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An ABC composition is the kind of poem where every word starts with a consecutive letter of the alphabet. In this type of poem, where a first word starts with A, its second word starts with B and it goes on like that. It can also depict poems where each line starts with a consecutive letter of the alphabetical order. These lines, usually 5 in number, create imagery, mood, and feeling where phrases 1 through to 4 are made of phrases, words and/ or clauses. The fifth line can begin with any letter and is usually composed as a sentence.

ABC poems are not to be confused with Abecedarian poems where every line starts with a subsequent letter of the alphabet. However, the terms can be used interchangeably when an Abecedarian poem only has one word per line.

ABC Poetry Definition

A variation of this type of poetry is where a writer can use any sound of the alphabet to start a phrase and follow it up with consecutive letters as described above. Each phrase is focused on building a central topic/theme of a poem.

While some ABC poems may cover all twenty-six letters of an alphabet, some may cover only five to six. 


A Damsel Enchants Felicity

Aurora breaks,
Cinderella  damsel  enchants  felicity,
gliding   halcyon--
implanting   jazzy  kisses,
languorous murmurs. . . 
Nectared  opulent  press
quakes  reactions.
Succulent  tissues  urge
virginal  wanting:  xerothermic,
yearning zenith!

by Olive Eloisa Guillermo - Fraser 

The Candle - An ABC poem

A blessed candle dripping effortlessly, flickering ghostly hues, incandescent judicator keeping light mellow, never over powering, quivering restlessly, smoldering, this universal vessel, wax, (Xenomorphic), yielding zest.

by Elaine George

Not an ABC Poem

The poem below is an Abecedarian poem where every line starts with a subsequent letter of the alphabet. This is not to be confused with ABC Poetry. 

Wealth of Spring

Assorted spring flowers, naked, rise in morning sun
Breaking through a thin blanket of snow, earth spun.
Cascades of dainty narcissus smile with golden faces
Drinking up the sun as morning warmth embraces.
Enjoy the heavenly floral scent that gardens bring.
Fledglings high in tree nests sense that it is spring.
Growing fast they will soon gain courage to take flight,
Hovering low over canopies, it is their birthright!
Irises spring forth in hopes to match the sky
Just as daffodils claim the colors of sun’s eye.
Keep the cherry blossom's imprint in your mind
Leaving memories of pink poetic petals that you find.
Moments spent in this season’s refreshing rain
Nurture and inspire a poet’s muse again.
Only spring can coax the lovely lilac’s bloom
Perfuming breezes, singing springtime’s tune.
Quaint bird houses dot the country lanes
Rewarding visions viewed through window panes.
Spring reclaims our joyful mood as winter ends,
Treating us to vivid colors this season sends.
Uncloaking animals in snowy hibernation,
Verdant becomes the blessings of vegetation.
Wealth is seen in all the colors of sweet spring
Xylogenous creatures in forests are welcoming.
Yellowthroat warblers singing in trees greet melting snow.
Zephyr’s enchant, as they scatter blossoms down below.

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