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Abundance Poems

Abundance Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of abundance poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for abundance.

New Poems

his inheritance
a rich seventeen years old
never to do work

drugs are in abundance
lots of sexual intercourse
there’s no time for work

thinking they’re above all
class tells when they are around
the lesser like ants

too much thoughtlessness
children of the greater God
they will suffer most

they are...Read More
Categories: abundance, emotions,
Form: Senryu

Premium Member Buzzing The Tower
There once was a tower made of flower 
It stood in the village showing power 
Until one day 
It was invaded one would say 
By a buzz looking for a quick pay day
Going from one bud to another 
Pollen was...Read More
Categories: abundance, earth, flower, flying, insect, leadership, relationship, spring,
Form: Rhyme Royal
Premium Member Storm Front
Storm Front

My voice is quiet. 
I have little to say. 
I am listening instead…

I can hear birds. 
Not a couple, but many.
They are all around. 
They are happy.
They are busy.

The wind…
rustling through, the trees.
I can feel, 
the heartbeat…
of my home....Read More
Categories: abundance, abortion, abuse, allah, anti bullying, atheist, depression,
Form: Free verse
While strolling along in the country, 
Having the opportunity to get fresh air, 
Wash my face and sip freshwater, 
Watching nature produce,
Fresh fruit and vegetables in abundance. 
The cows eat the freshly grown grass,
While the farmers make milk and butter,
As...Read More
Categories: abundance, nature,
Form: Free verse
In the meadow a doe saunters
Unburdened by thoughts of taxation
Upon a weathered branch a squirrel scampers
Ignorant to concepts of destination and commute
Birds coo and bestow their wisdom
Hollow silence rings for those in pursuit of fame
Frogs repose on pedestals of boulder...Read More
Categories: abundance, beauty, corruption, environment, grave, memory, obituary, truth,
Form: Free verse

Premium Member A-Muse-Sing
I speed-dial her again: “Flatten the curve,
O muse - I’m dry from social distancing.”
“Abundance of caution”, she says. The nerve!
I press redial. “Please, help me write! Dance! Sing!”
Alas, my muse is self-isolating.

Written and Submitted 3/31/2020
A-Muse-Sing Poetry Contest
Sponsored by: Richard Lamoureux
...Read More
Categories: abundance, muse,
Form: Quintain (English)
Hes Got the Whole World
What they call the big bang theory
We call it a “God flicking his fingers” story

What they call evolutionary
We call it a moment of “let there be”

What they call Homo sapiens
We call it his likeness

What they call abundance and riches
We call...Read More
Categories: abundance, earth, god, gospel, grief, growth, happiness, health,
Form: Free verse
With their undeniable transport-function
Horses demand rigorous empowerment… 
Hence in their vital rejuvenating station
They huddle for hearty replenishment.

What a sight to behold them in their haven
Feasting along grazing land’s abundance…
While displaying prowess tenaciously proven
Midst tourists enthralled by their elegance.

Sternly ushered to...Read More
Categories: abundance, animal, appreciation, blessing, christian, god, horse, uplifting,
Form: Quatrain
Premium Member Green Sahara
The Great Sahara desert as large as the continental United States
a deadly vast searing wasteland of sand dunes mountain high
The expansive buckle of the world's desert belt void of color
dotted by scarce oases of what once was.

Twenty thousand years ago...Read More
Categories: abundance, poems,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Dont I Mind, Never Alone, Just Being Silly
Alone… would I be wrong to call myself a fool?
Knowing full well, alone one never is?

Better, much better to say
‘Alone from’.

Alone from friends, from loved ones
From employment, joy and/or satisfactions.

Even then… perhaps not?
Maybe instead we are just visiting a...Read More
Categories: abundance, 12th grade, appreciation, earth, journey, loneliness, lonely,
Form: Free verse

That certain people
In my life
Impacts me so much
Just from being themselves

The way they speak
Melodious to my ears

Character they show
Morals and values
Put me to shame

Actions towards other people 
Around them
Warms my heart

Secretly looking 
Up to them
My idols

Deep admiration
Restoring my faith
Good people...Read More
Categories: abundance, anger, dark, emotions, hate, journey, loss, sad,
Form: Free verse
May Jesus Touch You
May Jesus Touch You!
May Jesus keep you in his tender care.
Whatever your need…  He’s always there!

May he bless you with an abundance of love.
May he reach out and give you a “hug.”

