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Adoring Poems

Adoring Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of adoring poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for adoring.

New Poems

Premium Member Demons and Angels
Deliriously dancing, destroying, dehumanizing decent desires
Attending adequate, amiable attractive, adoring ambient

...syllable count - 2,19,19,2...

Let the Pens Flow - Antonym Poetry
Sponsored by: Jenish Somadas...Read More
Categories: adoring, angel, conflict, evil,
Form: Verse


God has absolutely returned to let all of us know, 
He is fed up with our mistaken, atheistic light show!

Coming with such power and tumultuous might, 
He sent us a grand virus, to wipe mankind totally out of His sight!

We...Read More
Categories: adoring, change, christian, dark, destiny, god, judgement,
Form: Couplet
Premium Member Remembering
.                                 This morning I'm still smiling  ...Read More
Categories: adoring, love, morning, remember,
Form: Lyric
Premium Member Sweet Words
Speak to me sweet words of a romantic kind.
Reach deep within our love to which we bind.
Then gently touch passion with soothing verbs.
Of a type that excites like scent ripened herbs.

Declarations streaming whispered softly to me.
Ones of great power voiced...Read More
Categories: adoring, desire, devotion, feelings, love, romance, romantic, romantic
Form: Rhyme

Alas, God, they want you dead!
Your preachers, your Bible,
make them see red.
They will only listen to the 
mermaid's call.
Or to oddballs bewailing the
earth's curtain call.
Blind as bats hitting the wall,
Any doomsday saying, they
believe it all.
No understanding that man did 
not...Read More
Categories: adoring, god, how i feel,
Form: Rhyme

Flourishing beautifully
Little flower
In colors

Adoring beyond doors
Beyond hands reach

Distance me now and then why?

No thrones
Nor biting bees

This killing Covid 

Pardon me!
...Read More
Categories: adoring, care, character, destiny, emotions, feelings,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Brushstrokes


Bright colored brushstrokes

Among fluffy white clouds

Hanging in a vibrant blue sky

Make one's heart smile

And satisfy ones adoring eye

Sublime beauty

Worthy of praise.


Peter Dome©2020.

...Read More
Categories: adoring, appreciation, sunset,
Form: I do not know?
Premium Member Falling Like Leaves
Oh, how a fair breeze of Autumn can stir
          My heart with reprieves - the redolent leaves
     Remembrance of romance with you in a blur
  ...Read More
Categories: adoring, metaphor, nature, passion, romance, school, soulmate, true
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Reading her thoughts

Messages come of a heart that is singing,
reading her thoughts at the start of a day
Taking each bit of the moments now bringing,
happily held as I go on my way

Waiting the sun in her eyes gently streaming,
finding a trace as...Read More
Categories: adoring, good morning,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member -farewell my beautiful being-
to all who know and love,
      and who may not know at all,
i have told tales of adoring loss
and romance utterly grand-
building walls with broken sills, 
falling apart at the seams to well,
not knowing which...Read More
Categories: adoring, appreciation, goodbye, happiness, inspiration, metaphor, poetess,
Form: Verse

Premium Member Genius of April
Eager enthusiasm jumping in puddles
Laughing her exuberance
Adoring the whispers 

Splashes of rain 
Shining rainbow truth
Amid the spring drizzle

Clouds in no way
Dimming the sheer genius
of April
...Read More
Categories: adoring, april,
Form: Free verse
Does Anyone Care
Lucid dreamland; seems I'm drawing nearer.
Where myself and reason both seem two faced.
Internal images; something clearer.
Does anyone care? I'm feeling erased!

Omitted man; a life cut short in vain.
Seared and hardened hearts make no room for blame.
Grimly reaping; deaths edge precedes...Read More
Categories: adoring, dark, death, feelings,
Form: Sonnet
Premium Member i shall be what you crave
i sifted away into the winter sun,
rays beaming in glory for you-
i knew not what you knew,
that we’d wed amongst autumn dew
my baby,
you are the one
until this life is done

i drifted away into the reverie tide,
ripples rippling for none but...Read More
Categories: adoring, longing, love,
Form: Rhyme
Jaba Love the bite of "Bhachu"

Leaves the colour of crimson

Your chariots zooming past

Hearts so desire your embrace

Calmy I now chew worlds emerge

Anthaas is when mind envisions

You are sacred very sacred..

