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Abuja Poems

Abuja Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of abuja poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for abuja.

New Poems

The cry of the people
the cry of the people
I remember the day of glory
as they stand so truthful
with a new political slogan 
of change 
I remember the faithful afternoon
full of promise of hope 
while we chant their political names
with hopes high 
I remember how...Read More
Categories: abuja, absence, africa, confusion, for him, freedom, how
Form: Epic

A Generation Of strange Youths
The sun shall rise again but
not in our season of songs this time, 
because we are strange to it glamouring light. 
We sparkle and shine not among its  Galaxy of hope, 
an unformidable corrupt youths are we... 
we've ...Read More
Categories: abuja, abuse, adventure, africa, anxiety, art,
Form: Bio
Identity Apples
Identity Apples

iam a fat skeleton, resurrecting 
from the sad memories of dada 
and dark mysteries of aminism 
iam buganda 
i bleed hope 
i drip the honey of fortune 
makerere, think tank of africa 
i dance with you wakimbizi dance 
iam...Read More
Categories: abuja, africa, analogy, anxiety, assonance, bangla, bereavement,
Form: Didactic
Premium Member I remember a friend
I remember a friend

I remember a dear friend, among a host;
A friendship with which I could boast
Among colleagues our friendship was the toast
And our story is still told from coast to coast.

I remember the excitement about your upcoming wedding
It was...Read More
Categories: abuja, bereavement, best friend, death, death of a
Form: Rhyme
She Belongs to the Other Room
The hailings in the coridor of corruption
to the echoes of silence in the streets
Sirens whispering tales of wars
marines marching on looted lots
Justice is strangled by corrupt claws
Listen to the thunderstorm of civil lies
Masses keep mute in the well of woes
dreaming...Read More
Categories: abuja, abuse, analogy, betrayal,
Form: Verse

My Muse Got Me Thinking
When would this country be well again?
When would Nigeria be good again?
Who is against us or for us here in Nigeria?
When would our democracy speak for us?
When would you and me learn not to trust?
My Muse got me thinking under...Read More
Categories: abuja, art,
Form: Blank verse
Premium Member Black Africa Still In Chains
Its creation’s simplicity still stands as a difficult puzzle
head is twisted backwards while in a forward motion
still looking behind at the chronicles of some centuries ago
long before the infiltration of Christian missionaries and Arab traders
is the exact factor making its...Read More
Categories: abuja, abuse, africa, black african american, education, environment,
Form: Dramatic Verse
He is in Abuja and She is Lagos
They have gone to swim 
On a faithful day
And his emotions has been awakened
To an extent he can’t hold

He has never tasted her 
And wants to
She is pretty 
And he thinks he likes...Read More
Categories: abuja, fantasy,
Form: ABC

There were two of them
Lemmy and Remmy...
Two leaders born 
Born of destiny

The weight of government 
Must rest on the shoulders 
Of Lemmy and Remmi 
Israe-el and Leki

One king the other kingsman
One immortalized one mortal

There is no telling them apart but
Leki...Read More
Categories: abuja, brother, conflict, destiny, mystery, myth, mythology,
Form: Narrative

I had to down my tools
I had to terminate the calling
I struck wielding the ngungi..
I struck the great gadgados
Defender i neutralized
What is mine by right

The mob was unleashed on me
Thoughtless humans trying..
Nay baying for my blood
Even in this aspect they...Read More
Categories: abuja, africa, anger, conflict, feelings, sad, war,
Form: Narrative


Shed tears not for your loved one
Who has departed leaving -Ime sad
Leaving Ime bitter- Ime you passed
You declined the sacrifice MuKiama

Ime so young yet now you have to
Use...Read More
Categories: abuja, africa, destiny, metaphor, mythology, power, tribute, wisdom,
Form: Narrative

Wonder why when abuja...
has proved over and over again..
that hes capable of just about pullin..
any stunt from his warped brain..

abuja became a police inspector
chasing thief complete with a gun..
a loaded gun.. uniform police coat..
nothin below.. just police coat..and arms

credentials...Read More
Categories: abuja, city, conflict, courage, crazy, parody, vanity,
Form: Free verse

We do recall the day Abuja
arrived in a strange flying machine 
claimed to have created da ding..
landed at the caffe near..
our lecture halls...

