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Advents Poems

Advents Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of advents poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for advents.

New Poems

Premium Member Peak Experiences
Back in late pre-millennial times
of lava lamps
and Rolling Stones,
many searched for peak experiences,
in response to valley depressences
rather than panoramic,
even revolutionary,
resonant and resilient impressions.

Peak experiences were,
and still are,
I am told by those who've had them,
or possibly dyadic climaxes,
but probably not orgiastic,
which...Read More
Categories: advents, depression, health, history, humanity, humor, integrity, peace,
Form: Political Verse

Premium Member ADVENTS A DOOR
Sweet be the fragrance
          of a rose bouquet
          that passes a nose
          which...Read More
Categories: advents, allegory, beautiful, inspiration, love, proposal, romantic, uplifting,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Green Grows UltraViolet
Sometimes Left equals Right,
like day equivocates night,
wondrously but rarely,
awesomely, because almost never,
like a fully mysterious solar eclipse,
revolutionary, because not slow-grown evolutionary,
the Earth says Hello!

Personally and politically,
romantically and academically,
lovingly and yet wisely prudent,
economically with ecological empowering light.

But, usually
Business as Cooperatively
not capitalistically...Read More
Categories: advents, caregiving, culture, games, health, history, language, peace,
Form: Political Verse
Christmas, Made of Awesome
Every year someone is always expressing
that Christmas is imperialist, and oppressing
people not of the Christian faith,
That it’s unfairly taken Soltice’s place,
that the historical Jesus was not born
in the last months per Holiday norms,
say ‘Merry Christmas,’ and they get out of...Read More
Categories: advents, celebration, christmas, family, holiday, joy, seasons, uplifting,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Virtual Truths
Without doubt true,
     and yet too redundantly lectured,
          especially to our young of body and mind,
the virtual world is not reality.

And yet,
Elders seldom hear
when youngsters pout back
what...Read More
Categories: advents, culture, education, health, history, humor, internet, math,
Form: Prose Poetry

I have desire to
Hear the best song of my own
Nature fly with wings

A divine fragrance –
Sprouted for me suddenly
Flower of silence

Hope needs to have hap
Hap arrives and reaches hope
Living finds its life

While the dawn advents
All the creatures do rise up
Nature...Read More
Categories: advents, life,
Form: Haiku
Days of the year
The days of the year has quickly flown by
collecting aspects of serenity in the clouds, 
for passing storms to stir the tremulous sky, 
and try to make futility multiply in floods. 

But from under gloom voice that hilarious cry, 
See...Read More
Categories: advents, birthday, blessing, celebration, cheer up, christian, poetry,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Zero-Soul Advent
EarthMother Speaking:
Each still-wombed life extends Mother Advents incarnating time
so each Maternal risk and endosymbiotic opportunity,
each ectosymbiotic free will and intent act of Host, ProGenitor, 
rich fertile nutritionally balanced informing action,
fades competitive egocentrism,
as narrow-minded anthro-centrist elitism,
to incarnate more fractally bicameral
and dipolar...Read More
Categories: advents, adventure, birth, culture, life, myth, psychological, voice,
Form: Narrative
Premium Member Allah's Health Care Lament
I would add to all Evolutionary Cooperative Warriors
a nuance regarding my teleological
raison d'etre
defined as "freedom to choose"
as not necessarily sufficient to define my purpose of evolution
v. purpose of devolution, decay, death.

Earth's regenerative evolution
slow-grows freedom to love synergetic health
as we despise...Read More
Categories: advents, allah, analogy, feelings, money, political, power,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Cooperative WinWin EarthGames
Perhaps you hear and see a yet emerging trend
among TransMillennials,
those born at end of the second millennium
carrying and burying ourselves in the third,
yet to die Post Bi-Millennially.

We hear a son who knows,
as his cells know how to breathe nutrition,
he knows
if...Read More
Categories: advents, adventure, beauty, birth, health, political,
Form: Narrative

Premium Member Dark Pearl Persons
Dark cultures of irritating dissonant pearls,
pearl persons,
decomposing zero-souled wisdom,
nondual dark beauty
wherein peace reigns beyond fear
of transparently codestined lives 
with deathly thresholds reflecting new moon delight,
dancing and singing bright bachanal
through fading dramatic
epic operatic
of future adventurous advents,
co-operative eco-normic identities.

Co-gravity teaches and...Read More
Categories: advents, beauty, culture, games, garden, peace, people, psychological,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Perennial Zen Garden
I notice Life unfolding each embryo of Time
sewing Earth's naturally revolving liturgy,
Eco-Rites of Passage
through TransMillennial Time's fertile transition field,
SuperEco Earthly universe our Garden-Commons home,
shared cooperative space,
human nature's enculturating language place.

Time unveils creative conscience as incarnating evolution,
Space covers metaphysical gravity valleys...Read More
Categories: advents, earth, nature, philosophy, science, spiritual, time, wisdom,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Co-Redeemer Vocations Needed
Naturally regenerative,
natural systems,
optimize global ecological opportunities
as co-redemptive economies
of loving solidarity relationships
expressing mutual not-negative subsidiarity,
within a web of interdependent Win-Win default networks.

If we are born DNA investments of past generations
redeeming economic risks
weighed as ecological opportunity
for co-passioning peace with active love for...Read More
Categories: advents, desire, destiny, environment, love, nature, paradise, psychological,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Eye Contact
What is love?
A sea of nonexistence
both tranquil and calamitous
where the mind
does not dare enter.
(Rumi, M. Mafi, "Day By Day", p. 120, 2014, Hampton Roads)

What is timeless synergy?
Our sea of coexistence
both confluent and dissonant
where blind consciousness
seldom dares id-entify.

Aging time,
This house, not...Read More
Categories: advents, adventure, destiny, nature, philosophy, psychological, science, time,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member TransGenerate Roots
My grandparents' grandparents,
all sixteen,
digging roots through cultural meristems,
young adults,
adolescents during Time's 1880's,
post Civil War birth of Sir James Crow monoculture.

What would we name this self-hatred,
this lack of compassion and gratitude for help
for human nature's lavish wealth of sun-screening diversity?

Time's internal...Read More
Categories: advents, culture, gender, history, nature, philosophy, racism, time,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Gardening Gethsemane
Full Life sustains balance with emptying death, purgation,
as summer's maturation seasonally opposes winter's hibernation.

Living this human vocation
not necessarily a religious pilgrimage
but sufficient as design and developing our nutritiously perennial garden,
fitting together our self-optimizing familial polyculture,
growing our EarthTribe global permacultural vocation,
transforming...Read More
Categories: advents, blessing, christian, nature, passion, relationship, religion,
Form: Free verse
Daeothisis', School of Art
Advents diffusion crossing the nighttimes

Eclectically assembled sky....

Paragons cardinal moment amid this

The Masterstrokes ~

Brushing such as these, millennial stars!?

Daeothisis, turning gently pensives kaleidoscope in

Jurisdictions palette of hand....

Sine qua nons, plus quam perfectums


Didactic, school of art ~...Read More
Categories: advents, art, faith, life, love
Form: Free verse
Health: A sojourner
One never contemplates mortality
Until our health begins to fade away.
In our youth we possessed vitality
Thought it would last forever and a day.
But comes a season our thoughts will languor
And dreams of immortality will wane
Like unto annual summer flowers
Whose spring advents...Read More
Categories: advents, health, losshealth,
Form: Sonnet