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Accented Poems

Accented Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of accented poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for accented.

New Poems

Premium Member Be Kind to Others
Hillel the Sage was destitute
Although his mind was sharp, astute
Chopped wood to earn his daily bread
Then studied 'til he went to bed
The Golden Rule Hillel devised
Be kind to others; That is wise...
Treat everyone exactly as
  ~ You'd want them...Read More
Categories: accented, leadership, wisdom,
Form: Lay

Premium Member Compass Points

In a small town twenty minutes North of where you live
an alien looks in a mirror and studies your face.
You don’t know it, but he has taken over the life
that you no longer use.
While you were sleeping
your life leaked back...Read More
Categories: accented, poetry,
Form: Blank verse
I observe her from across the room, and I ask myself, is she real. Her long raven black hair falls softly across her shoulders. A gorgeous smile that brightens the entire room, is exquisitely accented only by her soft brown...Read More
Categories: accented, beauty, desire, emotions, feelings, love, lust, woman,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member I Can Feel My Bliss
White lightning flashes through my heart’s bliss
Tumultuous light rose sky holds her own
Pink heart shaped aura shows the truth of the night
Sky clouded by purple blood clotting thunder clouds

White lightning flashes through my heart’s bliss
Reflecting on the waters of my...Read More
Categories: accented, image, self,
Form: Blank verse
Premium Member CATWALK OF LIFE

Two-hundred dollar hairdo
Cascading off her shoulders
Dressed in a little black dress
And Louboutin stilettos
Leaving behind a trailing cloud
Of extravagant luxurious perfume
Flaunting the tiera of a princess
Strutting down the catwalk of life
Walking five inches off the ground
This svelt slanky body devoid of...Read More
Categories: accented, beautiful, clothes, confidence, fashion, uplifting, woman, youth,
Form: Free verse

Premium Member Cat Mass
I Past Paws

My tuxedo charm…
Echoes of purrs and meows linger in my lamenting longing heart.
Floating my fingers upon her feather fur…I now trace her feline grace in my mournful melancholy mind.
Her jade eyes, so jubilant and jovial, now aglow in...Read More
Categories: accented, cat, christmas, death,
Form: Alliteration
Premium Member Monet's Impression, Sunrise
Monet's Impression, Sunrise

First impressions leave memories,
That can linger for a very long time;
And give a sense of peace and understanding,
That rewards the solitude of the mind
With satisfaction, in contemplative reflection.
This may be deceiving; as to lead one to believe
That which...Read More
Categories: accented, art, change, culture, education, future, inspiration, meaningful,
Form: Verse
Premium Member Iambic Pentameter

Today I’d like to talk to you about how meter plays a part in
how we write a poem and sometimes in how we speak

The above lines, which are not at all poetic, are written in a specific 
rhythm, or meter....Read More
Categories: accented, language, poetry,
Form: Free verse

    Poetry is disciplined in a stream having units like ‘meter’ or ‘foot’ on 
    lines similar to measurements in length, though basically, poem 
  ...Read More
Categories: accented, poetry,
Form: Free verse
An albino girl in the neighboring camping lot
Loading my car
trying to hide my covert examination
Fine features accented by heavy white brows and lashes 
Colorless, shining hair 
Such a strange and elegant beauty
What is it like to be so different
Yet so lovely?...Read More
Categories: accented, angel, beautiful,
Form: Free verse

Last Ash
And like incense our scent takes to the air.
Ascending before we fall.
Her and I.
We burst into fire.
Our eyes a gaseous mixture. 
Ignited by the touch of skin.
Kindling the many thoughts we keep of each other.
A crackle blown out.
Accented in desire,
Our yearning...Read More
Categories: accented, black african american, black love, for her,
Form: Free verse
Of Hellos
We stood in the dark
Not a word spoke between us two.
We hardly knew each other yet,
We saw each other whole hearted.
The stars began to light up.
The moon above our heads.
Our eyes half full.
A civilization coming to life in the blink...Read More
Categories: accented, black african american, black love, crush, imagination,
Form: Free verse
Who We Are
Seductive tones filter the slumbered night
swashes of seda fill up an accented view
swirls of honeysuckle flicker in the breeze
and again the beauty of you is inhaled

