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Fear Abecedarian Poems

These Fear Abecedarian poems are examples of Abecedarian poems about Fear. These are the best examples of Abecedarian Fear poems written by international poets.

Premium Member A TURNING POINT
A fog that clings to my life,
By a mist that’s living cannot disperse,
Cause there’s a vapour more frightening,
Daunting and in danger,
Entering very slowly but surely...

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Categories: emotions,

Lucy Elfen Lied
Times of messianic past
Human dominant sentiment will not last
Try but you will not stand
Evolved species arise
With vectors the weak's eyes and throat will bleed
This is...

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Categories: evil, fantasy,

A connection to the spiritual life 
Stronger than any physical strife
Some say you are not real 
So treat you with great fear and zeal

You speak...

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Categories: adventure, angel, appreciation, beautiful,

Can I taste the fruits of Paradise
Earthly treasures drag me down
Pleasures and short term comforts
All my heart's desires 
feels like i cant stand a chance
but my eyes are open wide
and getting...

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Categories: christian,

Under the immersion of raging seas
in the middle of the waters unforetold,
My heart is a distant from its desires
and I am overwhelmed

I am succumbing, with...

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Categories: crush,

(An A to Z poem)
Each line begins with the next letter of the alphabet.
The X word is unusual these days: Xenia—from xenium (plural = xenia)...

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Categories: joy, poetry, poets, word

Your tomorrow
If you are afraid of living tomorrow
means that you are not in safe today!...

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Categories: fear,

My suicide
Again I slide my blade through my pale skin
Blood flows freely from my wrist 
Cuts are scattered across my body
Despair darkens my soul
Empty eyes stare...

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Categories: death, depression,

Premium Member ''Butterfly and Dragon''
And a very long time ago and far, far away,
            Beyond this earthly realm...

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© Dear Heart  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: fantasy,

Godless dreams---- for ZYX contest
Zeusophobia yielded xenophobes,
Wherein violence unleashed
Tear-soaked romanticists,
Quiver painfully? Or nervously moan!
Love killed justice;
In holy Godless Fate.
Entitled dreams collected breathes alone.....

Zeusophobia: fear of God
Xenophobes: Those who are...

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© Adri Dew  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: faith, fear,

I always think in my mind,
good teachers are hard to mind.
they are just amazing,
make us learn, how to win.

they are invisible part of our every...

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Categories: blessing,

Arms and head missing.
Not an accident.
This was intentional.

Bobby Bendarino smiling.
Busting with pride over his handiwork.
Unashamed of his behavior.

Convinced he'd get away with it
He even winked.

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Categories: mystery,

Premium Member MY SPIRIT SINGS

Almond eyes speak: "Take me home please--
bonnie green fields where I may wander,
chasing butterflies and darting dragonflies
dearly gazing to blue and orange streak...

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Categories: bible, celebration, god, joy,

Premium Member The Swallow and the Sheriff
Ask a swallow why he nests
below the edge where daylight shuns
catching insects sheriffs fail to warn blue
doctrines stones emit the scent between
evisceral guardians thoughts intact

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Categories: beautiful,

A bsurd and foolish it might be
B ut it’s my nature, you’ll agree;
C annot ignore what I go through
D espite the help I get from...

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Categories: fear,

Fear at Bay
A s another day goes by
B ubbles burst with every lie
C agey secrets full of pain
D rip beneath the falling rain
E arnest feelings shorn of...

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Categories: fear, endurance,

Alas! I`m in a
confused state,
As I wonder in
Bind by different
thoughts that are
not mine,
I keep remembering
the good old days
Caught in the middle
of fights...

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Categories: corruption, emotions, life,

The Hunter
A-gile she walks,
taking stock of
every step her
B-rashness emitted
her long stride
C-at is a coy and
confident girl and
D-oves have a reason
to fear her
E-very bird from
Jays to Sparrows

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Categories: animal, nature,

Abberance of the ATHIEST
A brand new clock ,
    with all new resolution i wish to buy.
From the eight hour of midnight to the arrival of...

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Categories: adventure, age, angel, anger,

My stupid master
plea-     ...

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Categories: anger