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Accords Poems

Accords Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of accords poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for accords.

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Categories: accords, fun, silly, star, word play,
Form: Shape

Premium Member Through Deep Darkness Unable To Steer
It was deep dark, silence roaming outside
if I couldn't see and hear, it is  myself to chide
the urge within pushed my fright aside
time to open the gates of my soul wide.

My journeys I used to have on my own
seeking...Read More
Categories: accords, beauty, deep, destiny, friendship love, longing, mystery,
Form: Rhyme

Brought here some by own accords
Some by shackles and chains
What's the theme a new life for some slavery others
Miles and miles oceans bodies of waters
Come on in, come on in freedom
Free me from my entitlements
Help me replenish, set...Read More
Categories: accords, adventure, appreciation, celebration, change,
Form: Dramatic Verse
Premium Member Greener Grass

I like my winters "neat" ...

But they all come "on the rocks" here
So a day will come when palms will dominate my view
Instead of evergreen trees and pine cones and juniper bushes
(Though I do love my Chickadees, Cardinals and Juncos)
I...Read More
Categories: accords, appreciation, beach, life, ocean, travel, world,
Form: Dramatic Monologue
Premium Member HOLY SATURDAY

Taste that still voice in silence deep,
Release old strains of hurts laid bare;
Apt solemn poise in death's dream sleep,
Notice odd gains in buried flair;

Quest now embalmed in earth's moist cave,
Urge grace to show a secret tell;
In sorrow's psalm the martyred...Read More
Categories: accords, allusion,
Form: Quatrain

There's Still Time
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Categories: accords, christian, destiny, judgement,
Form: Prose Poetry
Through the Door of Words
Amidst the reality of chaos
That this volatile world accords,
We escape, perhaps for a short pause
As we enter the door of words.

There we mingle thoughts set free
With long forgotten feelings,
Like loves songs that momentarily
Enchant with the scenes they bring..

Walled in by...Read More
Categories: accords, inspirational, poetry, writing,
Form: Quatrain
Singing The Song Of Rust
It's happened on your last watch. 
In a lonesome salvage yard, 
she - who was raised by machines - like 
an electric shadow on a hopeless, desolate street in Berlin, 
was risen by 
the taste of your swallowed tears as...Read More
Categories: accords, city, creation, cry, love, music, song, technology,
Form: Free verse
Troubadour Heart
Troubadour Heart

Your troubadour heart
diamond embers sows
through cloudlike 
patches of blue gently

strumming wreathes
of feathered accords
and when sadness rears
its grieving head

your strings weaving
invisible threads
a simple melody lace
and a thousand

lifting notes rise
tied in a flow of
caressing waves
calling me back
from a dark and...Read More
Categories: accords, music, poetry,
Form: Free verse
The Stela epic, PART 1 of 8
The Stela Epic by DR. Mohammed F A Alrazak

The grains of sand, the drops of rain, makes the stage for souls to play 
The prints of feet on rocks were wonders and arts as the birth of mankind will start...Read More
Categories: accords, culture, freedom,
Form: ABC

The blue hour takes root
The blue hour takes root ...

There is the dark wing of the steamer,
Which takes the open sea, and carries away its regrets,
Tiny passengers, waving handkerchiefs
And the seagulls passing and passing again.
Heavy rusty chains, in heaps on the edge of the...Read More
Categories: accords, music, nostalgia, wind,
Form: Free verse
On The Broken Old Oxcart
Words and knives remain of two accords;
Cuts and bruises poison our skins
As the sulphur in our words corrode our hearts;
Staples and stitches hold our parched hearts.
Every leaf browns at the feet of its mother 
As every raging wave dies at...Read More
Categories: accords, crazy, hilarious, journey, old, relationship, romance, travel,
Form: Free verse
Rising Dawn
Twilight sits in silent dreams as darkness twinkles down
on silhouettes of charcoal streams with peaceful cosmic gowns.
Sapphire knights with skyward swords bear standards washed in change,
to purify the past accords, on cobalt steeds estranged.

