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Modern Poetry

Have you read a poem lately; they're all written in ‘free verse’.
Like the murmurs of a hippy high on drugs or something worse,
They're a dangling meander through the tulips of their time,
Where the last thing that they care about comes on the second line.
Seems the weirder that you make them, the more you are adored;
Proving anyone can write them, stringing words of scant accord.
Like a drug-induced arrangement, spewing text because you can,
And as I've yet to try and read them out‘s a clue - I'm not a fan.

At first I thought it must be me; I've been so out of touch,
So I searched for poems said to rhyme, and not found very much,
Just a few odd bits of free stuff with a rhyming paragraph
Bereft of lines to make you think or even make you laugh.
Then next I read that publishers look down on rhyming bards,
And say their work’s just fit for kids or lines in birthday cards.
These leaders of the literary world are steering us to ruin;
Poem’s fate is in their hands, and they don’t know what they’re doing.

Try this: give new poems to a regular chap and bid him read to you,
And he'll be in 'free verse freefall' before he’s half way through.
I further bet he’ll raise his head and ask you, “What’s the plot?
I can't go on; this makes no sense - is this a joke or what?”
Oh no, old son, you’re doing well; it's from a leading poet.
It’s top class stuff, renowned by all - but you wouldn’t frigging know it.
I've written poems fifty years and never planned to cash them;
Just my damn luck I go to try – to find they're out of fashion.

Copyright © Dennis East | Year Posted 2015

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Wishes and Dreams

I wish I could walk without feeling pain
I wish I could live my life again.

I dream of a time when I could run like a deer
I could jump like a gazelle with nothing to fear.

I could climb like cat and swim like fish
I can not do these things and yet I can wish.

I can dream of a day many years gone by
I could dream and pray for that bus to pass by.

I could dream my mum missed it and didn’t get on
I could dream she forgot my vaccination had not been done.

I can sit here and daydream day after day and wish that jab had gone right
I can dream I am fit, but I’m not, it went wrong, and now I have learned how 
to fight.

I can if not careful, wish and dream my whole life away
But there is no point in that, that’s what I say.

But the vaccine went wrong, and no wishes or dreams can it change
I just have to get on with my life, there is no sale or return or exchange.

Wishes are for kids and dreams are for bed
I wish I was a kid and could lay down my head.

I am tired and fed up and the wind is so cold
I wish I did not suddenly feel old.

I am reading this back and thinking boy, this isn’t me
I am going to get up and with a certainty

I am going to fix that toilet for once and for all
Even if I have to rip it off, that bloody bathroom wall.

Self Pity is over and I feel a bit of a nit
And my last dream is I am back in bed with Brad Pitt.

Copyright © Mandy Tams The Golden Girl | Year Posted 2011

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Springtime with Gramps

The death of winter carries varied sights.
In April, when dandelions roar, “It’s Spring!”
green yards transform by magic overnight.
Gramps had sprayed his lawn, but in ours weeds bring
an old game for kids as they dance and swing.

Small windmills in disguise, children spread seeds
giving Grandpa a cause for some dismay.
He is no grouch,  fence conversation leads
to friendly talk of butterflies at play -
riddles about what nature does in May.

The kids amazed, watch squirrels building nests,
questions evolve about the birds and bees.
Gramps calls them varmints - Mother's Nature’s pests.
“Ask your folks”, he replies with cough and wheeze.
In naptime dreams, he aims a gun at trees.

Gramps takes a walk, golf umbrella hovers
for spring rains do not announce their coming.
A neighbor lady hobbles to cover.
Listen, his cane on her sidewalk - drumming,
sweet songs of spring love, two voices humming.

