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Acclimate Poems

Acclimate Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of acclimate poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for acclimate.

New Poems

Divine jubilant providence unplugged
Inexplicable blessing luckily
avoiding potentially grim fate
finds yours truly coming to grips,
how afterlife did not accommodate

the missus, and/or myself unwittingly
loved ones would never acclimate
reality of our permanent absence,
thus existence all the more I appreciate
and attempt poetically articulate.

Herewith the scenario that defies
conventional...Read More
Categories: acclimate, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, 9th
Form: Free verse

Premium Member Carpe Librum
Fresh new book opens wide and swallows me whole!
Taking time to acclimate I catch my breath,
Focusing as scenes and characters unfold
To instill memories of their length and breadth.
Finishing one book a month is my firm goal
Few subjects considered are out...Read More
Categories: acclimate, books, character, imagination,
Form: Ottava rima
While rummaging thru papers to shred
While rummaging thru papers to shred...

Earlier this November fourth
two thousand and nineteen
your truly long in the tooth 
( dentured) wordsmith
rifled thru miscellaneous papers to shred
unwittingly chancing upon

report cards enlightening me,
academic, emotional, social...
characteristics, née significant
figurative "red flags,"
(no not signifying me being...Read More
Categories: acclimate, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, abuse,
Form: Free verse
And ignoble prize trumpeting hubris awarded to
And ignoble prize trumpeting hubris awarded to...

Bourgeoisie donning ersatz
overstuffed ego freezer bewigged pate
"FAKE" grotesque humanitarian
bribed corrupt judges will vindicate
jimmied cracked corn
land of "milk and honey"

red hot button he spoils to activate
countdown to Armageddon
leaving nation prostrate,
all the more reason to axe...Read More
Categories: acclimate, 11th grade, 12th grade, abuse, fire, freedom,
Form: Dramatic Verse
Premium Member Slow-Cooked Conversion Stories
I was raised in one of those white nationalist churches,
passing itself off as a Christian evangelical Bible church,
where "evangelical" meant fundamental
and "fundamental" meant we did not interpret scripture
but accepted it as God's literal trans-historical Word
of universal white male dominant
Bible thumping...Read More
Categories: acclimate, childhood, christian, earth, faith, health, integrity, senses,
Form: Political Verse

Tired of feeling sleepy today August 17th 2019
Tired of feeling sleepy today - August 17th, 2019

Lashed with fatigue,
eye cannot fend off lethargy
hazy, hot, humid weather zaps
mental physical, and spiritual energy
even men of cloth
various and sundry clergy.

Undoubtedly summoning Parson Brown
currently out of season,
though stratospheric demand
for his person now
unprecedented...Read More
Categories: acclimate, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, drink,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Organic Systems
You are an organic system,
or you would not be capable of reading this,
much less reflecting upon its possible merit
for integrity with your own organic
networking experience,
real and as yet unrealized.

Families are systems,
functional and
Which may feel chaotic from inside sensory information,
which may...Read More
Categories: acclimate, health, humanity, integrity, love, passion, peace, power,
Form: Political Verse
Suspended Transcendental Meditative State
Suspended Transcendental Meditative State...

Temporarily relieves, loosens,
and detaches worldly weight,
albeit bearing heavily straight
away upon well balanced,
awk credited miniature oblate
spheroid, sans cranial

dome to help alleviate
this principled capital one citizen banker,
whose penurious plight
seeks to make lightweight
oppressive burden clawing
(with razor sharp talons) 

tete a...Read More
Categories: acclimate, allusion, body, deep, father, happiness, heaven, imagery,
Form: Free verse
Surrender Into Obliviousness level deux
on path to autonomy, she matured of late,
exhibiting autism during childhood
compliments of intervention, mastered
vanquished every trace to acclimate
self reliance no matter said spate
of developmental delay,
cramped, crimped, and

crumpled cognitive literate
chores abilities, yet
supportive services did alleviate
ordinary setback, now indiscretions,
liaisons, and transgressions, I...Read More
Categories: acclimate, absence, allegory, angst, atheist, baptism, courage, desire,
Form: Personification
The Carnivore Within
The Carnivore Within...

Meaty morsels besiege
this vegetarian advocate
yet, the atavistic Jainist within me decries,
egg hen hies his, and lamb hence
carnivorous ache that won't abate
case in point being on the horns

hoof ah dill ham ma, neither willing,
nor ready to abdicate
nagging, succumbing, and...Read More
Categories: acclimate, addiction, conflict, cry, environment, heartbreak, life, pets,
Form: Free verse

Premium Member Beyond LeftBrain Intelligence
In Beyond Religion
the Dalai Lama offers non-sectarian roots of compassion
to motivate global cooperative behaviors
and nurture inner mental health values.

He begins with the assumption
his readers are asking,
How and Who are we
to become more compassionate,
more forgiving,
more health v pathology discerning?
Not just in...Read More
Categories: acclimate, caregiving, health, humanity, integrity, introspection, political, psychological,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Nudging ReCreation Along
What are fair and effective nudges
for too much freedom of wounding weaponed speech?

Maybe equal freedom to listen nutritionally
and not speak toxically?

What's a fair response
to competitive over-investment in fear-mongering--
Threats to hold your breath 'til everyone sees uniformly red?

