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Additives Poems

Additives Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of additives poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for additives.

New Poems

clister doux say ye love
they found the discovery sound science
they started their research thinking
they could use natural additives mixed
with corn to allow their technology to see the vapor
coming from the dung of hogs and cattle and chickens.
they found it worked best when the animal...Read More
Categories: additives, anti bullying, jobs, music, perspective, repetition, science
Form: Elegiac Lyric

Premium Member once there was a time
when I waited the for ice cream truck
could buy something for a dime
spent my days at the pond
that’s when  there was more time

take in a movie with popcorn
still had left over change
at the corner drugstore
counter stools were all arranged

my...Read More
Categories: additives, remember,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Yogurt Blues

This food is addictive for me!
No, not the cheap junk!
Pure artificial malarkey!
Masquerading in false yogurt dress!
It screams "probiotics" on it's side,
The cartons with gaudy colors hide.
It's truly a phony!
Better eat a slice of baloney!

Oh, phony yogurt you!
Filled with sugars and additives,
Chowed...Read More
Categories: additives, food,
Form: Rhyme
For Sake And Someone More
They poisoned almost everything
their grocery store could hold.
Where all they knew as additives
and modified was sold.

Then paid for politicians
to put labels on for mind.
That expedite designer death
through purchases in kind.

Then set their sites on living
as subscribed by heinous crime.
As they...Read More
Categories: additives, abuse, analogy, assonance, destiny, evil, food, funeral,
Form: Quatrain
Premium Member Contamination
So much contamination
needs a close examination.

take a breath of radiation
or a toxic medication
select a name with aspartame
clean your car of acid rain
eat the food with preservatives
and other long letter additives
from the air-borne pathogens
to the many carcinogens
wipe off this and sanitize...Read More
Categories: additives, environment, pollution, society,
Form: Couplet


The sweet, savories, succulents plastic wrapped, boxed, floating in chemical additives, packed crunchy, munchy surprises, tasty delicatessens of mouthwatering intestinal trash, preserved, conserved in numbers of E, added to sweetened, sweetener of insecticidal feces, sugar hit and flatulence bubbles of...Read More
Categories: additives, food,
Form: Free verse
some things can be dirty
some things can be dirty
i never bleach my whites
i dont segregate my clothing
 doesnt keep me up at night

a dozen means to all knowing
abacus back in style
additives just a forefront
how minds are truly wild

some people are okay
yet suffer all the...Read More
Categories: additives, care, how i feel, imagery, introspection, symbolism,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member A Food Label Lament

				    A Food Label Lament

			  	Every day there's folk who expound
				on what we should eat, and I've found
				they all promote a point of view
				of what they think is good for you.
     ...Read More
Categories: additives, food, happiness, health,
Form: Rhyme
Future Archeology
Perceptions of a ragged space,
all that was left by the human race,
there's not a lot left to see at all,
as their carelessness was seldom small.

Let's dig around 
in that frazzled ground,
for that's where there's bound to be,
some signs of dodgy...Read More
Categories: additives, humanity, philosophy,
Form: Rhyme
Envious Distractions
Envious of things ever so various 
Furious of others’ successes 
Paying close attention to goals becoming precarious 
That have deeply consumed my mind 
Especially what others have achieved in little time. 
Focused on everyone else’s aspirations 
While my own goals...Read More
Categories: additives, appreciation, feelings, money, relationship,
Form: Narrative

If I could change the world
Bugs, spiders and an insect-free world,
Dangerous animals were gone,
Snakes disappeared,
Crocodiles, alligators, and sharks,
No longer exist,
Children could swim happy and free,
Nothing was alive that could hurt people,
Viruses colds and flu evaporated,
Sickness illness departed,
People never got the taste for animals,
Vegetables filled the...Read More
Categories: additives, poetry,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member A Resolution for Life
I lost at least twelve pounds in this past season.
Since turning sixty, I have made a goal
to get back to my old self. The reason
is that I hated that unholy roll
around my middle!  Now it’s mostly gone.
However, I still...Read More
Categories: additives, new year,
Form: Sonnet
Premium Member OBESITY ODE
(Sing to the tune "American Pie.)