written May 7, 2014, edited on May 25, 2014

Copyright © Reason A. Poteet | Year Posted 2014

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Bibbety Bobbity bunny went shopping with his mum She bought him a pogo stick so he could have some fun For other bunnies had teased him about his enormous ears Poor Bibbety got so upset he’d run to his mum in tears Now he’d got his pogo stick he’d bounce around all day Couldn’t wait to show off and hear what other bunnies say Some bunnies gathered round him to see what he could do He gave one ginormous bounce and into the air he flew Bibbety Bobbity bunny had bounced oh so very high He left the earth’s surface and landed in the sky The other bunnies shouted for him to come back to land But Bibbety went zooming high, he was feeling oh so grand Hopping on fluffy clouds of iced pink cotton candy Bibbety thought life in the sky was so very fine and dandy For now his long floppy ears acted as a propeller He became a bunny helicopter, oh what a clever fella Bibbety Bobbity bunny thought he could have a little fun By dancing on the rainclouds and blocking out the sun Hopping about on misty clouds made him want the loo There are no toilets in the sky, what should poor Bibbety do? A stream of rabbit droppings falling from the sky Could really hurt someone if it hit them in the eye So Bibbety grabbed his long ears and made a bunny nappy He floated back down to earth and he was really happy Bibbety’s pogo stick just disappeared and his flying day is over He now just plays in his garden and nibbles sweet spring clover 10~20~15 N/A in contest judged on 05/21/16

Copyright © JAN ALLISON | Year Posted 2015

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New Future Of The Internet

New Future Of The

Cable cost are up
too high
You turned to the
internet and so have

My Youtube channel
is the way to go
Now I can even make
video shows

I group the videos
to make a show
To bring you the
best of where I go

For kids the mower
and stove videos
I also have vehicles
and some scarecrows

Kids can watch from
morn til night
with lots of things
for a kids delight
Light houses, ship
building, and horses
Antique barn yards
and tractor pulls
just for you

Aviation, taxidermy,
and crafty wood
Viewwithme Youtube
has all the quirks 

The historical homes
make a great tour
Contest and oxen
pulls are never a

Animal friends, I
haven’t forgotten
I have horses, dogs,
cows and sheep too

Plenty of petting
pens and milking for
And a simple click
is all you have to

A lot of shows with
a mix for all
Like demolition
derby or a stunt so

So if you dropped
the cable and you
have a need
I have three
channels for you to
By: Doris Anne

Copyright © Doris Beaulieu | Year Posted 2014

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I Have To Tell

What's happened recently I have to tell. (Hiccup)
Wish I could muddle through without a screw-up.
It starts out at a comic show. (Hiccup)
The stand-up doing jokes was such a crack-up 
my laughter turned to choking then,  (Hiccup)
and from my nose there squirted diet 7-up.
Embarrassed by all this, I got up and (Hic!)
excused myself to the lady's room and quick.

I tried to drink some water and to (Hic!)
apply another coat of Rose glow lipstick.
When I returned, I heard stuff that was (Hiccup)
not for kids and hardly for the ears of any grown-up.
I guess I got back just in time for (Hic!)
that crazy guy's most hilarious shtick.
Laughing violently, I felt (Hiccup)
I once again was gonna have a flare-up.

But why I just kept choking I don't (Hic!)
know, but this time I was feeling rather sick.
That's when I first started doing (Hic!)
this.  Wish I'd gone instead to see some flick.
This all happened thirty days a (Hic!)
go.  I think I've now tried almost every trick-
from breathing into bags to even (hiccup)
drinking from the wrong side of a teacup.

I'm tired of my husband trying to (hiccup)
scare me into stopping, so I'll sum up.
A guy like me was on Jay Leno's (Hic!)
Show. Hey!  I could be the famous hiccup chick!
And yet, of all the things I could be known (Hic!)
for, this has to be the last one I would pick!

Written 3/18/14 for The Tickle My Funny Bone contest

Copyright © Andrea Dietrich | Year Posted 2014

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Weekend Father

Unfortunate circumstances made me a weekend father
Two parents separated by a marred history,
now had to care for a child ...
an innocent victim who received emotional shrapnel
as collateral damage from our argumentative battles
Our destructive habits fell onto her,
but children are very resilient, thank God
I loved being a weekend father
There was no bitterness about allotted time of custody,
none of that foolishness
My wife and I settled our divorce amicably ... no courts involved,
except for the legal formality of having a divorce decree issued
by the state
We worked things out between us much better being apart than when we
were married
It's funny how that works
So I got my daughter on the weekends, but over time I had her
more than the weekends
We bonded pretty good
And anyone with kids will tell you, that four-year-olds are a quirky bunch
They're old enough to do enough things for themselves,
but they still want you to do a lot of things for them ...
y'know, they still want the baby treatment
My daughter, she really only demanded two things of me when I first
started having her every weekend:
she wanted us to watch movies together, movies like "Lion King,"
or play video games together, video games like "Lion King"
And she didn't like the part of the movie where Simba's dad, Mustafa died
She always cried, and told me to skip that part ...
that always touched my heart
Because it told me, in unspoken words, that she loved me and didn't
want anything bad to happen to me
When she turned five, I enrolled her at my alma mater college,
in an art program for kids
My sister and father told me that my daughter had artistic ability
So every Saturday, we spent half the day at the college, 
because after she got out of class, we would get something to eat,
then go to the main library on campus and get on the computers
To make a long story shorter ... she received an art degree 
when she became grown
Becoming an illustrator and computer graphic artist
That's what being a weekend father means to me