Abuja took some permanent markers-
wrote some gibberish on the wall..
alluding to a malfunction of his-
time machine..the...Read More
Categories: abuja, africa, celebrity, science fiction, visionary,
Form: Narrative
Author: Okechukwu Iroegbu
Title: Let them hear...

Let them hear...
From the hills of Isuikwuato
My sleepy hilly land'e
From my new'est bride Uyo
To the ancient muds of Enugu
From Makurdi's Benue river beach
To those peaked crags of Jos
Let them hear...
As I dream of the undying
Lights...Read More
Categories: abuja, africa
Form: ABC
Nigerian Independence Celebration
As October 1 approaches, HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY……………………
I have enormous tracts of land and vast volumes of water, but cannot feed myself.
So I spend $1 billion to import rice and another $2 billion on milk.
I produce rice, but don’t eat it....Read More
Categories: abuja, celebration, freedom,
Form: Alliteration
This Court
It should have been here, this court
Here in Arusha or Abuja or nearer
This court that seeks to try Africans
For crimes said to be committed
Against people here in Africa
Not at The Hague, not in Europe
Not in the belly of the serpent
That...Read More
Categories: abuja, conflict,
Form: Free verse
Beasts on Two Legs
I heard a cry,

A lad of four bled

After having quenched

Her Dad's libidinal thirst

I saw the door open,

Brother and sister walked out,

Adam's forbidden apple having been eaten

As instructed in the blood-house of money

In New York I heard a cry,

Woman was on...Read More
Categories: abuja, christian, christmas,
Form: Blank verse

A city of a thousand hills 
Resplendent in beauty 
Symbol of a nation's unity 
The center of its glory

Basked in the morning light 
A vision to behold 
Cuddled, the topography 
Landscape so alluring 

Protected by smouldering rocks 
Great and...Read More
Categories: abuja, places, city,
Form: I do not know?
                 LOVE ON NET

Nigeria’s a jungle though
There’s a fairy 
She’s my first love on net
Magamathy.,the sweetest

She must be a bud
Blooming across lush green leaves
I...Read More
Categories: abuja, lovegreen, love,
Form: Free verse
Choked by the incense of poetic justice,
I volunteered to be slain for the betterment of humanity.
The paintings of my ink on white sheet were witnesses,
When in Abuja, I drew my poetic daggers,
Against a twin bomb blast that left separated Limbs...Read More
Categories: abuja, peace
Form: Free verse
They say it’s all we need 
But would it be all we see,
When it comes, is it constant?

Do we need a monster?
To give us the thing we need?
Do you always get what you seek?

I lived a life worth living,
You lived...Read More
Categories: abuja, people
Form: Narrative
Lagos booms
Portharcourt blooms,
Abuja blossoms
in the loveliness of my cream.

Niger sings,
Kaduna cheers,
Kano salaams,
in the rivers of my tears.

Alone....all alone,
decay and desolation gather days
and in woe my nights.
All things that love the sun mourn
on every side of me.

Look at my darkly face.
My...Read More
Categories: abuja, angst
Form: Elegy
Our journey got paused 
I insisted to the passengers
Let’s sleep on our way
We got to the Ibadan garage 1.05am
Then, we move on ‘morrow morning 
Dissenting voices echoed diverse views
I offered to alight at the park
Couldn’t put my life at risk
Some...Read More
Categories: abuja, adventure, allegory, friendship, funny, life, time
Form: Blank verse
We got trapped for seven hours 
We couldn’t un-trap ourselves
From the dungeon of the road
Couldn’t call or receive calls
Was indeed incommunicado 
Sim card got stuck 
Would we ever get to our destination?

She got fed up, endlessly waiting
Luck smiled on me...Read More
Categories: abuja, adventure, allegory, imagination, life, love, nature, peopleday,
Form: Free verse

Two weeks run past us  
Who, when do we breaks the jinx?
She can’t come to Lagos
Her project thesis on her neck
It then fell on my round neck.

I just came back from Accra
Scheduled another to Abuja
Excuses galore...Read More
Categories: abuja, faith, fantasy, hope, imagination, life, love, passionme,
Form: Free verse