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Friendship Abc Poems

These Friendship Abc poems are examples of Abc poems about Friendship. These are the best examples of Abc Friendship poems written by international poets.

The Halo of Love
Tell me how much you love me, 
It's a secret, I won't tell.
Hiding behind closed doors, 
You whisper 'infinitely',

 I sit and dream about what...

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Categories: feelings, friendship, funny love,

Premium Member The Show Rider
Show Riders Have A Horse,
And They Love to Do A Course.
When They Are Done,
They Wait Around to See If They Have Won.
Blue, Red, Green, or...

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Categories: boxing day , england, friendship

Rahaa na koi rishta baaqi, na jaanu uska thikaana
Rahi na zaroorat, rahi na muhaubat, guzra wo zamaana

Phir bhi kuch to hai, jo mere dil ke...

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Categories: break up, cute love,

Premium Member A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z
Attitude can be nurtured and changed
By you in spite of what has happened in your day
Confident people master it quickly
Despite what they are enduring
Enthusiasm is...

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Categories: 10th grade, 11th grade,

If I am his he is mine
If I am his message he is my email id,

If I am his net he is my phone,

If I am his bank balance he is...

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Categories: crush, cute love, friendship,

A Caring Good Friend

A gentle wind comes in unknowingly.
It is tender and blows trees gently.
Branches dance sluggishly for joy,
Smiles gleam and glow their faces.

A good tree, a good...

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Categories: friend, friendship, love, thanks,


The coldness of the night, my breath in clouds of vapour,

I'm falling to my knees, and call to my own saviour.

Hiding in the shadows, as...

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Categories: death, friendship love,

Dancing at Midnight
All around is calm at midnight
The day has been might and tight
I might have lost my sight
But I can still remember to cite

This is my...

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Categories: age, dance, friendship, friendship

Lights in the light
Souls, beautiful souls, hidden
They shine lazily in the spotlight
At dusk fall, their luminosity is of hope
And our gauges of distress drop

Hearts, loving hearts, delicate
Filled with...

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Categories: appreciation, friendship, friendship love,

You make me think and imagine candles.
Of beach fires and fireflies, 
Thunderstorms and lightning dancing all over the sky.
Rain pattering on cliffs nearby,
Creating somnolent echoes...

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Categories: adventure, angel, art, girlfriend,

A beautiful Mind
You left me a beautiful mind
Because you were so kind
Now I love to see a flower
To sit and dream for an hour

You left me with...

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Categories: confidence, devotion, for him,

A Mothers Love
A mother’s love 

A mother’s love is always kind a love like this is hard to find, to embrace us in safety and also to...

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Categories: friendship, mom, mother,

Death Isnt The End
Death isn’t the end
It can’t be
It’s not that I feel you here
I wish that I could so badly
I look for signs that you’re near

Death isn’t...

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Categories: bereavement, betrayal, eulogy, friendship

Snakes and Such
I dont think its easy to grasp the concept of depression. 
This is probably because it is not concrete, anchored, bound to one definition.
It pools...

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Categories: anger, depression,

Failure Factory
I was born in a factory. 
A factory that almost brainwashed me.
I've been raised to believe,
that love for others makes me strong,
that self-hatred makes me...

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Categories: 10th grade,

Since Then
Since Then

Since then, when we used to be friends, since this wonderful thing we had abruptly came to an end, the issues we shared could...

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Categories: anger, betrayal, change, friendship,

Always begin with God’s goodness* to do your best’s fullness:
Build lives braced by His graciousness
Cling to His compassion’s richness
Drive toward faith's service-fruitfulness
Empower the weak, enabled...

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Categories: appreciation, blessing, faith, god,

A daily thought
A silent tear
A constant wish that you're near
makes me feel relaxed
you showered me with your love
you caressed me with your affection
you cuddled me...

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Categories: feelings,

For the rain which have never been shy
Its strange to be this stubborn , this dry
Is it a defense mechanism? A lie ?
Or is it...

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Categories: anger, anxiety, confidence, conflict,

Too beautiful
A heart too gentle
A mind too deep
A beautiful soul 
Forever asleep

Eyes full of sparkle 
A heart full of love
Now shining brightly
From heaven above

Always too beautiful...

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Categories: anxiety, beautiful, bereavement, death