Copyright © Freddie Robinson Jr. | Year Posted 2017

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A Be-Witching Tale

smoke billowed from her boiling pot
a spell for ages she had sought
a special treat
for kids to eat
some pickled plums so teeth won't rot

but children laughed at what she made
to taste the swill they were afraid
the witch was sad
and got real mad
their taunts one day would be repaid

all hallows eve had come and went
a day the kids would soon resent
a curse was laid
the children paid
their treats turned into hard cement

they moaned and wept and some did cry
asking questions and pleading why
they were upset
with no regret
wishing that witch would surely die

now this is what I have been told
the days have passed and I am old
one girl returned
her lesson learned
and turned a heart to warm from cold

**it is never to late to say you are sorry*

Copyright © Tim Smith | Year Posted 2016

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I’d been in a two-year relationship
He even got down on one knee and did propose
He’s still the only man ever to ever buy me a red rose
But his mother hated me I wasn’t the right one for her son
She put her oar in and caused trouble and soon the damage was done
We split – I couldn’t be bothered with men I didn’t want the hurt
I threw myself into charity work at the local hospital
Radio Lollipop is a hospital radio station especially for kids
I had my own radio show – something I would love to do again
Bob was an engineer and built studios  - we became friends
One Saturday we were decorating a float for the Lord Mayor’s procession
I was wearing a tight low cut bright pink T shirt…how could he not notice me!
Started dating in June, just before Christmas we got the flu
We looked after each other at his house ...I never moved out
On Valentines Day 1989 I proposed to him – even though it wasn’t a leap year
I’d got up to get ready for work – he was still in bed.
I knelt down by the bed and asked him to marry me… he said yes! PHEW
We married two years to our very first date
Twenty-three years later we are still going strong

Jan Allison
21st September 2014
Contest:Will You Marry Me?
Sponsor Judy Konos
~awarded 1st place~

Copyright © JAN ALLISON | Year Posted 2014

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Once again, he dresses himself with flour- powdered face, neck -ruffles, and over-sized shoes: all these for kids wiggling Barnum and Bailey shrieks. He juggles the coins flashes a silly mime, while thorny nails knead in the circus of a mind –- his lost son lying hours ago through the exit of a deathly night. Giggles flood a sea of throats where life is a carnival: a mask of lampoon, farce. No one knows of polka dot tears which hide inside this clown’s leaking, flooding eyes. And a crazed show must go on and on where the absurdity of life is again enacted. ------------- Written 2/13/2017 Screwed XVI Contest Sponsor: Rob Carmark Resubmitted 3/01/2017

Copyright © nette onclaud | Year Posted 2017

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What If A bedtime poem for kids

What If?

What if guppies and goldfish could swim through the air?
What if birds could only relax by sitting in a chair?

What if spider webs looked like charming bungalows?
What if cheese sticks had to be hunted out in the jungle-os?

What if curtains were carefully hung up in the Maple trees?
What if cookies only came from buzzing little bees?

What if horses were allowed to take rides on our backs?
What if skateboards could take a ride on the rail road tracks?

What if Saturdays came more than just once a week?
What if at your birthday presents you could take a peek?

What if alligators played music every time they’d sneeze?
What if teachers taught Algebra to the chimpanzees?

What if delicious gumballs grew out in the yard?
What if scoring soccer goals wasn’t all that hard?

What if arching rainbows were something you could touch?
What if with each of the colors you could skip Double Dutch?