Enemies who demonized  you

Now revere appreciating you

Tributes see rolling in...Read More
Categories: adoring, allegory, appreciation, deep,
Form: Prose
The senselessness of war
The senselessness of war

As you waved your goodbyes.
Tears swelled up in my eyes.
As I feared what  all parents dread.

You left full of life.
Leaving a son and a wife. 
And you ended up getting yourself dead.

Now the battle is won....Read More
Categories: adoring, war,
Form: Free verse
Letting Go
Your smile has faded
And your eyes no longer see
The things that you loved
And what attracted you to me

I see only now
Your disappointment and hurt
And your adoring voice
Is now angry and curt

It is now as I’ve suspected
The beginning of the end
No...Read More
Categories: adoring, break up, emotions, farewell, feelings, goodbye, heartbreak,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member For My Two Most Precious Pets
Oh, my precious Ollyver -
Glow-brown doggy eyes you set on me.
So adoring was your love!
Know I think of you -wherever you may be.

Too – my precious Callie
Who was my one cat most precious of them all.
Few are other pets that...Read More
Categories: adoring, pets,
Form: Lento
Extricated from chains of religious fanaticism
Here am I, your dear heart*, blissfully exultant
Freely exalting the gracious Redeemer
Whose compassion reached out to your soul
Pardoning you against everlasting condemnation.

Quickened toward great revival from lukewarm fellowship
Here am I, your dear heart, triumphantly rejoicing
Adoring...Read More
Categories: adoring, christian, devotion, faith, god, heart, jesus, spiritual,
Form: Personification
Premium Member Garden of Soup
When effulgent sun scattered  his splendors in the firmament
And charming flowers shed their pure sweet bewitching fragrance
Then I whispered an adoring adieu to my loneliness
And cherished the blossoming muses of soup in ecstasy.

Honorable Mention in STRAND CHOICE 8,any form,any...Read More
Categories: adoring, garden, muse,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Grip to Hope
A desire of truth only his pleasant warmth 
can provide comfort. As I age tears and disquiet 
are my reward. I'm saddened by reality. 

I, an old brittle woman has lost sketched 
from memory, crystal sparks adoring our life 
all...Read More
Categories: adoring, bereavement, love,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member what is love -
pomegranate days with a twilit moon at night,
never parting ways even when a silly fight-
staying up late and laughing over tea,
for love is everything...he is to me

our racing hearts connected
sweet passion collected
never being neglected
my defects accepted

the center of a universe...Read More
Categories: adoring, how i feel, love,
Form: Rhyme
Everyday she reads through the lines 
Of her own dream land 
She escapes a sign full of ease
And consoles her soul everything would be fine

Everytime she dooms down and loses her hope
To  her own dissolving dark self
She stands up...Read More
Categories: adoring, 11th grade, beautiful, courage, devotion, education, girl,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Adoring My Mermaid Cousin
Darling of the sea darting in and out of the reefs with passion and glee.
Laughing at dangers, daring oily sharks to try and capture or eat her.
I smile at my mermaid cousin, whose attitude is loose and free.
She has such...Read More
Categories: adoring, 6th grade,
Form: Quintain (English)
Invisible world
Multidimensional spheres of worlds in existence,
intangible place in touch without resistance.
Unknowable known of all knowledge,
incomprehensible adorable relic.
Spectrum of visibility in fractions displayed,
Fragile, surely, purely imaginative portrayed.
Spirits of protection and ghost of dooms,
playing light and shadow in many rooms.
Sculptured and embossed...Read More
Categories: adoring, 12th grade, nature, symbolism,
Form: Ballade
Premium Member -Missing Mugs-
i pray...
one day you run to me at the
beginning of the rainbow---
wagging that curly tail,
                      adoring me...
  ...Read More
Categories: adoring, dog, love,
Form: Free verse