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Grief Abc Poems

These Grief Abc poems are examples of Abc poems about Grief. These are the best examples of Abc Grief poems written by international poets.

Forget about the hurt i hold, is what i tell myself.
Confine it to a deep dark place meticulously hidden on a shelf.
Laughter and jokes, is...

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Categories: character,

Good Night Sweet Dreams
in memory of Ellie M. Jenkins

We said good night for a spell, 
As you start your journey onward,
And the darkness soon fell,
Then the moon soon...

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Categories: grief, love, memory,

I died once
I Died Once 

At this very occasion I witnessed my spirit decent from my flesh hurried to meet darkness as I lost breath 

At that...

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Categories: 12th grade, death, emotions,

Sometimes in Sierra Leone
End the grief and pain
End the tears and shame
We did suffered in the hands of the rebels so we forght for peace to reign
Our future...

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Categories: africa, cry, death, war,

This sorrow that I have 
This sorrow that won't spare 
It breaks me open    
And makes me tear from all the...

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Categories: anxiety, depression, grief, how

It started out well, it was fine it was good, but the time ticked by and eventually I realized the difference, it wasn't as it...

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Categories: betrayal, corruption, grief,

Premium Member G - Greetings
Golden ghost
Guided through the gloom and grief
Generate growth in the grieving ghouls still going and become the glue between our groups
The givers last gift
Gapping our...

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Categories: death, deep, goodbye, grave,

Cannnot Please Everybody
Some people are happy to others happiness and progress
Most people are happier too see and to know other people’s sorrow and failure.
They tell you stories...

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Categories: betrayal, grief, mental illness,

Life alone unloved is a life unlived.
Do we dare let the truth go unbelieved,
The truth that Love is the only real guide,
Leaves the choice; to...

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Categories: 10th grade,

Turmoil and Pain
You’re always in my thoughts Jitterbug,
Your memory will never fade.
We had so many great times together.
Fond memories that we made.
Remember when we went camping in...

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Categories: best friend, cousin, death,

Mind your manner
Mind your manner against your stride
Mind your manner when u hide
Mind your manner while you breathe in deep
Step out into the moment that causes u...

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Categories: care,

forty  one years ago you blessed us with your birth
now today as we gather to bid you a tearful goodbye 
God seemed fit to...

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Categories: bereavement, grief, i miss

I Miss You
My yesterdays fade to grey,
My tomorrow's future's blue.
My darling, since you've gone away
I can only dream of you.

Your face, your voice, your hair so soft.

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Categories: absence, daughter, grief,

Crippled are we all !
In shades claims tall

Eyes that gleam yet gaze blind 
With ears bare to sounds confined 
Feelings enslaved to senses 

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Categories: care, dark, desire, drink,

A lot of mothers clothe their children with silver and gold,
So that the shine like the orange sun rays,
And glow like the silver of the...

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Categories: 12th grade, africa, age,

Nothing Lasts Forever
The darkness in my eyes
The calmness of my heart
Vanished into cold thin air
All crushed and fallen apart

My eyes year for it
And so does my heart

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Categories: dark, deep, depression, emotions,

Know the Truth
Know the Truth

Know the truth, I am not alright
I am stuck in the dark of night
Smile and laughter on the outside show
Hiding the pain inside...

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Categories: dark, day, grief, hurt,

Happiness and Health
Lift the foundations of happiness; let it manifest within! 
O how I’ve grown weary for the ceaseless battle to feel ____
There is no superior love...

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Categories: 8th grade, confidence, emotions,

A man
He was a man, he was my man 
Yes! A man enough to propose me
But not a man enough to know exactly the meaning of...

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Categories: abuse, betrayal, break up,

The Song of Ice and Rain
Standing in the rain as i felt the pain
The drops were my tears,
Face placid, storms inside my heart 
The thunder i could hear.

The time falling...

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Categories: dark, grief, heartbroken, lonely,