What if the medicine that the doctor gave you tasted like ice cream?
What if you and your best friend could go to sleep and dream the same dream?

What if all of these things were completely true?
It wouldn’t matter at all to me because I would still love you.

Copyright © Tony Lane | Year Posted 2011

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Halloweens of Old


                                I remember when Halloweens
				Were all tricks and no treats.
				The farmers for the most, too poor
				To hand out many sweets.
				Our mama sometimes let us have
				Some apple bobbing parties,
				Or made us her good popcorn balls.
				Our appetites were hearty.
				The big boys went out later on
				A little fun to find.
				If there was a bit of mischief
				Our neighbors didn’t mind.
				It was funny to see odd things
				On the barn roofs the next day.
				The fellows really meant no harm.
				It was a form of play.

				My daddy would make them go back
				The neighborhood around
				And offer to go on the roofs
				To get machinery down.
				My daddy hated having the
				Outhouse toppled over.
				To help him guard against this trick,
				He would untie old Rover.
				Rover was protective, he would
				Give chase to miscreants.
				Next day at school we’d look for kids
				With patches on their pants.
				Pants that were torn, still must be worn.
				Their mammas did their best
				To keep their children clothed and schooled
				And did without the rest.

				No money for fancy costumes
				Not even a paper mask.
				No one gave us store bought candy.
				We didn’t think to ask.
				In the midst of the depression
				We got along with what we had.
				We found our fun on Halloween
				And it was not all bad.

poem 2 for paula's challenge

Copyright © Joyce Johnson | Year Posted 2010

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Only For Kids

Living on a dream
             wishing on a twinkling star
                            only for the kids


Note:  For all the "kids" on PS with love, Audrey

Copyright © Annalise Brigham...a.k.a. Audrey Haick | Year Posted 2010

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Rhyme Time lll-Christmas

Christmas is,the time of year to enjoy
Hoping the kids, get their special toy
A doll for the girl, and a train for the boy
But not just for kids, also for adults too

For a moment, you take in the winter view
The wine you have, you uncork the screw
Looking back, over the year almost through
The dinner to cook,  first you plan it out

Hoping the gifts needed, are not sold out
Pictures on Santa's knee,as the kids pout
The things you'll forget, you haven't a doubt
Yet you make do, with something else in the end

That phone call of greetings, to your best friend
Those grudges you held, now try to amend
Praying that your budget, you don't over spend
All must be accomplished, by the very next day

Then your kids gathered, to put to bed and pray
They fight sleep hoping, to hear Santa's sleigh 
Once they are asleep, you can then slip away
To sip your wine tired, but filled with Xmas  joy

Sponsored by:Laura Loo
Contest: Rhyme Time lll-Christmas

Copyright © Brenda Chiri | Year Posted 2017

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The Politics of Left and Right

Republicans? Immoral! Lord, that's all there is to that!
Like in the song, "Their heads are full of cotton, hay, and rags,"
Though Democrats (not better) hate to stoop so low to win,
They feel Christ's death, seek brotherhood, at times admit to sin.

Republicans are arrogant, love "trickle down largess,"
To get rich, they'd leave others bare, stark naked, not a stitch,
The way to know Republicans? They idolize control,
While Democrat's may lust, they sometimes think about their soul!

Republicans say Dems enable poor to stay a mess,
No doubt of that! We think, at least, we ought to offer chance,
Good school for kids, a right to vote, and tools for basic health,
A job that pays a decent wage, slaves owned aren't proof of wealth.

Republicans, some Harvard trained, smoke existential snow,
Think they are free, there is no sin, the mind is only art,
God loves the rich; there’s just one hitch, their virtue’s just a mask,
Their s--t stinks too, their Waterloo, salvation from a cask.

The Democrats parse life with guilt, long for utopia,
In saving others save themselves, they won’t let justice be,
They think that they can honor God by pinning truth to mat,
It’s vanity when man attempts to woo Jehoshaphat.

Though ‘Right’ thinks Rich means they own God, I know God loves them still,
The ‘Left’s’ self-serving brand of justice proves they have no cure,
Both Left and Right think they must fight to prove the other wrong,
The love of others all day long is Heaven’s only song.

