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Adversely Poems

Adversely Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of adversely poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for adversely.

New Poems

Premium Member Cherishing DiaLogical Earth
More Yang/Yin Conversation with Adam Robersmith

Robersmith (p. 47, Justice On Earth): 
" is showing us something important:
We are affecting our climate
and ecosystems
in ways that are detrimental to life
on the planet
and to how we live."

Yin: Science and conscience
are discovering and uncovering...Read More
Categories: adversely, community, earth, games, health, integrity,
Form: Political Verse

Premium Member SANS 4


Which path makes more sense
If choice is the reasonable poise?
No wonder then that you forfeit
The security that grounds and binds
For it may yet be good to risk
Such adversely vain consequences
For counterpoise yields balance
Beyond the scope of blind odyssey


Leon Enriquez
05...Read More
Categories: adversely, allegory,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Listening to NonPrevention
For future reference,
it might be best
if I give up radio listening
when going out
to take a rest
from domestic
and national
and international climate mess.

Arrested gardening yesterday.
We need more mulch
fragrant as a hemlock forest retreat,
we are
and yet become
when in our wildly therapeutic
naturally domesticated
sit together
and...Read More
Categories: adversely, anger, culture, family, health, power, psychological, violence,
Form: Political Verse
Premium Member CoOperative ReStorations
Cooperative researchers and restorers
often experience Wins for nature
as Winning Spirit
of ego-eco-centering healthy lives.

CoInvesting in cooperatively-owned
and co-managed Earth,
Inside/Outside Future Searchers
outdoor nutritional management 
and issues

in small nuclear-ballistic families
and large extended species--
regenerations of SacredTime

in eco-dynamically
WinLose and LoseLose
nature v spirit glitches,
WinLose risks
adversely influencing opportunities,
WinWin...Read More
Categories: adversely, caregiving, change, education, future, health, integrity, peace,
Form: Political Verse
The sun will not always highlight the beauty of my life.                             ...Read More
Categories: adversely, beauty, bible, blessing, future, heartbroken, jewish,
Form: Free verse

Premium Member THIS TITLE BE
Enters entitled, exits entitled; "Oh where art thou," this title be?
Entirely composed of humans in this entire amenity.
Humanities amenities entirely entitled to a life less entirety.
Entitled to less entirety than one could humanly admire, admirably.

Entirely composed of humans in this...Read More
Categories: adversely, assonance, metaphor, word play,
Form: Pantoum
Come On, What Do You Believe
C’mon, What Do You Believe? 

I am not a Christian atheist and never was, 
Although I did adopt it sometimes to get by, 
‘Cos my parents objected to my articulation, 
Smooth, fluent, of the bible’s progressive cry. 

I did not...Read More
Categories: adversely, abuse, caregiving, child abuse, people, perspective, philosophy,
Form: Verse
Premium Member Dear Fellow Facilitators of Life
When Einstein was asked, by a journalist, how he came up with the theory of relativity, 
he had no audience for talking about his use of Thought Experiments,
more or less what a group discernment facilitator might use to frame a...Read More
Categories: adversely, body, health, identity, language, political, science, spiritual,
Form: Prose Poetry
Premium Member Designer Cabinet
The apparent President-elect
and her closest advisers
gather to build a Cabinet
that might survive four years of dwindling hope.

Thanks so much for being here.
Let's begin with a time of silence,
gathering our listening voices and thoughts,
hopes and therapeutic vision....

As this time ends,
I'm wondering...Read More
Categories: adversely, health, humor, political,
Form: Prose Poetry
Premium Member What Are We Learning
What have you learned from your family experience
that influences your position
on public health and safety,
national health defense
and economic offensives you might propose
for healthier individuals 
and families
and nations
and even planet Earth, hopefully?

Could you give me an example
of what might qualify as...Read More
Categories: adversely, environment, family, health, history, language,
Form: Prose Poetry

I didn’t realize
how adversely my profile pic
would affect friendings!

[But thankfully I don't look like The Donald.]...Read More
Categories: adversely, humor,
Form: Haiku
Angel Dust
On the street, it is known as “angel dust” colloquially.
It has a formal moniker in pharmacology.
The name is rather long, but is abbreviated to “PCP”
It was first synthesized as a dissociative anesthetic.
Among its side effects, it is hallucinogenic.
More seriously, to...Read More
Categories: adversely, angst, health, recovery from..., drug,
Form: Rhyme
Lately, the weather has dropped drastically,
and Fall holds up serenely and beautifully;
green trees so stately gently fluctuate 
against a sky of transparent blue as hummingbirds make plans to migrate,
but the downy woodpeckers interrupt their chat
with their unbearable drumming that disturbs...Read More
Categories: adversely, fear, food, funny, nature, seasons, weather,
Form: Rhyme
Femme Fatale
Behind a frantic eternity,
Beauty stares above the shadow of men
Through her delirious whisper,
Skin-full ache, an infatuated scream
She was love, they dabbled recklessly.

But her visual aspect,
from mountain top to valley bottom,
Her high hills forested temptation,
her sycophantic backside crested a dreadful desire....Read More
Categories: adversely, adventure, love,
Form: Free verse
Acid has become our rain
and oceans with mercury do we stain
dioxin lies beneath our ground
in everything toxic materials be found
E-coli is used to alter genes in food
where recombinant DNA is understood
heavy metals do the population addle
as the health industry...Read More
Categories: adversely, allegory, dedication, devotion, faith, health, life, love,
Form: Rhyme
Your Sire
He came to me
Out of the crux of the wind'
He provided for me
The substinenance that
I somehow lacked with-in
He promised me everlasting Light
With life abundantly abound
And a rescue to eternety
For which He is so adversely resound
A place taker and a peace...Read More
Categories: adversely, dedication
Form: Light Verse
It's good to be on top!!!!!!!!!
When god is favoring
Our luck is favoring
We are capable
With qualities so able,
We when come on top
The feeling is speechless
Confidence, our work area,
Our personality, our talents,
All are given new ray
All together gives perfect way
We are the star,
We are so famous,
Living in...Read More
Categories: adversely, on work and working
Form: Free verse
Funny science
Science is fun,
Also is a pretty gun,
Can be used both way
Nice and harsh,
Nice can make us fly
Harsh can react adversely
Try, try ti use nice
It will make you nice.

            ...Read More
Categories: adversely, funny
Form: I do not know?
Premium Member An Obligatory Liaison
I once lived and thrived in quiet meadows
Amongst a sea of buttercups and pansies 
Protected by mountains of wisdom
I drank deep from crystal clear springs
That flowed for generations making rounded stones
That ranged in shades jet black to pearly white
From dawn...Read More
Categories: adversely, husband, wifebeautiful, beautiful, green, love, me, integrity,
Form: Free verse
A letter to my friend - II
To my dearest dear…
I hope you are doing fine
Here am occupied by laboring time
I came along to write for you
Hear from you after a long-time.
The last I met you at my place
I remember that day when you smiled at my...Read More
Categories: adversely, art, dedication, faith, friendship, loveday, me, miss
Form: Narrative
New Year
I saw the top of a crocus today
peeking through the sod.

How odd
upon this New Years day
to see a sign of spring!

It seems the weather does bring
hope and joy and sorrow
a promise of feast or famine
greater than all our resolutions.

And have...Read More
Categories: adversely, nature
Form: Free verse