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Wind Acrostic Poems

These Wind Acrostic poems are examples of Acrostic poems about Wind. These are the best examples of Acrostic Wind poems written by international poets.

Sail Not Close To The Wind
S-ail not close to the wind, 
H-azard is caused by bad weather; 
I-t makes the sea waves rough, 
A-nd your life in real danger. 

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Sail Across The Sea
A-fter the dark is gone, 
L-ight appears on Monday; 
F-og, haze, and mist
A-re all fading away.

B-eneath the wide blue sky, 
A-ll black clouds turn white;...

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Categories: birthday,

Rugged Wind Waves Goodbye
R-ugged wind waves goodbye, 
H-aving faded into the night; 
O-nce the twilight ends, 
N-ew dawn sets things 

E-arly morn March thirtieth 
S-ees the break...

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Categories: birthday,

Rugged Wind Is Over
M-isty air early Saturday
I-s nowhere in sight; 
R-ise of the sun begins, 
A-fter the long cold night.

M-orn twenty-fifth February
A-ims to meet the dawn; 
D-ay has...

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Rugged Weather Waves Farewell
R-ugged weather waves farewell, 
O-ne warm day is welcomed; 
N-ight cold chill passes by, 
N-ew dawn's wind is calm.
I-solated rain showers stay away from the...

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Categories: birthday,

Rising Above The Horizon
R-ising above the horizon, 
O-ne sun starts to shine; 
M-orning April second warms
Y-our heart and your mind.

B-urning flame is rising
A-bove the new horizon; 
R-ays up...

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Categories: birthday,

Rise Of The Sun Will Begin
R-ise of the sun will begin,
A-fter the cold chill is over;
Y-our eyes will see the day to make you feel better.

B-ad weather will fade,
E-vening shadows...

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Categories: birthday,

Rise Of The Morning Light
R-ise of the morning light 
A-ims to warm the Sunday; 
C-hill of the wind weakens, 
Q-uiver fades into the gray. 
U-nderneath the blue sky, 

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Singing Spring
Singing in the rain under partially clouded skies as light blue colors             ...

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Categories: nature, spring,

Rise And Reach The Sky
R-ise and reach the sky, 
E-ven though the clouds are gray; 
N-o reason to worry about, 
E-arly thirty-first of May. 

U-se your wings and glide,...

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Categories: birthday,

C omes in red ripening sweetness
H ave you ever ate a cherry anything like this
E ndless juiciness like a wet sweet kiss
R eal fruity aroma...

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Categories: color, cute love, fruit,

The Four Seasons

S. Starting of the new season, all new life begins to grow
P. Preparing for mother nature’s new growth, her embryo 
R. Reaping and sowing of...

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Categories: autumn, spring, summer, winter,

You Raped My Soul
I slowly trusted you…

I shared the depths of my heart and soul with you…

You allowed me to attach to you …

Like a newborn fawn…to it’s...

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Categories: black love, break up,

I don’t know where she is
The little ballerina
That swung like a spinning star
With innocent giggles
That woke the tempest doom
Lying prostrate on anxious laps
After an immaculate...

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Categories: solitude,

The Universe Of YOU
I have never seen a flower blush when I took it's hue
and held it there a prisoner captive to my view.

I have always heard the...

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Categories: emotions, i love you,

Premium Member February
Fresh winter wind shines
Early day's icy lace
Brisk peppermint breath
Refined milky light
Ubiquitous candy hearts 
Allows a splash of
Red and pink to brighten
Yearlings' skittish steps to spring.

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Categories: candy, children, red, wind,

As Dawn Abates Wind And Storm


Topic: Birthday of Rhea Cadawas (November 12)
Form: Vertical Monocrostic...

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Premium Member January
Jingle bells is gone and buried till next year,
and it is a time for new beginnings, oh yes
New Years day was the day to write...

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Categories: january,

Premium Member January
Juggernaut winds howling south;
Arctic colds, chill, in their mouths.
No respite through winter days
Unless north creep sunshine’s rays.
And the groundhog comes too late
Relegating to its fate

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Categories: animal, fate, january, nature,

January jade jingles of my personal haj
A bangle handsel wrapping my left ulna
No ordinary rock, this charm that's worn
Ushers in good luck of new years...

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