Long Tooth
August 3, 2017

Copyright © Roof Missing | Year Posted 2017

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Little bunny

Hopping little bunny loved the store,
Hidden by the trees near the shore,
She loved candies and playing outdoors.
‘Stranger danger” her mommy said,
Little bunny didn’t listen she ended up dead.
Skinned alive her fur was painted red,
So listen to your mama stupid thickhead.
Hmm I wonder why I can’t write poems for kids.
Wait.. Why are those parents chasing me with sticks?

Copyright © Khadidja Megaache | Year Posted 2018

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For Kids to Believe

'Twas the night before Christmas...I was home all alone 
I had nothing to I wrote down a poem
I just couldn't get poem to look right 
Perhaps, it would look better...if I had turned on the light
Words were mspeld...and some were left out 
The light would have helped...for sure, no doubt 
Ten times I re-wrote it...I drank ten cups of tea 
It took me ten hours...boy oh boy, ten times I did pee
I wrote about Santa...for all the children to believe 
I figured out what to write...I had a trick up my sleeve 
I wrote in my that all the kids knew 
That Santa's real mother...well, she was a Jew
After finishing my poem...I readied myself 
I fixed up my sleigh...and I hired an elf 
To take hold of the reigns...and to deliver my poem 
To put in the every kids home  

The Night Before Christmas Poetry Contest
Sponsored by Joseph May 

Copyright © charles messina | Year Posted 2018

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From fabrics torn, in ruin, she hail,
Above the deck, beneath the sail,
Above silent meadow, the sea,
Her frosty breath, in doom, she see.

Her fondness torn, her kids apart,
Though love follows her broken heart,
Her sorrow tears on rusted chains,
For holding children once again.

The howling steam erased skies,
And fright gallops the silent cries,
As faces pale in feeble grip,
And sea moaning the crowded ship.

The days are past, remedies none,
The burned down farms from firing sun,
They bent on knees for kids to feed,
Beneath the feet for coin, indeed.

Her husband dead from bones to sweat,
Hard labor earning, closing, debt,
She buried body, beneath the farm,
And begs for mercy, waiting harm.

The beats in rage far fierce than flame,
The bells were rung, with chains they came,
Her toes were trembling, wrath unfolds,
They tortured, beat and tied her, cold.

While taken heart and soul from kids,
The slave in chain with tearful lids,
They dragged and stripped in crowded street,
And brought with slaves to ship, the fleet.

Through cries unheard and night she sails,
With slaves in ship with fuming trails,
To hungers deep in scalding cold,
And chapped lip-lines numb, breaking hold.

Her skin was pale, the hunger tale,
As blue veins rose beneath her nails,
To fading night, her dim eyes sleep,
Her moon-light fades and die asleep.
©Anees Rahman

Copyright © Anees Rahman | Year Posted 2014

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Funny cat and rat poem for kids

Once there was a cat named Dumbo,
And his best friend was a rat named Tumbo.
Dumbo and Tumbo went in the same school,
And they loved, making others fool.

One day Tumbo got a sleeping bag,
He thought it was a special sack.
He quickly went inside it,
And made himself comfortably fit.
That sleeping bag belonged to a naughty boy,
Who never studied and always played with his toy.
As soon as the boy got inside the bag,
He felt a sense of tickle and sudden wag.
He jumped out of it and burst into tear,
Tumbo muddled from inside the bag in utter fear.

Dumbo was also, not too be taken light,
He was an expert in quarrel and fight.
One morning he silently drank a glass of creamy milk,
Then draped himself in a super red silk.
When an old lady scolded him,
He growled at her from balcony brim.

They were also skilled in disturbing their neighbors.
But they were good at their heart however.

One day they saw a child at the roadside,
Helpless, crying and no one to guide.
They felt pity and decided to stay beside him,
Unless somebody comes and help him.
Two days passed by but no one came,
They became his guardian and acted the same.
Food, clothing and water they arranged for the child,
They provided all his needs and gave a perfect guide.
Then one day came a woman and took the child in her arms,
Kissing, patting and hugging the little one, which made them dumb.
The little child had found her mother,
This is the biggest joy than any other.
That very sight moved their heart,
They wept silently but kept their mouth shut.
From that day they promised not to disturb other,
Nor they will play prank further.