Strip down low to the bare essentials
drench your soul in the waters of me
embrace fully...Read More
Categories: accented, deep, love,
Form: Free verse
Other Side of the Sun
I've cried the tears ...
I've suffered the years ...
I've tasted the fears ...
Of a spaceman hurtling through the void
Loneliness grows daily on the inside,
as I continue this autopilot ride
to the other side of the sun
This tritainium space ship moves swiftly
towards...Read More
Categories: accented, sad love, science fiction, space, travel,
Form: Narrative
Spaghetti Grandma
Spaghetti Grandma

She scratches her pulpy ruby nose,
Heaves, and leans her heavy bosom
On the pitchfork, dangerously bending
The prongs over the swollen tomatoes.

Trying not to stare at the weary body
Enlarged like a blimp, obediently,
The child’s eyes avert the navy blue smock
Resting on...Read More
Categories: accented, childhood, giving, grandmother, voice,
Form: Free verse
Revised Song
Shes the song thats constantly written
then revised in my head.
Only then is she able to come alive and be herself.
Accented in beautiful curve.
Revised in the moments shared in thought.
The slightest touch ; her voice truly heard.
Perfectly arranged in broken prose...Read More
Categories: accented, black african american, for her, love, music,
Form: Free verse
Hey Otto
This is a true account
of a day in the life of me 

Woke up today
not feeling quite like myself
Went to see what the mirror had to say ...
I didn't appear to be
looking like somebody else
Gave myself the usual wake up:
wash...Read More
Categories: accented, funny, giggle, humorous, identity,
Form: Light Verse
Premium Member Her Pearly Whites Broke My Heart

Her Pearly Whites Broke My Heart

there you sat in the cafe  
in solitude, and in grace
so, so pristine
the most beautiful thing I have ever seen
i wanted to touch you
i really did
and smell your essence and scent
our eyes briefly caught
i...Read More
Categories: accented, beautiful, crush, sensual,
Form: Free verse
A back flipping coconut is very very amusing at a ball but ball pits are moving around so one must surely wear wellingtons or a pair of anglers' waders when jumping across such multicoloured curves. Harp no more sang to...Read More
Categories: accented, baseball, basketball, bible, bird, birth, birthday,
Form: I do not know?
Winter morning light filters through lace curtains,
Reaches down, spills onto the corner kitchen sink,
Through east and south facing windows.
The glass jar, the scrub brush and pad in plastic butter dish,
A down-turned, empty yogurt container,
The pink plastic rinse pan
Keep company around...Read More
Categories: accented, age, blessing, dedication, home, relationship,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Her life was on ice
Her life was on ice

she wore purple silk
accented black earrings and chain
ship of gold mothballed

connie pachecho

1/19/17...Read More
Categories: accented, change, depression, grief,
Form: Haiku
Premium Member First Love
Oh, where on earth do I begin….Twenty years ago…

There he was. Standing by the door of World Literature Class in 1996. 
There I was. Walking past him in the hallways of high school.
Our eyes met and we both knew it...Read More
Categories: accented, beautiful, desire, love, passion, , literature,
Form: Narrative
The Laughing Lady Frights
I hadn’t noticed before now
that her smile was painted on
accented with deep crimson lipstick
her eyes too seemed to gaily laugh
outlined in black to pop out from
her pale languid hanging flesh

a perfect piñata ready to be smashed
what goodies lie within her...Read More
Categories: accented, adventure, age, allegory, allusion, emotions, feelings, satire,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member SAY IT AGAIN and AGAIN
Pause for a moment for soft
breathed hopes,an interlude 
of words in embryo,a covering
now revealed ,an insight into
the rhythm of life.
This insight ,this impression echos 
of imagination,perhaps a literary
in verse,sounds with silences
voiced aloud.I leave now in your ear.

hear me recite my...Read More
Categories: accented, poetry,
Form: Verse
My Love Is Real
A pre-lit Christmas tree sparkles the entrance 

Monet, Van Gough, and Wassily Kandinsky prints 

adorn the walls of her sitting room

a dozen painted roses sit in a faux crystal vase

and the smell of apple pie lingers in the air 

coming...Read More
Categories: accented, love,
Form: Free verse