back or it will soon flit off again…
Even as my brain registers its itchy pain...!

Grrr! If only it stays in...Read More
Categories: aerosol, anger, fantasy, flying, humorous, imagery, stress, truth,
Form: Light Verse
Pesky Blood Sucking Critters

Pesky little blood sucking insects called mosquitoes...
When the sun is down, they swarm out looking for juicy human toes..

There is a real danger of catching illnesses from these pesky mosquitoes...
So, do whatever you can and keep them off your pinky...Read More
Categories: aerosol, anger, angst, community, funny, health, insect, stress,
Form: Free verse
young buck, half buck, maybe two buck duo
maybe troubled like infamous Dutch painter
maybe a whole gang'a bucks that you know 
shakin' cans for markin' their container

a mark of art - some meaty graffiti
you see it's in the eye of the...Read More
Categories: aerosol, adventure, art, imagination, social, visionary, art, art,
Form: Quatrain
Premium Member Stranger
The flash of fear I feel
at passing darkened windows
or dim-lit mirrors comes
when I observe, reflected,
a stranger in my clothes
(or skin) and think:
is this the me
that other people see?
This ghostly image
that I know cannot be me?
Though its actions correspond
to those I...Read More
Categories: aerosol, angst, confusion, fear, imagination, introspection, time,
Form: Free verse
Astral Currents
I miss the sky of days gone by
before the roar of aerosol sprays,
electronic noise from power arrays,
when trust was met in a stranger's eye.

If the stars disappeared, would I notice?
Our arrogant glare dispels the divine
shredding our trail with stinking decline
in...Read More
Categories: aerosol, allegory, introspection
Form: Rhyme
Porcupine Romance
Porcupine Romance

Ouch ¡

Carefully does it

Practice French kissing a cactus first

Ouch !

The last tango in Paris was never like this

Get it 
kissing a cactus ( Porcupine humour )

Ouch !

What a fool I was to buy her roses

As if I...Read More
Categories: aerosol, animals
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Brooklyn, N.Y. USA 2009 (revised)
A lost monopoly game
Williams fright, bridge, faith
and urban blight, Williamsburg.

Soot gray and brick red
the buildings stand
slumped, shrouded
death in the abundance
of vacant buildings.

Waste strewn sea
of asphalt, concrete, and urban dreams.
Cracks housing cigarette butts
form paper chains at the bases
of forlorn locust trees.

Sickly...Read More
Categories: aerosol, adventurelost, prayer, lost, urban,
Form: Free verse
Under Pass the Subway
Under Pass the Subway
It was after all a fight for survival
shattered bottle cold wet wall
with concrete boots
spray and listen to it rattle
only this can hiss his name
on the cement rough wall
red white blood and heart
and that’s what for
Scrapping...Read More
Categories: aerosol, me, hair, me, red,
Form: Free verse