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Accounted Poems

Accounted Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of accounted poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for accounted.

New Poems

Premium Member Spiritual Cookery

Spirit and flesh have been boiling together. 
Years of smutch, and oily reduction, 
and each day a thin scum to be skimmed. 

A job for a Chef de Cuisine,
a kitchen phantom 
who though never seen, has been 
keeping the suspension...Read More
Categories: accounted, poetry,
Form: Free verse

Old Damascus Road
On that old Damascus Road,
There’s a story to be told.
I thought I was doing the Father’s will.
I persecuted, bound, and killed.
I heard the voice of Christ, the Lord.
His words pierced me like a sword.
I made my decision to follow Him.
I...Read More
Categories: accounted, christian, song,
Form: Lyric
God Still answers Prayer
As we were down in Egypt, in captivity.
Kept by Rameses, we had no liberty.
We prayed for hundreds of years, that God would set us free.
God had sent us Moses; God heard our fervent plea.

God still answers prayer.
God still does care.
God...Read More
Categories: accounted, faith, prayer, song, uplifting,
Form: Lyric
From Endemic To Pandemic
From endemic to pandemic
The media and politicians are taking the mick!
The scary virus gathered then,
Scattered the crowds who now share the fear
And panic!

No one is spared from the crowd now,
If you cough you are in trouble
If you sneeze in public...Read More
Categories: accounted, analogy, confusion, corruption, meaningful, people, scary, truth,
Form: Free verse
Early afternoon delightful balmy zephyr
Early afternoon delightful balmy zephyr...
February third two thousand and twenty

Yours truly secreted away
within heavenly nook
upon secluded hideaway property
2 Highland Manor apartment, I betook
myself to safe haven took
catch rays (sunbeams),

while crossword puzzle book
(moderately challenging)
draped across lap,
fast forward hours later
(think 11:08 PM)
ruminating...Read More
Categories: accounted, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, addiction,
Form: Free verse

accounted four
i attended
a meeting
of stupor

went straight
to the podium
and asked if
there ever is

a wrong
in the books

of math
is there
in fact a

fact exactly
to be

actually written
down or is it
that define

what you
read and
what your
mind per

ceives for
let's keep
in mind

philosophy of 

on when you say
two plus two do...Read More
Categories: accounted, muse,
Form: I do not know?

He did not hesitate.
The accumulated grime on the plate
He peeled layer by layer,
Each layer accounted for a thousand years
Passage of Time.
He was an old warrior who had held the plate aloft
Open to the weather for a very long time
And kept...Read More
Categories: accounted, freedom,
Form: Prose Poetry
Are We Too Cold To Look Beyond
“Irish I am,” my mam speaks in hushed tones to the air
She questions still, seeming to her alone
Intones, “Ireland, O Ireland, what are you?
Where do you keep yourself, so I may rediscover you?”
Her speech unknown surely to her
Rains down, trickles...Read More
Categories: accounted, devotion, heaven, home, ireland, longing, meaningful, passion,
Form: Free verse
present and accounted for
i am not a savant
but an idiot for
sure for what
some would
say was a
god made

gift but

the word
"gift" in German
translates to the
word "poison" so
let me wake to take
another dose that will

eventually carry over in
to my sleep where the
soundtrack seems to
never end or...Read More
Categories: accounted, muse,
Form: I do not know?
Your past should
Your past should be a reminder,
Of how far you have come.
Your past should be the key to the present,
Not to a ball and chain.

Your past should be a line in the sand,
That you never step back over.
Your past should be...Read More
Categories: accounted, appreciation, beauty, birthday, blessing, education, hope, love,
Form: Blitz

Premium Member God Misplaces Some of the Dead

They were accounted for,
officially dead at least,
but the sickening fact was
that large numbers of the dead
had gone missing.

Occasionally, still pinging cellphones 
were found in Hades, Purgatory, and 
other Bardo states.
Olympus was still drunkenly silent,
as were almost all of the seven...Read More
Categories: accounted, poetry,
Form: Blank verse
Last Word by Kuldip Medhi
Met her first 
The meadow stopped 
Behind the mountains 
Benched on the buffalo's back 
A cowherd 
Played a riverine tune 
The bow-shaped river 
Flowed north 
The white yachts 
Were sailing east 
Like the shadow of 
A flight of...Read More
Categories: accounted, grief, imagery, pain,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Bored President
I once invested a year
as Board President.
Indeed, I was often a bored resident
of our State Affordable Housing Coalition.

