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Humorous Acrostic Poems

These Humorous Acrostic poems are examples of Acrostic poems about Humorous. These are the best examples of Acrostic Humorous poems written by international poets.

Premium Member A New January
Resolutions each January I feel I must do.                 ...

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Categories: february, january, power,

Premium Member Spring STRAND CHOICE 2
Singing birds emerging.
Pretty flowers are blooming.
Rabbits are hopping.
In spring things start living.
Nests of eggs are cracking.
Gardens are now growing.

Written Date: 1/21/2020...

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Categories: bird, flower, spring,

Humorous Expression


Topic: Birthday of Cherry L. Estrella (May 14) 
Form: Vertical Monocrostic...

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Categories: birthday,

Premium Member TOM HANKS

T his the mid-seventies, California,
O akland Airport Hilton Inn, town aura,
M idst Oakland Stadium Complex, airport.

H ospitality Senior Special sort.
A t nineteen, I worked as...

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Categories: allegory, career, dedication, destiny,

Premium Member Ingredients in a Friend
    ~Ingredients in a Friend~

Aspiring to be great
Believing in God
Compassionate to the core 
Determined to see things through
Enduring to the end
Grateful for each minute
Humorous with...

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Categories: friend,

Premium Member All the Disadvantages
W   hy was I cursed with this white skin
H    ow can I ever possibly win
I     n...

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Categories: color, gender, humorous, satire,

SSPWBIA - Someday soon, Poetry would be in Acronyms
LOL - Laugh out loud
BAG - Busting a gut 
WYBAG - With your big applaudable grin
WE -...

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Categories: funny, humor, humorous, imagination,

Premium Member JANUARY
Just where have the weeks gone
Another year has whizzed past
No New Years resolution, I'd only break it
Unless it’s to meet George Clooney
Ah fiddlesticks he’s married...

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Categories: celebrity, humorous, new year,

Babes In Pie Land

Bake it with love and watch them run for taste 
Affable little rug rats that love to eat in haste 
Babes with eager faces plump...

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Categories: humorous,

Premium Member MY LIFE'S WWW


W- Wonderful
W- Warm
W- Women


W- Wonderful
W- Wild
W- Women


W- Wonderful
W- Working
W- Women


W- Wonderful
W- Wise
W- Women*

© Demetrios Trifiatis
       20 August 218

* Young...

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Categories: humorous,


Acrostic quatrains have been asked for;
Can’t really believe I can do it.
Outrageously difficult task for
Unheralded poets to work through it.
So I’ll give it a...

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Categories: humorous,

Premium Member My Fairy Tale Story
Maybe I am pessimistic
you might say I'm not realistic

Finally my true love appeared
after waiting all these years...
it did happen
right before my eyes
yes, he was a...

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Categories: fantasy, humorous, magic,

Premium Member Plumber Acrostic
P     Pipes corroded

L     Lies, folds, and bends 

U     Under a sink

M  ...

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Categories: for him, fun, funny,

I AlphaBET Not
Mystically murky memories

Antagonize anyone and anything

Despite delving deep down

Each embellishment encompasses eternal envy

You yearn, yet…

Only one option opens

Understand, undertakings undo unambiguously

Live, laugh, love, let lie


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Categories: analogy, confusion, dedication, hope,

Sign of the Times
She read that thieves had robbed her local bank.
"Is that not a pity?" and her heart sank.
"Go and get me cardboard and a black pen!"

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Categories: humorous,

This is a terrible time of year for Turkeys
How many innocent lives are going to be lost?
All their friends and relations are in for the...

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Categories: america, celebration, food, humorous,

Funny Noise
L-et the funny noise
E-ndorse joy and laughter; 
S-mile at the clanging sound, 
L-et the car find repair.
I-t's a funny noise coming from a minus-one singer;...

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Categories: birthday,

King of all dreams
  Is your dream worth it

 What is your worth
Could  you be the star or nurturer 
  No on can tell you
  To lower your...

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Categories: beautiful, dream, hope, humorous,

Premium Member The name Spring was already taken
Soon to be is Spring you see
Please breathe what last winter air there be 
Ring and do sing in tune with merry ole me and...

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Categories: beauty, cat, character, crazy,

The teenager
The teenager is a miracle creature
Her white teeth are a natural mirror
Elegant legs paralyze congregations 

Tender lips vibrate with sweetness
Elongated wild hair tantalizes the wind

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Categories: analogy, humanity, humorous,