Copyright © Shonima Burman | Year Posted 2015

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Free Fruits

Green light means go ahead
Make your choice
Here’s a list of the Green light or free, fruits go, go, go and eat them up

Apples, dried: Dried apples make a great snack food and are easy to transport.
Apples, fresh: It makes no difference what variety of apple you choose. My favorite is Golden Delicious. Availability changes with the seasons though
Applesauce unsweetened: Applesauce isn’t just for kids! Grownups like this tart sauce too
Apricots, dried: Dried apricots make a nice snack-the dense, sweet tart apricot taste can be quite addictive
Apricots, fresh:  Apricots are a smooth, sweet summer fruit chock-full nutritional goodness
Blackberries: Blackberries are as big as your thumb, purple and black and thick with juice. I remember picking these as a kid while catching June bugs and watching for snakes
Blueberries: Blueberries are late-summer berries with a very rich taste. They’re great sprinkled ina salad!
Cantaloupe: Cantaloupe comes with its own bowl – just cut it in half and scoop out each half with a spoon
Cherries, sweet, canned: When you buy canned cherries, you’re getting two for a price of one – the fruit and canned 
Cherries, sweet, fresh: Go for cherries when possible, and use frozen ones in a pinch. Canned syrupy pie filling is overloaded with sugar and starch, so avoid it
Dates: A few dates are all you need to fill up
Figs, dried: Dried figs are readily available year-round.The easiest way to chop them is to snip them away with scissors 
Figs, fresh: Fresh figs are healthy fruit that can satisfy a craving for sweetness
Fruit Cocktail: When was the last time you had a serving of this pitch-in dinner specialty?
Nectarines: Necktarines are a smooth-skinned variety of peach. They taste best at the height of the season (in late June and July)
Oranges: oranges are fall and winter fruit. When eaten raw, none of its precious vitamin C is lost.
Papaya: You can bake unripe papayas like squash. They contain papain the dominant ingredient in meat tenderizer
Peaches, canned:  Canned peaches make a quick dessert for any meal
Peaches, fresh: Don’t let a little peach fuzz keep you away. Peaches are delicious and loaded with nutrients
Pears, canned: Cut up canned pears and add them to a salad
Pears, fresh: You can purchase pears green and they will continue to ripen. They do get sweeter as they ripen!
Pineapple, canned: Always buy canned pineapple in its own juice instead of syrup
Pineapple, fresh: Known as symbol of hospitality in the south, fresh pineapple makes a sweet dessert
Plums, canned:  Canned plums are readily available treat.
Plums, fresh: Plums come from trees found in every continent in the world except Antarctica
Prunes, dried: Prunes are dried, purplish-black, freestone plums. They’re rich in flavor. You can also find them infused with essence of orange and lemon
Raisins: Raisins are just dried grapes. They make a handy snack
Raspberries: When they are fully ripe, raspberries caps detach. Midsummer is their prime season
Strawberries: Strawberries are a super food chock-full of health giving nutrients
Tangerines: Tangerines are small, sweet, Chinese oranges. They peel so easily its as if they had a zipper
Watermelon: Watermelon is a summertime treat that can’t be beat! Try freezing watermelon juice in ice-cube trays and adding the cubes to drinks

Copyright © Jacqueline R. Mendoza | Year Posted 2015

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- Haiku X 93 - Call Me -

New technology
Gigahertz and gigabytes
In every pocket

Safety or madness
Design for kids in four years
Undermine childhood

Sun :) - A-L Andresen :)
Haiku 5-7-5 /
Copyright © All Rights Reserved 

Copyright © Sunshine Smile | Year Posted 2016

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A Funny Skunk Poem for Kids

      Scotty the Skunk was sitting in class,
when his English teacher gave her students,
a poetry task. 
      Write a poem for me, on the subject
of who you would rather be.
      Scotty wasn't the best writer in class,
but he knew in his heart, he give it his
       Sammy the Squirrel sat next to him,
while holding his nose, he laughed and he
       Ralphy the raccoon gave Scotty a box
of deodorant soap. He then laughed out loud
as if it was a real funny Joke.
      " I'm tired of having them pick on me.
Someday I'll show them, you wait and see!"
       Scotty the Skunk went crying to his
mom. He said, "Mom I wish I wasn't born
a skunk!" His mom said, "Were all created 
equally son." 
      " Don't let others cause you grief. Just
ignore them and live your life in peace."
       Scotty gave his mom a long embrace.
No matter how sad he felt, his mother's
hugs always made him feel great
       He went to his room and started to
write. He did not stop writing, till twelve
o'clock midnight.

