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Life Abc Poems

These Life Abc poems are examples of Abc poems about Life. These are the best examples of Abc Life poems written by international poets.

Little angel
I miss you my little angel
Sometimes I watch the memories in my mind
I see the lost memories.that where Better left behind
I visit them and never...

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Categories: grief,

Good bye
I hear the angels cry
On golden wings they fly
Carrying the brother to his final rest
His was such a hard test
On wings so soft
He's carried aloft

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Categories: character, dark,

Driving down the road late one night 
Seen someone was standing under a dim light.
Was a lady so blond and fair
pulled over to see if...

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Categories: anniversary, arabic, dark,

Get up off the floor
Don't know anymore
Who is wrong or right
I can only stand and fight
Once again 
It's always been.
Seems it's always the same
Who is...

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Categories: depression,

He did it for me
"He did it for me"

He did it for me 
He did it for you
He paid with his life 
what a sacrifice
he loved us all 

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Categories: america, art,

To My Love

The body with no name and stardom,
own's no integrity and one's pardon;

Attained life from mortality because of you,
flinched back to death only for you;

The essence...

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Categories: cry, love, me,


Sunrise and sunset don't give hope of tomorrow
What if the climate plays a trick on human race
The clouds may gather and refuse to...

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Categories: adventure, care, emotions, fairy,

She said she's  not dark
She said she's black 
A bright soul in a black skin
She was in a dark world!

They said black is beauty

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Categories: beauty, care,

If good gods got a great heart
Why do innocent kids get hurt
If we are to live life with lots of laughter
Why do orphans get families...

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Categories: family,

Promised Life

You promise life
But how do I hang on?
I strive daily
To make the right choices
Only to see how
I’ve failed you...
One.... More...Time
Yet you forgive me
But again...And...

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Categories: betrayal, courage, dark, depression,

Perfect Love
Perfect Love

I often wonder, perfect love.
Have I experienced ... tasted you yet?
Pulses flickering in my brain,
An intuitive connection fueled by a burning desire.
Felt every time...

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Categories: appreciation, love,

Focus is strength
What people say behind you is distraction
Why does it matter what they say
People will always talk
Strength is focus
Your world is your creation 

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Categories: encouraging, future,


A life full of mysteries and surprises
A life where daybreak doesn't guarantee sunshine
The priests places the sacrifice at his shrine
But bcos the...

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Categories: creation, death, life,

You May
You may"

You may stumble , remain humble
You may stumble, remain humble 
No matter what you do
Never lose you
We've all had some hard times 
All had...

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Categories: age, art, beautiful,

How Much I Love You
You've changed my life within the blink of an eye,
This feeling in my heart I no longer can deny.

You've made each day one I'd never...

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Categories: love,

Infinity Exodus
God works in mysterious ways? Then so does life work in mysterious ways. So does death work in mysterious ways. So does good work in...

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Categories: animal, anxiety, appreciation, art,

'Til Forever
My heart wrote a song
I wanted to sing for you
But a cold wind came
And blew the notes through

So your soul didn't hear
What mine wanted to...

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Categories: loss, lost love, pain,

Real Life
This rage in my head
Mental Insanity
No room for love
Just sexual fantasy
Fight 'til you die
Never give up
Don't ask why
'Cause that's real Life
Women Vs Man
Adam and Eve

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Categories: anger, hate, pain,

By The Heart Of MrsJackson

Honorable:   Takes his position not in selfishness or pride but with integrity, loyalty and values

Understanding:    Listens...

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Categories: appreciation, husband, love, soulmate,

God is eternal love
I trusted the frieds of mine. 
I also trusted my family's. 
Now my life is in the hell, 
I trusted them a lot, but they...

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Categories: true love,