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Poetry for kids is a resource of funny and hilarious examples of poems for children. This page directs children to poems and other poetry websites that may be of interest to them. It also provides ideas to kids for poetry projects.

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These are examples of poems for kids written by PoetrySoup members. This collection of children's poetry is an ever expanding archive. Submit your poetry for children or just read and enjoy.

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PMPoemTitleCategoriesFormPoetDate Posted
Premium Member Poem Cup of Seuss Mousse food,for kids,RhymeAnderson, John03/21/2017
Premium Member Poem Happy BIRTHday birth,birthday,blessing,cRhymeAdams, Deb03/21/2017
No one knows his name absence,anti bullying,couFree verseCorey, Hannah03/21/2017
Silence is Going Beyond destiny,evil,fate,feelingABCHalder, Sandip 03/19/2017
Cupfuls of wishful thinking adventure,books,for kids,Free verseBeam, John03/19/2017
Premium Member Poem Molly Coddle and her Collywobbles for children,NarrativeWings, Broken03/18/2017
Daughter baby,best friend,child,daCinquainKhan, Tasmina Hayat03/18/2017
Premium Member Poem She was too young to go death,feelings,for childrFree versepachecho, connie03/17/2017
Premium Member Poem Save some for the ducklings bird,children,for kids,giRhymeAdams, Deb03/15/2017
Premium Member Poem trouncing fields of dreams analogy,children,for chilFree verselowe, millard03/15/2017
Premium Member Poem KNITTING art,christmas,for childreVerseMURRAY, JEAN03/11/2017
The train at it's full speed for children,freedom,imagRhymeO'Heenan, Evelyn-Jane03/11/2017
Tests for children,fun,funny,RhymeO'Heenan, Evelyn-Jane03/11/2017
Premium Member Poem Teddy Bear Ghost Story children,fantasy,for chilQuatrainHealey, John03/10/2017
Premium Member Poem My Wish List boy,children,christmas,doLight PoetryWilliams, Maria03/08/2017
The Pop Whips of Life adventure,care,children,fProsejohnson, curtis03/04/2017
I WISH I WEREN'T A COCKROACH allusion,angst,fantasy,foRhymeArribas, John03/04/2017
Premium Member Poem Man and Boy Can and Can't Fable childhood,feelings,for chRhymeJennings, CayCay03/02/2017
The Land Of Nane fantasy,for children,metaVerseBurch, Deborah03/02/2017
Premium Member Poem Story about a Tin-Boy fantasy,for children,for NarrativeKimathi, Teddy02/28/2017
Premium Member Poem Lost Teddy Bears for children,for kids,kidRhymeHealey, John02/25/2017
Premium Member Poem The Teddy Bears they did for children,for kids,gigRhymeHealey, John02/25/2017
Premium Member Poem Teddy Bears on holiday children,for kids,holidayRhymeHealey, John02/25/2017
Tableau Noir part 2 anti bullying,bio,child,dDramatic monologuepeel, Manon02/22/2017
Lunchbox by Mom childhood,food,for kids,sRhymeColoma, Merly02/20/2017
Schoolbag to Carry education,for children,haRhymeColoma, Merly02/20/2017
The Thousand Island adventure,birth,boyfriendFree verseDe Beaulieu, Darlene02/19/2017
I WISH I WEREN'T AN ANT allusion,analogy,childrenRhymeArribas, John02/18/2017
Premium Member Poem National Belt Time For The Bros baseball,for children,groFree versepachecho, connie02/17/2017
Premium Member Poem l,t,d,m animal,cat,farm,for childRhymeLawton, Patricia02/17/2017
Premium Member Poem t,m,o,d,m animal,for children,RhymeLawton, Patricia02/17/2017
Premium Member Poem w,i,g,u for children,growing up,RhymeLawton, Patricia02/17/2017
Premium Member Poem b,r,a,m,h, animal,for children,RhymeLawton, Patricia02/17/2017
Premium Member Poem m,p,b dog,for children,fun,RhymeLawton, Patricia02/17/2017
Premium Member Poem m,g,p,c cat,for children,RhymeLawton, Patricia02/17/2017
Premium Member Poem The Tale Of Fairies fairy,for children,joy,NarrativeSmith, Charlie02/16/2017
My Pet Dragon child,fantasy,father son,Light PoetryJohnson, Elijah02/16/2017
Premium Member Poem An Animated Spark children,fairy,fantasy,foBlank versePinet, Emile02/13/2017
Dog Lessons dog,for children,humor,liRhymeValko, Judy02/12/2017
Premium Member Poem Rose and Twinkle Toes fantasy,for children,NarrativeWings, Broken02/11/2017
Nail Polish for kids,giggle,humor,humRhymeValko, Judy02/06/2017
Fuzzy Wuzzy character,for kids,funny,LimerickHarper, Stephen02/05/2017
The Lonely Pirate and Princess Poppy best friend,children,for RhymeKinch , Elizabeth 02/04/2017
Sub life interims end doubts of our real being anxiety,family,for childrFree verseCollins, Dave02/03/2017
Premium Member Poem Candy's Dreamscapes dream,for children,imaginQuatrainDaniel, Jo02/03/2017
Grandma's Teeth for kids,giggle,grandmothRhymeValko, Judy02/02/2017
Dentist for kids,halloween,humor,RhymeValko, Judy02/02/2017
Premium Member Poem All They Could Have Been abortion,baby,bible,creatLyricMelugin, Chuck02/02/2017
Shuffling with Shel dance,for children,inspirRhymeValko, Judy01/30/2017
Ukube ngangazi children,for kids,mother,Free verseBhekokwakhe, Zakhele01/29/2017