I long, long time ago, I can still remember when,
Junk food made me smile,
And I knew if I had a chance,
That I could make my fatness dance,
And maybe I was happy for a while,

But McDonald's...Read More
Categories: additives, addiction, food, nostalgia, song,
Form: Free verse
Bitches Brew with No Expresso
Why is that when you look at me, 
you see my skin, 
why is it that every time I look at the tv,
its the same bland people.
What ever happened
to a variety?
Hasn't anyone 
seen a basket of fruit?
How do I live...Read More
Categories: additives, america, black african american, change, life, race,
Form: Free verse
Stripped of pride
Long car ride
Not a word 
Instant reaction
Sugar free
Painful contraction
Every three
Sky high credit
Not a dime
No time to edit
Too far behind
Prayer group
Honest tears
Truthful soup
For all your peers
Garden to table
No additives
Horse and stable
Humbly lives 
Straight from utter
To your lips
Country crock butter
God...Read More
Categories: additives, earth, feelings, truth,
Form: Free verse

Thursday morning
So much follow-up;
Check To-Do list


Airport drive 7:15am
Terminal 2 Departure;
Brunei trip for one


Morning psalm
Prayers for peace;
Come Holy Ghost


Old car resting
New car on-the-road;
Workshop service job


Waiting time
Hours and minutes;
Poetry on the wing


Tea and pastry
Morning communion;
Snacking on verses


Thoughts juggling
All things possible;
Poems oozing out


Swirling...Read More
Categories: additives, change,
Form: Haiku
Premium Member Le Buff Claus - What's Up With Santa
Old Santa Claus is in the know now
he's changing with the times;
now, he speaks out against the GMO's 
saying toying with foods a crime.

Santa hungers for organic kale
turns his nose up at cookies.
He's tired, he said, of being a whale
and...Read More
Categories: additives, fantasy, funny,
Form: Rhyme
i prepared a simple supper
but with great love i cooked 
that main meat of refined wheat
durum semolina, traded as rotini

an Italian pasta to go with beef, a grace
from a Canadian cow grazed in prairie grass,
spiced with herbs from the hunted...Read More
Categories: additives, adventure, care, caregiving, community, culture, education, food,
Form: Free verse
As red as love
As red as love
Since additives have been used in feelings
Globalization has changed a lot of things
Hate is green, love is red and tolerance has bled
A day for love, another for water, and a third for bread
Days are couloured but the...Read More
Categories: additives, discrimination,
Form: Burlesque
Premium Member Living With Nature
The North American People
Lived in a natural way.
Their wastes were all compostables;
Would return to the earth one day.

Fish fertilizer fed their crops,
No additives in their food.
Nature was pharmacy, grocer and home.
And living was healthy  and good....Read More
Categories: additives, life, native american,
Form: Rhyme
They say Beauty is in the eye of the Beholder. ur beauty is a magnificent bright.A strong sight. & yet it gets bolder. Each glance of ur extravagant beauty. I shudder wit an uncalled duty. An uncontrollable effect of prescence...Read More
Categories: additives, imagination, nature, philosophy, beauty, beauty,
Form: Alliteration
                       Honey , Money ! Money , Honey !!
         ...Read More
Categories: additives, life, people, sweet, money, power, sweet,
Form: Shape
Good Ol' Triple-Six And The Eternal Drive-By - First Part
(There's a thirteenth 'zodiacal' constellation, Ophiucus, The Serpent Wrestler/Holder, or the "Twelth Symbol," as here used. In some ancient cultures, serpents were revered as feminine symbols of rebirth/healing, and bees as symbols of wisdom, while Roman catholicism considered coffee to...Read More
Categories: additives, family, inspirational,
Form: Free verse
Q and A
What are we actually doing day to day?  
What is this shallow shuffling we think is our life?
What part of living requires possessions or notoriety?
What reverse inspiration invades us to make us feel doubt or fear?
What is this creative...Read More
Categories: additives, philosophy, political, slam
Form: Free verse

I don’t like shopping alone; 
But with her,  it’s  a  different experience. 
Supermarket ?    No  problem  -  
Discussions of...Read More
Categories: additives, introspection
Form: Free verse