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Blue Acrostic Poems

These Blue Acrostic poems are examples of Acrostic poems about Blue. These are the best examples of Acrostic Blue poems written by international poets.

Right Then And There
R-ight then and there 
O-ne ode is quietly created; 
W-ithout delay it comes, 
E-asing the faint-hearted. 
N-ovember second morn, one verse is silently written; 

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Right Place And Time
R-ight place and time, 
U-nder the Lord God's will; 
T-omorrow will be brighter, 
H-ome is filled with thrill.

Y-ou're at the right place and time, 

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Categories: birthday,

Right Before Your View
R-ight before your view, 
O-ne morn meets the skies; 
S-un has started to smile, 
E-arly beacon begins to rise. 

R-ight before your view, 
A-nother dawn...

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Right After The Dark Night
R-ight after the dark night,
E-ver long wait is over;
G-reeting and wish are sent,
I-n twenty-eighth October.
N-ew dawn has broken, as the shadows fade away;
E-vening chill has...

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I attempt to make other people smile

Melancholy days - forget them for a while!
A real belly laugh is good for your soul
Keep on writing humour...

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Ride High
R-ide high above the clouds, 
A-s the sky is blue; 
N-ot for a single moment, 
D-efeat won't come to 

P-ray for sweet victory, 

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I use my imagination with,

Lovely words and rhymes
On paper, to captivate and
Vigorate and stimulate
Every part of my soul!

Telling secrets of my subconscious
Or  what's in...

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Categories: feelings, love, poetry,

Rhyme That I Send
M-orning lights from above
A-re shared by the dawn;
R-ays shining in the sky
D-eny the slumber and

C-rimson gleams and glints
A-re met by the new day;
A-s twenty-seventh November

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Categories: birthday,

Refrain From Careless Mistake
R-efrain from careless mistake, 
U-sing your heart and mind; 
T-he wrong choice in life 
H-as already been left behind. 

J-ust refrain from careless mistake, 

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Red Is Painted Anew
S-unday night passes by, 
A-s the morn starts to break; 
M-onday warms your heart
A-fter it takes away the ache.
N-ineteenth day December, 
T-hink about your birth;...

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Red Beacon Can't Wait
V-ile weather Saturday turns
I-nto a beautiful Sunday;
N-ew dawn has broken,
A-s the dusk fades away.

C-old chill and raindrops
A-re nowhere in view;
S-un eighth January rises
T-o brighten the...

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Categories: birthday,

Red Beacon
R-ed beacon begins to rise 
U-nderneath the blue lane; 
T-he rays emitted above 
H-ave just stopped the rain. 

R-ed beacon starts to shine 
O-n seventeenth...

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Categories: birthday,

Real Love
A-im to show the real love,
L-et it flow spontaneously;
M-ake it the recipe of mirth
I-nside without jealousy.
R-eal love December fifth lives in peace not in greed;

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Categories: birthday,

Read From The Same Page
R-ead from the same page, 
O-r you'll be far from truth; 
S-tay on the right track, 
E-agerly walk so smooth. 
C-learly read from the same...

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My Avatar
A busy head not much rest

R ewinding thoughts in my head
O nly oh only my eyes would get heavy
S oft pillows, I try to dream...

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Categories: sleep,

Reach The Moment
N-ew morn that breaks
I-s bringing much mirth; 
D-awning with gladness
O-n the day of your birth.

M-ist, haze, and fog
A-re all nowhere in view; 
A-ll of the...

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Categories: birthday,

Reach The Highest Star
R-each the highest star,
U-ntil you touch the sky;
B-eneath the wide heaven
Y-ou begin soaring high.

A-im for the highest star,
N-ever stop making a dream;
N-either eye will turn...

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Reach The Glorious Goal
R-each the glorious goal,
I-n the wide blue sky;
N-ew dawn has broken,
A-s the dusk says goodbye.

B-efore you reach the glorious goal,
A-sk God to guide your way;

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Reach Resounding Success
R-each resounding success,
E-arly February twenty-second,
G-ain the upper hand or edge,
G-reat loss comes to an end.
I-t's time to reach resounding success, seek the Lord's guiding light;

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Reach And Touch The Sky
R-each and touch the sky, 
Y-our future is bright; 
L-et your dreams come true, 
L-ive your life in light.

M-ake it to the top, 
O-ne beacon...

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