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Admittedly Poems

Admittedly Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of admittedly poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for admittedly.

New Poems

No more lost hats
It is all in the past now,
But there was a time,
When no hat in its right mind would want to be the one,
To sit upon my head,
As the chance of a place for life,
Not likely on this head, 
Because ...Read More
Categories: admittedly, 1st grade, analogy, best friend, celebration, celebrity,
Form: Light Verse

Premium Member Yesterday
What has been our best pop music decade?
Admittedly, it has been a long time
Since I last listened to a hit parade,
Enjoying the catchy rhythm and rhyme,
And regarding some "idol" as sublime;
I suppose the sixties would be my choice
As my favourite...Read More
Categories: admittedly, appreciation, how i feel, music, song,
Form: Dizain
Premium Member Powers of Compassion
Most Republicans I've had the admittedly too infrequent pleasure
of listening to
assume financial wealth
is a greater public responsibility 
and opportunity
than very much secondary social wealth
of healthy relationships,
resonant and democratically inclusive resilience.

And, Green Democrats
seem to share a world view
giving primal priority to...Read More
Categories: admittedly, conflict, health, integrity, peace, relationship, society,
Form: Political Verse
Nothing more frustrating trying damndest to kindle memory
(buzzfeeding, kickstarting, needling darn noggin)

An effort to recall word, phrase,
musician... indigenous tribe...
most frustrating literary
endeavor to das scribe

aggravating enough to sub
bourbon spur teetotaler to imbibe
and/or nsync, whereby soul searching
devil's advocate demands bribe.

Lil brokeback Engelbert Humperdinck
(born Arnold George Dorsey) bent edict coercion
(think...Read More
Categories: admittedly, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, 9th
Form: Free verse
Fun Off Rhyme Crafted Early Doors
Time’s up 
mind’s plucked 
watch me cave in 
rhymes suck 
my luck 
hair’s wearing thin 
stops me thinking 
clocks stuck 
bell struck 
sound silencing 

Now I told you the minds plucked 
first line look 
write the hook 
tip...Read More
Categories: admittedly, word play,
Form: Rhyme

If I died today March 2nd, 2020
If I died today March 2nd, 2020...?

No matter unfulfilled dreams never came true,
nevertheless yours truly doth gladly bid adieu,
where repurposed afterlife (mine) atomic brew
reconfigured, reconstituted, and reconsolidated
out maws of madness, no matter any blues clue
(yea undoubtedly, hypothetically, and admittedly

handy dandy)...Read More
Categories: admittedly, 10th grade, 12th grade, age, angel, bullying,
Form: Epitaph
Premium Member No Friends Of Mine
Etymologists hate poetry -
I have that on the best authority -
Of course the bloody rhyme's not perfect!
What else do you expect?
The inventors of language
(About the closest match is "sandwich")
Were not supporters of our noble art,
They had us beaten from the...Read More
Categories: admittedly, abuse, daughter, father, love, mother, poetry,
Form: Light Verse
All My Children
All My Children
by Michael R. Burch
It is May now, gentle May,
and the sun shines pleasantly
upon the blousy flowers
of this backyard cemet'ry,
upon my children as they sleep.
Oh, there is Hank in the daisies now,
with a mound of earth for...Read More
Categories: admittedly, bereavement, child, childhood, children, death, mother daughter,
Form: Verse
Premium Member An Earful Of Music

Attuned the labyrinths till full,
Amidst the harmony compare,
Blessed miracle, a pocketful,
Righteous heart, commit to prayer.

We stand as one to justify,
Attuned the labyrinths till full,
Admittedly, will pacify,
Rambunctiousness stills each mouthful.

We stead ourselves a sweet spoonful,
That cleanse the souls its rightful claim,
Attuned...Read More
Categories: admittedly, imagery, music,
Form: Quatern
Doomsday Clock 2020 two minutes to midnight
Looms as harbinger unless
Homo sapiens can unite
one non Yiddish speaking
Ongematert wishing ye
fare thee well tonight
before betokening apocalyptic sight
'course one must go about
her/his business - right?

Rhetorical question - yet
impossible mission quite
challenging, where one
brother grimm ponders plight
Cosmofunnel favorite fan
Katina Borgersen "poof"
our acquaintanceship...Read More
Categories: admittedly, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, 9th
Form: Dramatic Verse

Premium Member Our Dreams For The New Year

We traverse the annuals since our youth, from a trek out the door and home to some floor, ere twilight dethrones from its crown, and bequeath it to the dominating dawn, my will-o-the-wisp does admit me into its innovative prime...Read More
Categories: admittedly, america, dream, happiness,
Form: Free verse
Brilliant, grandiloquent magnificent trenchant
Brilliant, grandiloquent, magnificent, trenchant...

Writing prompts burst asunder
deafening soundcloud roared
with apocalyptic thunder
'course only audible to yours truly,
I did dumbfoundedly wonder...

