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Acclamation Poems

Acclamation Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of acclamation poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for acclamation.

New Poems

Premium Member Eaves Dropping
Listening devices carefully hidden in the rafters compete with

Nosy neighbours vying for a few favours from the governing party

'Nothing to fear' as long as one is on board with the Secret Police

It is all for the good of the people...Read More
Categories: acclamation, future,
Form: Free verse

Premium Member Rebellion
Gather around, my brave fellow rebels,
We must plan our next demonstration,
We want to show how much we mean our claims,
We want to cause the elimination

Of the selfish members of that Party,
Who care nothing for our situation,
Acting always without principle,
Using the...Read More
Categories: acclamation, anger, corruption, endurance, humanity, people, political,
Form: Quatrain
Onerous anus complex number 2
cuz poisonous toxins sting like scorpions
severely crimping ability to sit down absorption
radiating throughout every
cell guaranteeing abstention
against hidebound contract, no

ifs, ands, nor but tucks
whereby mood linkedin
to nihilistic abstraction
particularly as quasi pincers jabbed
like sharp serrated knives acceleration

guaranteed, where bum rapped cheekily
prospective hemorrhoids...Read More
Categories: acclamation, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, betrayal,
Form: Dramatic Verse

           Opulent water of ocean
            Wonderful wide sea extension...Read More
Categories: acclamation, 10th grade, appreciation, ocean, sea,
Form: Rhyme
With What Unspeakable Anguish
Oh! With what unspeakable anguish
Do I regret the vocation
I came so close 
And so oft to having
The sweet acclamation
That might have been mine.

Had I tried and failed,
That would scarcely concern me,
Yet, I squandered my resources
Time and time again,
And failed so...Read More
Categories: acclamation, angst, career, life, me, pain, sad, sorrow,
Form: Free verse

Afraid to live
Chinks of light filter
thru pitchblack emotional prison
vestigial shadow figure hunkers,
an atrophied, mortified, petrified old man
implacable self destructive nemesis
birthed in league pitiful human shambles,

his abysmally forlorn existence
scotched, sabotaged, severely short changed
agonizing depression tortures psyche
family abandoned nsync,
entrenched self cannibalization
devastating vicious feedback loop

exhaustedly...Read More
Categories: acclamation, allusion, baptism, dark, death, fear, funeral, goodbye,
Form: Dramatic Verse
President Elect Alexandria Ocasio Cortez 2024
President Elect Alexandria Ocasio Cortez - 2024

Circa...Approximately one month
following her thirty fifth birthday
October 13th, 2024
AOC became the first
female commander in chief,
and youngest person ever

to assume Oval Office
amidst landslide victory
among competing candidates
ousting current establishment incumbent,
elected to serve United States
despite being neophyte,

she...Read More
Categories: acclamation, america, angel, blessing, faith, hero, humanity, inspirational,
Form: Epic
I Cant Hold Back The Tears
My heart is bleeding and my spirit is burning
Day light breaks and births another day
And I kneel down, and pray for you to come my way 
 I could not hold back the tears 
When I turn around and you...Read More
Categories: acclamation, anxiety, blessing, body, courage, encouraging, longing, love,
Form: Narrative
Premium Member CoOperative Mindfulness
Every newly innocent day
after complexly creolizing night dreams
I hear and smell and taste and see and feel
some thing
some co-related becoming
that more and less
kills me
with delight and terror,
that leaves and comes over me,
another weedy needle
in Earth's haystack
celebrating integrity's light.

This is what...Read More
Categories: acclamation, health, integrity, longing, love, passion, peace, wisdom,
Form: Political Verse
By Parizo Van Thulare

My greatest inspiration
You provided me with renovation
Since you gave me clarification
I began searching for my destination
The route was full of confusion
There were no shadows not even a place of relaxation
There was chaos and separation  
I was...Read More
Categories: acclamation, america, devotion,
Form: Sonnet

Trenchant Recalcitrant Poet Welcomes Animadversion
(alternately titled: aery diction galloped jocosely)

Abbreviation asper "FAKE"
abdication (wishful thinking),
an aberration Trump accepted
abjuration (or alternative) i.e.
ablation, thee apprenticed

president, would never forsake
abnegation (sooner his cold,
dead paws pried loose Putin
on the Ritz Carlton), this
abomination, his indiscriminate

abrogation appears (underwent)
acceleration autocratic accentuation
Americans aver acceptation,
acclamation,...Read More
Categories: acclamation, 12th grade, fate, goodbye, hyperbole, mental illness,
Form: Free verse
A Spat With The Man In My Mirror
I’d hang my head in shame
The day I stop querying the man in my mirror
Whose name I’d associate with blame
For daring to conceal the fear and tear