My platform,
to speak grandly
of what was more of a healthy whim,
was for safe and beautiful affordable housing

Habitat is not just an optional frosting
on...Read More
Categories: accounted, caregiving, culture, health, house, humor, integrity, leadership,
Form: I do not know?
Premium Member The Children
The Children
By: Tom Wright

How oft are the children sacrificed
for an unjust cause or belief.
From hunger, with swollen bellies,
they beg for morsels of relief.

Accounted as hostages to grating words
orated by another in haste.
While clay mores relegate playground
to the status of vegetated...Read More
Categories: accounted, children, war,
Form: Lyric
Sins and merits are accounted then and there on very shoulder desks by two angels.Soon after a sin go for a merit,God Pardoned all felt and regret the sins by heart!
...Read More
Categories: accounted, blessing, character, god,
Form: Blank verse
Wheel on a Stick part 6
The Cinematic Film Treatment as a stand alone element 
in the aesthetic revolution we are now not witnessing

At the Core is Decor 

An intense psychological thriller about ruling class oligarchs wearing chic swastika armbands revealing the clandestine boulevards of hidden...Read More
Categories: accounted, how i feel,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Reclamation of Number 21
Fiction by Charles
Just prior to the end of the civil war, there were nearly 6000 men who were not accounted for but assumed to be alive. Under truce, a secret meeting between Lee and Grant was held on no mans...Read More
Categories: accounted, inspirational,
Form: Narrative
Scared to Death of

These things are passing
temporary in their afflictions of
to be dealt with in problematical
or carried a brick of sacks
slung this weight upon the back
to weigh a feathers heart
against solutions search

These things are transient
present in busy most ephemeral knots
such worries jury-rigged encumbering
to...Read More
Categories: accounted, death, life,
Form: Free verse
Party Crasher, a Halloween Anecdote
My Halloween party was in full swing.  I had gone all out this year and rented an old crumbling, reputed- to- be haunted mansion for the evening's Dionysian festivities, and all the invited guests were present and accounted for....Read More
Categories: accounted, halloween, humor,
Form: Narrative
Open Your Eyes To Me O My God -Psalm 5
Open your eyes to me O my God
my cries continually are heavenly sent
you are my God King give me attention
my morning sacrifice to you have went

Lord you are truly a God of holiness
nothing unclean can stand before you
your heart hates...Read More
Categories: accounted, god, prayer, spiritual,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Through Windows Abstract Ad Infinitum
"Through Windows Abstract Ad Infinitum"

Ascending plural through the Sun
becomes One 
Seen through different windows

Seams sewn in souls strung like pearls cast out into the world
Everyone is written into The Story, all accounted for, not gone unsung

Sun through the plural...Read More
Categories: accounted, faith, freedom, god, i am, journey, love,
Form: Free verse
Sonnet De Souffrance
If some of your demons would dance with a few of my devils... maybe I could have peace, even if for just a little while. For what is a moment if a moment is not gone in just that? The...Read More
Categories: accounted, art, creation, deep, depression, poems, poetry, sad,
Form: Free verse
The modern way to embrace
Not for me the modern way to embrace,
Everything and everybody,
Using lip service to deliver,
To recipients never met,
From cultures unknown,

Not for me the modern way to embrace,
That is not heartfelt,
Is born out of fear,
Pretends to be sympathetic,
Yet can never be termed...Read More
Categories: accounted, analogy, appreciation, baptism, blessing, caregiving, celebration, community,
Form: Imagism
Are All My Poetries Thus Enwritten: A Query Posed Poetically To My Fellow Poets Hereon
If I may, to my fellow would-be poets, 
Hereon pose an imperative query
(Yet mostly destitute of the greatest urgency),
Then I who, in the gross majority of my inditings hereon,
Am of quite a Shakespearean and Miltonian bent:
Yet in the years succeeding...Read More
Categories: accounted, age,
Form: I do not know?
it is what it is
It what it is?
How can it be what it is?
These are humans,
These are living beings, 
Just like you and me!

How would you like it?
 if you were the ones.
You were the ones that were facing all the sins that you...Read More
Categories: accounted, abuse, africa, anger, bible, crazy, dark, world,
Form: I do not know?