At o'clock tick tocking wee hours brisk
December seventeenth
two thousand nineteen
simultaneous blinding fiery kindling
quickening xing risk
within winkin blinkin and nod,
I feared full light...Read More
Categories: admittedly, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, betrayal,
Form: Political Verse
Free association comprises ratiocination
Free association comprises ratiocination...

Bonafide catatonic doggedness,
nevertheless this stubborn stoic poet writ
afore and another feeble effort courtesy
exhaustive mental effort
he brewed den - brought about divine visit
analogously to solve mystery pinpointing
within suspense unveiling whodunnit.

Whereat your true
plane vanilla author's creativity
admittedly drastically did decline
bawling...Read More
Categories: admittedly, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, allusion,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Keep It Tight
Those people who write religious verse
Would be well-advised to keep it terse:
God's as patient as a saint,
But, admittedly, I aint -
Loquacity in anything's a curse....Read More
Categories: admittedly, god, me, poetry, religious,
Form: Limerick
Voluntary unconditional surrender woke
Voluntary unconditional surrender woke...,

Viz hitting yours truly,
when yokel egghead doth jinx
whereby ye cannot comprehend figurative
wimpy vainglory, unequivocally, tectonically,
smoldering resentments I stoke,

he doth bare his soul no joke,
no matter insight doth severely challenge
cyber surfing passersby, who attempt
to interpret courtesy
mental torture doth...Read More
Categories: admittedly, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, 9th
Form: Free verse
Those Who Dream
The sun is our light
of dawning; and the moon, 
our catalyst for dream--
while heaven’s serifs seeming
strumming each and every beam
know that those who watch over us 
are also those who dream….

And those who dream
of angels and Gods
as devils dream their...Read More
Categories: admittedly, angel, dream, evil, fantasy, gothic, imagery, introspection,
Form: Free verse
Lion bout grabbing tiger by tail
Lion 'bout grabbing tiger by tail

Holy mole lee
watch out fowl, balladeer
look out... i.e. donkey kong
primate doth share
footloose slothful writing,
essentially swiftly tailored hare

reed styled mountebank
gets made by mice elf,
an imperfect triangulated square,
while "fake" charioteer
looses neigh scent horsesense
glomming "fake" papier

mâché piñata across...Read More
Categories: admittedly, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, 8th
Form: Free verse
Premium Member The Essence Of You

Be for you a king, be it for knighthood, be it for the country, or be just a knave. be a director, a photographer, a star, or be just a fan. Be a rocket scientist, a professor, a teacher, or...Read More
Categories: admittedly, allegory, analogy, character, imagery, inspiration,
Form: Verse
Premium Member The Beauty of Dying Flowers

Do, at night, flowers dream of their death?
The thought, admittedly is a poetic one,
but I find that absurdity,
is often a step ahead of knowledge.
I, being less self-absorbed than the frailest weed,
never dream of death, for death dreams of me,
it crawls...Read More
Categories: admittedly, poverty,
Form: Blank verse
I'm A Psycho
Let’s face facts you’re a motherloving no one
couldn’t find a flow if you were looking at the ocean 
I’ll stand and deliver like I’m living in a river
Your thoughts are all flops 
like the tap drips drops

just a monkey in...Read More
Categories: admittedly, hip hop, music, rap,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Irascible
(High Tempered)
Written: by Miracle Man

My life’s curse has been,
In my being irascible. 
But confidence in my ability,
Was always unsurpassable.
Admittedly, petty things,
Induce feelings of distraught.
God constantly reminds me, 
*“Be Ye Angry And Sin Not.”

"Be ye angry, and sin...Read More
Categories: admittedly, anger, anxiety, god,
Form: Lyric
Count 1, 2 or 3 failed breaths
Insatiable hunger in my chest
Breathe, struggle, gasp and yawn
My body drowns in the air

I always pull through, a fleeting ecstasy of relief
Feeling exhausted, I wish I could quit
The next battle begins

Hopefully some of the...Read More
Categories: admittedly, angst, dark, endurance, health, how i feel,
Form: Free verse
Joe: "It's 9 a.m., here in Gotham and my partner, Mike and I, have been here since 7 a.m., and we also passed a cow coming over here!"
Mike: "That was no cow sir just a very nice looking St. Bernard,...Read More
Categories: admittedly, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, 6th
Form: Dramatic Verse
The Nicholas Trim 2 Years A Poet Celebration Poem
* I wrote my first poem 2 years ago, to celebrate, I've written this poem where I've stole my own rhymes from my own poems and morphed it all together enjoy

I'm a quick wit picnic with sick tricks mentally
a fantastic...Read More
Categories: admittedly, me, poetry, poets, rap, tribute,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member TO BE OR NOT
*Lecturer at a seminary:

Be for you a king, be it for knighthood, be it for country, or be just a knave.

Be a director, a photographer, a star, or be just a fan.

Be a rocket scientist, a professor, a teacher, or...Read More
Categories: admittedly, analogy, character, encouraging, inspiration, introspection, motivation, perspective,
Form: Free verse