My conscience weeps as the man fails to keep
Promises made to me from the...Read More
Categories: acclamation, poems,
Form: Free verse
On Titian's Allegory of Prudence
"Who is he, who stares back at me from the mirror? 
I am not him, with wrinkles and faded beard that is rough 
and inelegant, stained with soup and unmentionable

Ah, No: I am that handsome man who yet has gravitas,
And...Read More
Categories: acclamation, age, allegory, mirror, youth,
Form: Verse
Once upon a surprising appendage ii

Once upon a crusting appellation of 'Genius',

( An acclamation, or prescient accusation with a side-order of unfettered approbation's fulminations thereafter? )

my teary-tired tire-tries offending;
mans aspirations- omni-over-busing banalities triggers my tyrant's epistemic Rubic's Cube®.

Now 'The  Word' over-drovers all spiritual reconnoiters.
(...Read More
Categories: acclamation, funny, humor,
Form: Free verse
Pour On Us A Blessing
Verse 1
Lord I put my hope, forever put my trust
By your mighty power I’m succeeding
As the apple of your eye, my heart will glorify
In all victory, your undefeated
No other comes before, angelic beings adore
Your insightful ways are overseeing
Your awe-inspiring, give...Read More
Categories: acclamation, inspirational,
Form: Free verse
The Treatise of the Illustrious Sage on Response and Retribution
Canto I: The Words of Laozi  

The Divinely Illustrious Sage  
Prays for every soul to heed:
That neither woe nor weal
Heaven has foreordained,
But wrought by men alone,
The fruits of virtue and vice
Pursue the begetter like 
A shadow following the...Read More
Categories: acclamation, blessing, heaven, humanity, judgement, religion, religious, wisdom,
Form: Epic
Lent times in Africa
Ashes in the faces of Africans
some blowing from hands
Lent is here with us as sure deal

Food is playing hide and seek
water lives underground
dustbins are empty 
nocturnal animals share the fast

This is Lent without priests
no holy mass to be celebrated
no church-goers...Read More
Categories: acclamation, africa, peace, satire,
Form: Elegy
Bring your saucy smile that spark in your eye 
give me sanctuary from satans hell
just that smile and a twinkle in your eye
I'm sent soaring into seventh heaven 

conjure magic spells, and charms that you weave 
my imaginations dreams delivered
no...Read More
Categories: acclamation, fun, love,
Form: Sonnet
The acclamation Assata Shakur received came from her political activism.
Acclimation from a political asylum was not that easy.
Yet, the ease of acceptance was aes in the political world.
A wraith of admiration was given rathe.
Esprit de corps areally existed. 
Aerial Assata...Read More
Categories: acclamation, black african american, conflict, courage, culture, environment,
Form: Imagism
Determined Again
There was acclamation at the acclimation, 
Because my acts did not feel axed or beat,  
And the loch was just beside us in notion, 
For my nudity to lock my up with the heat. 

I dared not dye my...Read More
Categories: acclamation, anti bullying, child, desire, faith, parents, psychological,
Form: Quatrain
Phil Davenport
RAF navigator Ron Day and I took of from Banff, Scotland,
I was in the RAAF, an Australian, and we flew in formation:
40 Mosquitos to attack German ships in Norway land,
In a harbour, Porsgrunn, but then came an acclamation.

“Bandits three o’clock!...Read More
Categories: acclamation, courage, hero, history, political, remember, world, world
Form: Quatrain
(He smiled and declared,) Let me go when it is time for me to go.
I have lived my scores.
      I will be ninety-three on the 4th of July.
This life is enshrined.

(He stated,) I appreciate the...Read More
Categories: acclamation, bereavement, cry, death, death of a friend,
Form: Free verse
Come by the Sword Die by the Sword
The Bard of the Norseman
A warrior’s fame and for glory all Norseman live worthy of life
Worthy the Norseman with warring axe to victory and spilt Saxon blood
For spoils of the serpent’s lair lie across the whale’s road
Far from the girls...Read More
Categories: acclamation, adventure, hero, history, mythology, war,
Form: Prose Poetry
When will I understand protection is a unconscious mutation
Feeding off a unmanned ego while angels and demons cause aberration
The scab is bleeding and sliding off into the depressing depot of allegation
Ugly, still hiding below the repressing master of acclamation

Breathe in...Read More
Categories: acclamation, dark, depression,
Form: Free verse
In Praise of Ebeneezer Scrooge
In Praise of Ebeneezer Scrooge

By Elton Camp

Poor Ebeneezer Scrooge all despise
There was much about him to prize

He worked daily hard and long
Such a man can’t be very wrong

Money he didn’t throw away
But saved it for a rainy day

A person with...Read More
Categories: acclamation, satire,
Form: Rhyme