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Love Abc Poems

These Love Abc poems are examples of Abc poems about Love. These are the best examples of Abc Love poems written by international poets.

More Effort

You came and I fell after a long while
I know you love me 
But can you please make more effort?
I don’t want to assume
I wish...

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Categories: boyfriend, crush, feelings, for

By Parizo Van Thulare 

My nights are longer than my days ,
It is you who mends me in my dreams .

With that million dollar touch...

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Categories: appreciation, love,

between the sheets
I caught your eyes staring
And I wondered why you were so daring
I pictured you in a scenario 
Where you and I were reciting a story

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Categories: adventure, dream, love,

My Other Half
Poem: My Other Half
By: Ashley Eureeka Jones- Holmes

With out you my soul is dead 
My heart wouldn’t beat
My eyes will be closed 
My lips will...

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Categories: black love, cute love,

All I Want

All I want is someone that I can be with
Someone who can make me smile
Someone who’ll teach me how to love
That’s all I wanted

I found...

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Categories: anxiety, depression, feelings, self,

Fight with the hidden agony,
to make myself a robust.
Is all that I can't buy with a penny.
Again, in a deep pain.

Looking the trees of Autumn,

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Categories: boyfriend, break up, conflict,

The Black Cat that crossed my path
You are nothing but a cliché,
You used the L word every day.
Then you went and danced the slow dance,
 With that sad girl filled with...

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Categories: 10th grade,

I always feel like this 
This is what I feel: hurt, unwanted and unloved
How can I survive every day if you make me feel this...

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Categories: anxiety, boy, for him,

I love you my child

I am your father and you are my child.
If I made some mistake along the way,
and for those I can say sorry.
I never run away...

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Categories: child,

love will never die
IF you stand, no action can take place.
My brains will never stop thinking about you.
River wont stop flowing, unless water is finished.
My love to you...

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Categories: funny love,

The Halo of Love
Tell me how much you love me, 
It's a secret, I won't tell.
Hiding behind closed doors, 
You whisper 'infinitely',

 I sit and dream about what...

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Categories: feelings, friendship, funny love,

a subtle foe
Hi guys, i have not been on here for quite some time now. Some of you still here remember my wife, Yvette who passed away...

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Categories: abuse, addiction, angel, anxiety,

The Man
As he comes in from the hustle and bustle of the worlds ups and downs
Desiring to be greeted with a smile not a frown

He could...

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Categories: anniversary, appreciation, black african

STOP,but let go
 the day you left me ,I stood right there.
an empty soul ,tearing inside my head 
those dark bold eyes ,...

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Categories: 1st grade, absence, addiction,

The day i born
I was crying because I was scared.
On that moment I heard thin voice.

My child, my child, my child.
Am your mother.
Stop crying.
Because am with you.
I wont...

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Categories: baby,

Easy don't come easy
Easy don't come easy.

When I think back to what we had,
It breaks my heart and makes me sad, 
Not because we said goodbye, 
Just because...

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Categories: feelings, future, i miss

Love and hate
It is truly a thin line between love and hate
Love will make you do for others you don't like
While hate is feeding your mind with...

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Categories: absence, age, analogy, betrayal,

A Mother's Love
Her love is sometimes hard to explain
Type of love that strives to treat everyone the same
Her love is there no matter the problem
Doing whatever it...

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Categories: beautiful, care, children, dedication,

a painful addiction
when you start to cut the skin around it puffs, 
crimson like the sky
horizontal beads of scarlet push through the surface, escaping.
at first it stings...

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Categories: addiction, anxiety, black love,

Family bond is strong like glue
Holding the links together from me to you

Family bond is saying "I Love You", and I"ll be here for you

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Categories: children, endurance, faith, forgiveness,