May his mercy wash away all of your...Read More
Categories: abundance, christian, encouraging, hope, jesus, love, prayer, uplifting,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member SONG of ST JOHN 1 12-
 I want you to see I want to believe
 for if I believe in his name a child of the King
I would because the child of God
All who receive Him and believe in his name become children of God
Can...Read More
Categories: abundance, caregiving, devotion, relationship,
Form: Lyric
Premium Member Remember to Breathe
When we're under duress, sick with 
worry and fear about the unknown 
or about situations beyond our control
it's easy to lose all sense of perspective. 

But one thing we can control is our breath.
It's indeed true, we're currently living
in a...Read More
Categories: abundance, encouraging, inspirational, life, perspective,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Wild Country Abundance
Wild as ivy vines climbing up pines, 
in the outskirts of nature 
where mountain lions purr,
my lungs expand like the open land.
Breathing in peace, as rippling as a creek,
watching an eagle snatch up salmon,
I witness the cycle of life: unkind...Read More
Categories: abundance, animal, creation, growth, happiness, nature, thanksgiving, tree,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Heartbeat Of A Star
Oh, living, breathing star
     how beautiful you are.
You pulsate from afar- 
     our cosmic avatar.

Life beats inside your heart
     that rends dust-rays apart
so elements- impart
   ...Read More
Categories: abundance, star,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Not a futile dream
I have a dream
Where flower petals will rain 
On the world, stitching
With the others in their fall
A garland that the rain angels
In their awe and reverence
W'd drape around the world
For standing up in unity
Against Coronavirus ferocious 
The multi corned devil
Which...Read More
Categories: abundance, appreciation, bereavement, character, courage, dedication, dream,
Form: Free verse
Corona Corrodes Cohesion

Armed with abundance, infinity dictates
Charmed by assurance of blossoming supply
Fruitful hands encircle orchard's offering
Boughs bestow nourishment ripe flesh provides

Harrowing hunt, road collides with horizon
Narrowing options ominously herald hardship
Frantic hands grab due to doomsday prediction
Equity halted by maneuvers of manic narcisists

Swarmed...Read More
Categories: abundance, absence, anxiety, betrayal, conflict, grave, inspiration, scary,
Form: Enclosed Rhyme
Know Your Worth
My child you are favoured
In Jesus’ precious Name
Your blessings are in abundance
So, embrace your essence
Wherever you are
Keep moving forward
Yes, you must rise!
While there is still time
Make sure you shine
Feel the sunshine
Put on a big smile
Avoid what makes you cry
Never ever...Read More
Categories: abundance, love, self,
Form: Rhyme
Oh I commented witness to behold 
you have a beautiful soul
All abundance passionate Flame
You are always known by such this name
Having everything to gain
Flourishing Wildflower
Tempest of Desire
Celestial powers
Awesome to behold
You have a beautiful soul

Written words by James Edward Lee Sr...Read More
Categories: abundance, appreciation, beautiful, devotion,
Form: Rhyme

          I live loose in the air
          living in illusion
          and here I...Read More
Categories: abundance, allusion, creation, feelings, life, poetry,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Joyful are GOD'S INTEGRITY people-

Joyful are GOD'S INTEGRITY people-
Joyful are GOD'S INTEGRITY people-
People who promote integrity
Forgiving and committing righteous deeds
Joyful is the joy, that I be singing
Prayerful is the voices that I’m resonating
Wonderful, beautiful
Joyful are those words that is coming from my throat
Singing joyishly,...Read More
Categories: abundance, analogy, appreciation, caregiving, engagement, forgiveness, inspirational, song,
Form: Lyric
Premium Member Happiness
I love to wander
amongst meadows and fields,
the sky's like blue satin
the lake's like a sheet.
The air's pleasantly cool,
as birds chirp and glide
and crickets, as is their wont
invent an orchestral chant.

There in a bower
two young lovers meet,
their arms are entwined
in a...Read More
Categories: abundance, happiness,
Form: Free verse
It was a symmetrical disorder
With hidden messages
In the spaces and gaps;
It was a sufficient affair,
A journey to the Light.

Journey to love,
Journey to work,
Trials to love,
Trials to work,
Abundance to poverty,
Trials to both work and love,
Journey to religion,
Journey to the Light.
...Read More
Categories: abundance, religion,
Form: Alexandrine
Premium Member A Parallel Earth
It was the weekend, and I was sleeping late that day,
Alone with the morning, while savoring marvels of May.

As I drowsed luxuriantly, at the outskirts of dreams,
I heard a strange sound, while soaking in gay sunbeams!

The sound came from my...Read More
Categories: abundance, adventure, earth, fantasy, love, nature, peace, world,
Form: Couplet