        This is what Scotty wrote.
I would want to be born a Rose, a
sweet scent smelled, by everyone's 

If I was a Rose. I would never be
teased. A fragrant aroma, I would

My mom and dad wouldn't worry about
me. I would be as happy, as happy can

Ralphy and Sammy would be my best
friends, and would never poke fun of me
ever again.

No one would ever say that I stunk,
Or think of me as a smelly, pee-yew

Scotty The Skunk:  Who you would Rather
be. Contest. Mrs Jones 5th grade class.

        It was contest day and Scotty read
his poem at last. As he read his poem
Ralphy and Sammy started feeling guilty
and sad.
       When he finished, the whole class
applauded. And all the animals started to
holler... Scotty! Scotty! Scotty! Scotty!
       Ralphy came over with Sammy and
said they were really sorry. Scotty said,
 "It's ok fella's I forgive you, don't you all
       As for Scotty's Poem Mrs Jones gave 
him an A plus. Then shortly after school,
all Scotty's classmates gave him a special
big hug. 
           " I'm happy being myself,
              and no one else!" He
                  said to himself.



Michael Tor 10/12/2015   Poetry Soup Contest. Funny Kids Poem Contest.



Copyright © michael tor | Year Posted 2015

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Funny House Pets for Kids


First you got an alligator.

Next came a giraffe.

Lions ride your elevator,

bears hide in your bath.



       (a duck?),


             run amok through all your rooms!

Soon, if you don't set them free - there will be no room for me!


Copyright © Lycia Harding | Year Posted 2015

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Choose to be Happy

Choose to be Happy

I am happy because I choose to be; my life is far from perfect.

Others are content but I make conscious choices to be Happy and to be a positive person.

You don’t have to be rich or have a lot of money and material wealth to be happy.

Many wealthy people are poor in Spirit with all the money, fame and things that they have.

This Christmas Eve night as I write this poem I think about how I manage my money focusing on my needs first and then my wants.

I ask myself: Can I afford that? Do I need this? Can I wait for the store price to go down and get that dress on sale?

I hope that once I am financially stable with a decent job I can have a coat drive for kids age 1 through 16 in Trenton, New Jersey when every boy and girl gets a cute new coat and I hope that my story inspires others my battle with mental illness over 19 years…

Copyright © Ayesha Karim | Year Posted 2012

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Are We Better Off?

In my day we played outside, riding horses,  
Playing hide and seek and on swings and slides.
And only on rainy days
Were we confined inside to play.
We played slap jack, crazy eight, go fish
And Lincoln logs was our dish.

Everyone drank coffee and tea
No caffeine worries did they see
All our houses were painted bright
And no one heard of the lead base plight
The new homes of the day had asbestos, 
But what the hey!

This was during World War II
Where our fathers, brothers, uncles and aunts
Left our homes for foreign lands.

Here at home when sirens screamed
It was our Air Raid Warning Drill.
And companies that worked through the night
Were required to paint their windows black
Safety was our countries goal
Here at home and on foreign soil.

We played at the lake and tanned or fried
When we got home a little cow cream was applied.
Where I lived prohibition was still affirmed
And Bootleggers were the cops major concern.

The air we breathed was just air
Unless a corral or hog farm were near.
Transportation was car, bus or train
The only planes I ever saw 
Were B 29’s heading for foreign soil.

I can’t help but wonder how we survived
Compared to the rules and laws  we now abide.
 I just heard a well known man say
“No more Santa Claus he is to fat”
“It’s bad for kids to honor a man like that.”

The Christmas tree has become “Happy Holiday”
No prayers in school, It breaks the rules they say.
Religion in government there is no place
“In God We Trust” is a disgrace.

When was the last time the Constitution was read
Were our Forefathers out of their heads?
“Merry Holidays too and you best take a stand
If you want to continue to have Peace in Our Land.”

Copyright © Marycile Beer | Year Posted 2007