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Recovery From Abc Poems

These Recovery From Abc poems are examples of poetry about Recovery From Abc. These are the best examples of Abc Recovery From poems written by international poets.

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Unveil the unpleasant
The ultimate urge, an ulcer in today's urban undertaking
Unavoidable but still unmasked, underlining an unrealistic utopia for the unhappy
The unappreciated upgrade
Utilizing uppers to...

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Categories: abuse, addiction, culture, dark,

Multiple Sclerosis An Invisible Disease
My heart hurts my soul is depleted 
I used to walk around feeling so undefeated 
The pain is at a tipping point & I just...

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Categories: anxiety, body, health, inspirational,

Porcelain Mask
It sits back and waits, it lives in your soul.
It slams you and breaks you when you finally feel whole.
It’s been so long since you’ve...

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Categories: addiction, depression, drink, drug,

I sometimes wonder what made you do it
Destroy me without the decency to ask
I would have made it harder for you
But then again you wore...

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Categories: abuse, cry, growth, inspirational,

Premium Member Revive
1.  Always aspiring to authentic answers
2.  Belief begins, only to end
3.  Calls the crow, 'never, to'
4.  Drifting like October leaves
5. ...

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Categories: allusion, assonance, hope, onomatopoeia,

The List

His name is Bob and he is a mechanic 
He suffers from liver disease 
But doesn't panic

He is in need of a transplant
It's very urgent...

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Categories: health, life, poems, recovery

Step Farward
Once upon a time in the city,
Delighted by most of the peoples smile;
Those running happiness we lost in the street,
In the street of reality we...

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Categories: change, motivation, recovery from,

Settle down and breath 
Sometimes just realize
 you are the power that 
Holds the key to be 
Anything you want to be
Trust and believe...

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Categories: recovery from, truth,

Cry No More
There was a time I wished
The sun would never rise again,
Only to wake up with it
Staring dark at me.

If you were to cry,
Cry the tears...

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Categories: inspiration, recovery from,

Solace in Sadness
Broken promises flowing downstream.
And my days feeling overdue,
Hoping this phase is just a dream.
But perhaps, I may find solace in blues.
Maybe the sadness of my...

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Categories: beach, beautiful, beauty, growth,

Dear Sweet Otis
Dear sweet Otis,
Days regrettably went by when I didn't see you,
You passed away too soon.
Playing fetch in heaven now,
But still with me somehow.

My sweet puppy,

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Categories: dog, i miss you,

Have you ever
Have you ever felt a broken heart
The pain so real tears you apart
Takes your world flips it upside down
Can't move felling tied up and bound

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Categories: betrayal, cry, heartbreak, lost

The Night Heart and The Traveler
The Night Heart and The Traveler
Lionel Derbyshire

Teary is the corner of my eye
Tired and blinking up and down
I am at your house
Will you let me...

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Categories: angel, betrayal, child, forgiveness,

Earth beneath my feet
Tranquility is vast
In my hand it escapes less readily than water 
Thoughts seem empty 
Sublime in flavor it hunts me down...

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Categories: addiction, anger, courage, recovery

Dear God I Pray
Dear God I pray
   as I walk out of here
You'll give me strength
   and comfort my fear.
When I get scared

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Categories: addiction, change, god, journey,

At the age 23 I struggled with my horrible addiction of heroin I had tried to stop but its not easy. Going almost four years...

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Categories: addiction, blessing, heart, heaven,

Addict full of hatred
 Just a lonely depressed, emotional, lost girl who doesn't know what to do. I'm confused but I'm kinda happy guess it depended on if...

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Categories: abuse, addiction, confusion, family,

I can't take it no more 
It feels like I'm losing composure
That's why I'm never sober 
Been like this 
Since you said its over
Been reminiscing...

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Categories: recovery from, relationship, sad

The Final Patrol of Yankee 127
The spirits come for a late night ethereal visit
the little girl announces her presence

Breath in Breath out
there is nothing to forgive
Your pain is validation you...

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Categories: death, dream, memory, recovery

 Doesn't everybody at some point 
deal with addiction. 
While for some symptoms are mild 
and others are like pulp fiction. 
It is a disease...

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Categories: recovery from...addiction,