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Adobe Poems

Adobe Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of adobe poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for adobe.

New Poems

The Zombies of Zander Ranch, Part II
They were locked inside, surrounded by moans,
the pained cries of Hell enveloped the home,
the rancher too broken to even speak,
while Rose went and got Sol something to eat.

Sol went to work, and found a heavy chest,
pushed it to the door...Read More
Categories: adobe, adventure, conflict, corruption, dark, death, evil, horror,
Form: Cowboy

Why Does the Crow Cry
Many moons ago,
a languishing lamentation flow
carved a grievous path
in the red soil

Defying moral gravity,
downtrodden fallow weeps 
flowed upward   to the heavens
With river Nile ease

Native American Exodus
wasn’t done willingly
Oh, how the Five Nations
were saber led forcibly!

Time traveling eyes
need not...Read More
Categories: adobe, bereavement, native american, sorrow, truth,
Form: Narrative
Average Size Non Boldface Type Longfellows
Alias Adobe Jenson Albertus Aldus here
wed Alexandria (Algerian, an all around
American Typewriter gal) scattershot
with Antiqua ancestry, she told me
after I Aster while Aurora Borealis

shimmered overhead, while temporarily
embarking on long day's
journey into night
("yule Jean," I uttered
for no particular reason,
while taking a...Read More
Categories: adobe, adventure, allegory, friendship, humorous, meaningful, mystery, proposal,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member The End of the Trail
Upon a wall out in the west,
A print hung nailed to adobe.
A beaten Indian warrior hangs his head
On his horse on a cliff so sadly.

His braid disheveled, a tear I think,
A memory upon an impressionable child.
I can still feel with...Read More
Categories: adobe, analogy, art,
Form: Rhyme
Summit Times Ja Just Gotta Walk Away
Summit Times Ja Just Gotta Walk Away...

Excusing yourself as if...
going to the bidet,
an immense water closet
(perhaps the size of
Mar A Lago type getup),
sans human waste
(after flushing)

empties into prez Donald's bay,
where one bum wrapped aforementioned
toilet finely (and finally) enthrones
derriere exquisitely, and,...Read More
Categories: adobe, abuse, betrayal, deep, environment, fish, golf, perspective,
Form: Political Verse

Your Avacado Tones
If asked..but no one ever will
What I miss most
I am torn
Is it the champagne of your skin? The silken purity
Or your Love in its rawest most vulnerable desperate clinging clutching beauty
Or is it the avacadoness of your voice?
Your rolling...Har
you spoke...Read More
Categories: adobe, absence, food, love, teachers day,
Form: Free verse
Border Wall Compromise
Trump wants an huge Vanity Wall
And it MUST be "Corona" tall
Empty bottles of beer
With adobe veneer
And Mexico pays after all!...Read More
Categories: adobe, immigration, political,
Form: Limerick
Premium Member Adobe
Muddy bricks build it
Sunlight bakes hard to reside
Seen in dry desert

-December 10, 2018 Chattogram...Read More
Categories: adobe, house,
Form: Haiku
Premium Member Childhood Vacation Memories
Were I to describe a vacation,
I would be describing ten,
For we always crossed the desert,
At deep night and back again.

Summertime meant Daddy’s two weeks,
And we packed up the old 35 Ford,
It heated up at night, we carried water cans
I mostly...Read More
Categories: adobe, nostalgia, vacation,
Form: Light Verse
Blue cheese
But for your manifestation in dried pulp 
Minds neglect your invasion 
The crave for you unquenchable .

Lime light shining on your possessors 
Underdogs gazing loathsomly at your managers
Soo powerful you send jolts down the spine of those 
Witness your prowess...Read More
Categories: adobe, 7th grade, abuse, addiction, corruption, desire,
Form: Free verse

In Old California 22
El Segundo walks boards and he doth show
good balance warning native youths who dare
to make him stumble they must show some care.
Then carriage he now leads to colonnade,
and waits for family's entry three to share
but finds that Dona Rose has...Read More
Categories: adobe, history,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Desert Gloaming
In the stray lavender of twilight
as cactis' spindled obelisks
brush spreading lapis sky
a honeyed sun 
holds tight
to desert crags
for a last glimpse
of fulgid sage
and adobe rainbow dwellings 
sprawled in the valley.
I await the candle moon's 
flickering smile
shining in gully water
and darts...Read More
Categories: adobe, nature, sunset,
Form: Ekphrasis
Cowboy Time-Loop, Part III
The houses were gone, no roads made of stone,
just the familiar dry, adobe scene,
Linton shook his head,”I gotta get home,
don’t care if it’s barley past three!”