What's fair, right and...Read More
Categories: acclimate, celebration, earth, health, humor, integrity, nature, society,
Form: Political Verse
Trump Trumped Decree Targeting Undocumented Americans
No secret the Don did abrogate,
his strict ban barring employees to acclimate
themselves, to live within United States
legal tender, and accommodate
themselves comfortably anonymous,

though "NOT FAKE," but accurate
reliable, trustworthy, et cetera
resources who did activate
my awareness, his hired hands receive adequate
pay, (perhaps greater...Read More
Categories: acclimate, abuse, anger, bullying, judgement, leadership, pain, self,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Warmer Reflections
During December
I have trouble remembering we are potentially orgasmic organisms
designed for healing wounds, 
resiliently restoring our egos
acclimating with everyday eco-habitats
to regenerate this lifeline climax;

Virally reverse-hierarchical 
deep ecstatic experiences,
BigBang self-other co-empathic perpetuation,
co-acclimate primal relating
interdependent ZeroZones
of ambiguously autonomous identity.

Our most efficient organic...Read More
Categories: acclimate, green, health, love, nature, new year, spiritual,
Form: Free verse
Home Improvement
It's easy to do nothing,
As the years pass, to your house.
"It looks okay" - a maxim
Many homeowners espouse.

But if, at last, the motivation
Strikes and you proceed, 
You may discover some improvement's
What you really need.

A paint job, new appliances,
Replacements for your...Read More
Categories: acclimate, house,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member 2118 - 100 Years From Now
One hundred years away from now...
   Two-thousand, one hundred eighteen,
advances in today's know-how
   will be the past on 'new world' scene.

Yet, what will change and what will stay...
   so hard to find an answer...Read More
Categories: acclimate, feelings, future, life,
Form: Quatrain
Premium Member Learning Grows Experience
Spiritual, perhaps even emotional, experience
reflected upon and evaluated with gratitude,
can further develop natural-rational
co-intelligent eco-presence
between sacred ecotherapy
and secular egohealthy healing.

By contrast,
LeftBrain competitions
against RightBrain cooperatives,
PositivEnergy trusted
by multicultural democratic emotions
and motions
of swelling WinWin love
and awesome Left-Right co-arising beauty,

These winning Losses,
salutary problems,
further acclimate against...Read More
Categories: acclimate, environment, green, health, integrity, love, peace,
Form: Political Verse
Premium Member Honest and Dishonest Differences
LeftBrain yang's universal differentiations:

To deduce,
monoculturally confine,
Either WinThis Or Join ThatExterior Body of AllLosers,
competitive fundamentalist predation,
patriarchal discrimination for ego-empowerment,
accept HereYang Supremacy
over Now YinSquared enlightening understory,

To differentiate
differences in nurturing values/disvalues/unvalues/misvalues/anti-values,
to monoculturally exclude all that remains polyculturally unexplored,
to ostracize mysteries unresolved and dissonant
depressively...Read More
Categories: acclimate, caregiving, community, education, health, history, integrity, psychological,
Form: Political Verse
A to Z Feminine Touch
Arise, Align, Acclimate,
Beautify, Captivate, 

Dare to Dance, Demonstrate,
Energize, Elevate.

Fancy, Flower, Feminize,
Glitter, Glow, Girlify.

Harmonize, Initiate,
Jazzy up, Jubilate.

Knock'er down, Keep'er up,
Kiss it off, Light it up.

Mama'tize, Motivate,
Naughty, Nice, Negotiate.

Open-heart operate, 
Pretty up, Propagate.

Queen'ify, Q'tify
Rev it up, Revitalize.

Sexify, Sophisticate,
Trendy up, Tantalize.

Ultimate, Utilize,
Validate, Visualize.

Wigglize,...Read More
Categories: acclimate, fun, funny, motivation, rap, woman,
Form: Abecedarian
Premium Member Out for a Spin
I take a four-fold spin
through Bill Plotkin's wheel
of bilateral identities,
iconic developmental faces,
ironic personalities.

FIRST comes Eastern-born
dawn of human infancy,
Innocent Sage infants
so WiseElder
in our LeftBrain emergent
wrinkling unfolding 
sacred RightBrain ways.

Searching for care giving eyes
to be sure we do
and do not know
what we...Read More
Categories: acclimate, gender, health, humor, integrity, nature, peace, wisdom,
Form: Political Verse
Premium Member Dancing Through Thin Margins
There is an old and wise saying,
Take only what you need
and use everything you take.

We often consider the first part,
or at least make occasional stabs at simplicity,
but the last part is less frequently said
or thought about
as essential to healthy vulnerability.

If...Read More
Categories: acclimate, earth, health, integrity, peace, poverty,
Form: Prose Poetry
Premium Member Custody of 2020 Eyes
Monks and nuns,
ascetics and miscellaneous humble proletariat folks,
were taught custody of the eyes,
to show respect for those older
and/or wiser
and/or more supremely royal,
and/or in other positions of merited or inherited authority,
to avoid appearing too curious
too available
too interested,
to avoid temptations
of lust and...Read More
Categories: acclimate, games, gender, health, poverty, psychological, racism, slavery,
Form: Political Verse
I want to be in love with you again.

He searches for purpose, he begs for reason. He does so in a hectic manner, with no ease to the tension in his search. The answer sits clearly above. While he furiously...Read More
Categories: acclimate, anger, appreciation, conflict, cry, deep, depression, for
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Tapped Out At Four - Rev 2
Stanzas  One, Two, Three And Growing

There was “She Played the Harp”(1), when I truly was young,
“Ode to Verde Lee Allen”(2), a stop on a rung,
Loving women has always been easy for me,
For their beauty’s not found just in eye...Read More
Categories: acclimate, growing up, life, love,
Form: Rhyme

Once God confused the languages, humanity processed out to form religion.
Yet, creation had given us our own separate places
WHEREFORE, the Berlin Wall was placed to confront differences in opinion.
Was one nation negated?
History has shown...Read More
Categories: acclimate, bible, change, community, creation, culture, destiny, environment,
Form: Dramatic monologue