A sea of violet fireflies brings coloured...Read More
Categories: accords, change, color, hope, life, light, sky, sun,
Form: Rhyme
Thank You Bank
You keep money secure thank you bank
Financial institution you are high is rank.
Accepting deposits you create credits see,
Honey is collected too flower thanks bee.

Keeping people happy you share interest,
This may be compound this may simplest.
Bearing mortgages also you provide loan,
At...Read More
Categories: accords, appreciation, business, cheer up, dedication, spiritual, success,
Form: Rhyme

If you subtract your bad self, 
In every way, every part as best you can,
Then you’ll find better health,  
And other people won’t suffer a ban. 

You will add something onto, 
Your character if you resolutely control, 
Your ego,...Read More
Categories: accords, change, character, courage, friendship, psychological, science, truth,
Form: Quatrain
August Alliteration
After July abdicates, august August arrives,
and the year advances, as annually agreed. 
After assessing alternative alternatives and accords,
as anticipated, no other affirmative alternative is advanced. 
Actually August is always an annual actuality, affably accepted
as amicable and always awaited ardently, as...Read More
Categories: accords, august,
Form: Alliteration
Premium Member Romance Day And Night
Romance Day And Night

How the Romans played their moonlit dreams
splashing out near viaducts of love I can only
wonder same as with knights in shining armour
or rather without when the Ages seemed dark
and oriental spices called for senses and beyond

Roma and...Read More
Categories: accords, romance, prejudice,
Form: Narrative
Flora's Kiss
The golden lyre’s majestic, light accords
Exalt the song which Nature’s voice affords
And carry off to meadows near and far
The wondrous sound of Juno’s soft guitar. 

In river valleys and on golden hills,
Where spring’s young fragrance every taste fulfills,
The mind is...Read More
Categories: accords, friendship, music, mythology, nature, spring,
Form: Rhyme
Doesn't matter if I'm crushing my mind
As long as he'll come that matters most
The sun outrages and kills me in the deep
But that is fine as long he keeps his promise

There at the road where there's a lot of turns
As...Read More
Categories: accords, love,
Form: Free verse
A Monastery
The clad ivy charms, warms the walls,
The frontage that welcomes the fold and their outsiders,
Specifying age and strength of delicate beauty, 
Which accounts for that non-existent love: 
History sides with them, is by their shoes, 
Shows no retrogressive signs or...Read More
Categories: accords, beauty, community, faith, history, prayer, religious, symbolism,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member DREAMER

"To the young and the not too old,
I say, follow that rainbow, go ride it."
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Categories: accords, devotion,
Form: Sonnet
Premium Member HAPPY JOY

Happy calls to me
As joy comes to be

Happy joy now frees
Charming thoughts I see

A play upon light
As thrills spring new sights

A sparkling rhyme comes
Verses as words sum

A strange melody
Sculpts new memory

A touch of fond times
As muse hurls fond chimes

A primal...Read More
Categories: accords, blessing,
Form: Couplet
Beauty of a Rose
And for the beauty of a rose,
The wonders near, or far--.
We yearly dance in certain step
About a shinning star.
For science, quite objectively,
It showed the world the way--
A universal pirouette;
A world no more astray.
And so the sun accords to earth
A lyrical...Read More
Categories: accords, allegory,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member The New Testament

The Word of Eternal God
Which is the power of Eternal God for salvation to everyone who has faith
Is set forth 
Displays its power in a most wonderful way in the writings of the New Testament
Which hand on the ultimate truth...Read More
Categories: accords, bible, christian, devotion, faith, religion, religious, spiritual,
Form: Prose Poetry
Sons of Memory
Sons of Memory (For those among you in the soil)

I render this verse to sons of memory
Who have been trailblazers to the history-
In poetry world and many beyond.
I doff my hat to you in your lone ground-
Where words deafen world...Read More
Categories: accords, africa, america, death, muse, poets, tribute, work,
Form: Rhyme