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Divorce Acrostic Poems

These Divorce Acrostic poems are examples of Acrostic poems about Divorce. These are the best examples of Acrostic Divorce poems written by international poets.

Stevland Morris is the real name of Stevie Wonder
Though blind soon after birth it didn’t push him under
Exceptionally talented performer from a tender age
Virtuoso musician...

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Categories: music, tribute,

Premium Member Divorce Acrostic
Dashing of hopes, disappointment, despair, discouragement

Internal struggles, I statements, 

Vicious misunderstandings, vicious rumours

Outrageous miscommunications

Reasonable mourning

Children suffer the most, feeling they created the situation

Everyone's nightmare,...

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Categories: divorce, grief, sad,

Premium Member SIGN OF THE TIMES

So many marriages now end in divorce
Innocent children are hurting of course
Gone are the happier days in their life
Now their parents aren’t husband and wife


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Categories: divorce, marriage, relationship,

Premium Member SOCKS 2 - Mismatched
Socks 2

Sucked into the vacuum
Outside the realm of bliss
Closeted in claustrobic tears
Knit stitch dropped, ladder falls
Solitary socks seek new pairing


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Categories: divorce,

Dented Cans
Divorce may come and rip a marriage apart
Engulfing with sorrow a human heart
Nonsuccess nicks us with hurtful dings
Tarnishes the spirit that once had wings
Everything is...

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Categories: abuse, analogy, divorce, god,

She wondered why she stayed, and knew others wondered the same.
No longer hopeful he will change, she falls asleep and dreams of better days.
To painful...

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Categories: abuse, appreciation, beautiful, blessing,

Let My Life Speak
Let My Life Speak 

Let my life speak for me
Alone for most of the journey 
Time unconcerned of how it races
Encouraged by no one, constantly...

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Categories: character, conflict, divorce, fear,

Acrostic case
                   That man was an Arrogant-type,


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Categories: abuse, anger, break up,

Premium Member LAWYERS
Legal eagles or vultures?
Alimony and divorce
Your problem is in their best financial interest
Enduring power of Attorney
Representing you at a exorbitant fee
Stay away from them if...

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Categories: how i feel, humorous,

Pretend that you are everything that you could ever be
And assume that only you could mean the world to me
Reflect back not on things that...

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© Judy Konos  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: life,

Don’t want to see you, I’m free now!
I was once in love with you  
Vile words came, then your fists
Ouch! You’d punch and slap

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Categories: abuse, divorce, violence,

You are not the one I love -Women's POV-
You have confessed your love to me,
Our parents accepted us for we were meant to be,
Utter the word "I do" and I shall be your...

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Categories: break up, depression, divorce,

Road Trip
R aring to go on my first family road trip 

O nward bound to cross the ocean by ship

A tlantic ocean a remarkable vista to...

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Categories: adventure, family, vacation,

Poetry Palace
Peruse the literary discourse; illusion from reality divorce
Objective criticism with conscientious rigor your tour de force
Educate yourself on each antiquated style and archaic source
Train your...

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Categories: on writing and words

Premium Member Lines to Live by Thanks M W
Marriage is a great institution, but I'm not ready for an institution.
A dame that knows the ropes isn't likely to get tied up.
Every woman knows,...

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Categories: funny, girlfriend-boyfriend

Premium Member Schadenfreude
Scandals are delicious to us
Celebrities are fair fodder
How thrilling to hear the details of the divorce
Anothers misfortune sadly gives us a certain joy
Devilish felings of...

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Devastated spirit
Immeasurable pain
Voiceless feelings
Open wounds
Removed trust
Closed heart
Endless guilt

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© Jo Bien  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: depression, lost love

D evastation beyond

I magination , moments of

V iolent thoughts bringing

O ppression beyond

R ecognition of loss and the

C omprehension of 

E mptiness felt inside...

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Categories: loss

Ice Queens of Gods
There they sit on their Throne and their husbands
have girlfiends, because they can't control by
well direction of  close to Intercourse PA they
are like well...

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Categories: children,

Departed, broken hearted
Independent now is me
Victorious in the court room
Or at least I hope to be
Regretting ever getting married
Could anyone else love me?
Ending of a...

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Categories: husband, loss, lost love,