He reached his cottage, his mind pondering,
found his wife inside putting soup on,
couldn’t help but...Read More
Categories: adobe, adventure, confusion, history, people, science fiction, surreal,
Form: Cowboy
Premium Member Mrs Stanton
Mrs. Stanton

In a little adobe bungalow
On the back of a lot in old El Paso,
Behind cacti and sand in s fantasy land,
Lived Mrs. Stanton, a writer.

Her days were spent among papers and books,
Dressed in calico and pinned white hair,
She hummed...Read More
Categories: adobe, age, child, destiny, friendship,
Form: Narrative
Premium Member John B Jackson 1880-1911
John B. Jackson

Norma knew.
Norma, my erstwhile friend of a thousand hunts;
Only she knew the feel of my beading thumb,
As we sought out promising locales, and
Our clever quarry, from points near and far.
From the salty marshes by the Pio Pico adobe,
To...Read More
Categories: adobe, life,
Form: Epitaph
Putin Non Gmo Gluten Free Cheese On The Ritz
Though a wimpy, tiny, and puny
(smaller than a breadbox) Ogre
whereat my portable minuscule
fingerhut size adobe abode ex
posed to Strunk and White raw
grammatical elements of style,

I counted Flip (Wilsonian) view,
to camouflage myself anytime
and anywhere as significant add
vantages. The obvious down side
(i.e....Read More
Categories: adobe, 11th grade, 12th grade, 9th grade, america,
Form: Free verse
Burn After Reading

Proceed no further, please ... 
this Rorschach ink will give you nightmares
Horrifying images everyday in the world you dare don’t see,
terrible things that will make you so soul scared
But, the voice coming from the neon screen
says take a tempting peek
Subliminal...Read More
Categories: adobe, dark, humanity, society, visionary,
Form: Dramatic Verse
To See Marlena, Part I
Conley Pratt slouched over the horn
of a battered and trail-worn saddle,
been on the run for several hours now
after being caught rustling cattle.

His side ached, caked in fresh blood
from where a large bullet had struck,
he heard a gurgling rasp in each...Read More
Categories: adobe, betrayal, death, devotion, history, lost love, love,
Form: Cowboy
Premium Member The Internet On a Sunday Evening
The Internet On a Sunday Evening

Fall hollyhocks hug adobe walls;
Sun streaks in purple mountain canyons,
Stars as bright as chips of sun,
Beckon me to my childhood home.

Cottonwoods shedding on sidewalks;
Winds blowing sands and tumble weeds;
Though tall trees are now my lovers,
I...Read More
Categories: adobe, longing, nostalgia,
Form: Free verse
Drifting Into El Rojos Cantina
He drifted into town
on his faithful quarter horse called Moose
who had a three-legged gait 
which gave him saddle sores
when drifting from town-to-town.

A desert wind hit them hard,
he pulled his cowboy hat further down his face
so the sand wouldn't sting 
his...Read More
Categories: adobe, love,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Whispers Of Jaguars
The cliffs up high
tell adobe tales
laced with maize
on hawk feather breezes.
Whispers of Jaguars
travel the mesquite,
are impaled on cacti needles.

The sight of the cat
knows the darkness,
protects the Gods.
It's said even the spots
on its fur are eyes;
they follow the warrior.
Spears cannot pierce...Read More
Categories: adobe, animal, mythology, spiritual,
Form: Free verse
Country road, travel me to my humble abode
The wheel twirls on the carpet of dusty gold; 
Caressing a story yet untold...
The paddock filled with dancing green Mermaids; 
The gaze in to eternal beauty fades... 
Peaks Joyous of the breeze;
A kiss or two?  What a tease...
The blazing...Read More
Categories: adobe, celebration, farm, home, nature, surreal,
Form: Rhyme
High Desert Moon
Old tumble-down adobe dwellings
That seem to glow… 
In the night…In the light 
Of the desert moon

And the glitter in the eyes
Of the creatures of the night
Shine bright in the light
Of the desert moon

Wind through the sage
Whispers stories of the age
Of...Read More
Categories: adobe, america, culture, imagery, magic,
Form: Imagism
He drifts into town on his 
faithful quarter horse called Moose 
who has a three-legged gait 
which gives him saddle sores 
when riding miles from place to place. 

A desert wind storm hits them hard,
he pulls his cowboy hat down...Read More
Categories: adobe,
Form: Cowboy
Premium Member Oh Donald IV
Oh Donald dear, here we are again
  Are you indeed the representative of republicans?
Your speeches flow like some comedic schtick
  Will the wall be built with adobe brick?
Behind you a  following of thousands hearing all you’re not...Read More
Categories: adobe, bullying, prayer,
Form: Rhyme