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Engelbert Effleflump put on his disguise Climbed in his orcetector and rose in the skies For his mum hated flying and must never know That Engelbert’s job was in an aerial show Poor Engelbert hated deceiving his mother He’d go out of the house under cloud cover He’d loop the loop in pink polka dot skies Twirling in his orcetector each time he flies Over mountains of candy and lollipop trees Floating on green clouds and lemonade seas Only children knew his secret, they’d point with delight Look there goes Engelbert - he’ll be home by midnight! But disaster happened on one foggy day Poor Engelbert crashed at a flying display He was not badly injured - only his pride But how could he tell his mother he’d lied Unable to continue flying he told his mum of his work When she discovered his secret life, she went BERSERK She shook her gold furry arms high in the air Now confined to his room Engelbert did despair Engelbert begged and he pleaded, but she wouldn’t listen Tears formed in his orange eyes, oh how they did glisten That night he decided that he must simply be free Couldn’t live with his mother – how they did disagree Next morning he munched on his wigglerly grub Drank his foaming juice from the chocberry shrub He announced to his mother that he had a plan We would get a new job, become a delivery man Engelbert moved into a chocolate house He lives there with his purple pet mouse His new job lets him work at his own pace Delivering dreams to Effleflumps in outer space * an orcetector is a word that was made up by the little girl I used to be a private nanny to - she was just 2 years old and she couldn't say helicopter. Contest:- Children’s story Dr Seuss Style Sponsor:- Casarah Nance ~awarded 4th place~ 08~21~15

Copyright © JAN ALLISON | Year Posted 2015

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An Outback Christmas

Excitement filled the bushland as December was near
Every creature had been waiting for Christmas time - all year.
Wallabies hung their stockings on a  gumtree branch with care
Just as all nice children do – everywhere.

Meanwhile those more up to date logged on the internet
sending E mails to Santa to see what they could get
 Koalas draped high treetops with shiny garlands green 
 And furry possums lined their dens in golden glitter sheen

Wallabies joined in with bright balloons hung on their tails
All the crows tied streamers, cascading from the rails.
Kookaburras’ laughter changed to Christmas songs
While magpies and peewees piped along in throngs.

A wombat and a bandicoot made honeysuckle punch
The parrots came too early and drank’ til they got drunk
And when the’ Magic Pudding’ came to help with Christmas Dinner
His taste was so delicious he left a trifle thinner.

With a Kangaroo as Santa, his pouch stuffed full of cheer
hopping ‘round the outback in the hottest time of year
Just guess what all the drovers got- lots of ice-cold beer.

Suzanne Delaney

For Children's Christmas Poem Contest for Carol Eastman

Copyright © Suzanne Delaney | Year Posted 2014

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Your Shadow

Your Shadow...
Is dark in colour
Like black but duller
Comes and goes
Shrinks and grows

When around
It makes no sound
And whatever you do
It follows too

So when it’s near
Have no fear
It’s always there
Cause you’re a pair

by Ana Espinola Collins

Copyright © Ana Espinola Collins | Year Posted 2014

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Summer's Wish

One night a-twinkling in the sky, I spied a clever firefly Who glowed the same faint silver-gray As stars a million miles away. ***** Although most stars remain afar I reached out with a big glass jar Then with a quick and sudden -SWISH- I caught a twinkling summer's wish! ***** I whispered to him my desire, Then set him free -- that twinkling fire. With lightning speed he went, and soon He twinkled right on past the moon. ***** Now when I'm in the dark of night. If I but look, I'll see his light. A-twinkling faithful in the sky My clever little firefly!

Copyright © The Grahamburglar | Year Posted 2015

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Anansi and the Christmas Cake

It was Christmas time in Anansi’s house
But Anansi was snoring loud and deep
While all the house was up and busy
Sneaky Anansi was pretending to sleep

Anansi imagined lying on the beach
Soaking up some hot Jamaican sun
Christmas time with all its merriment
For Anansi was never, ever fun!

Poor Anansi - it’s such a crime
To not have fun at Christmas time!

Last year whist fixing the Christmas baubles 
He was jumping up, extremely mad
Because all the baubles kept flying off
And the crooked angel looked very sad

When he tore off the wrapper from his gifts
He always hoped for a nice surprise
But every year his presents were the same
Eight pairs of socks and two colourful ties 

Poor Anansi - the church bells’ chime
No fun for you this Christmas time!

And Christmas dinner was never enough
Because his wife entertained the whole town!
Cold scraps of dinner left on a plate
And a squeeze to find a spot to sit down 

And playing party games was such a bore
Card games he never had the knack 
Charades would leave him a little confused
Legs tangled with Twister or stuck on his back

Poor Anansi, you can bet a dime
No fun for you this Christmas-time

Never anything good to watch on TV
And the Queen spoke too posh and too slow
He didn’t even have a favourite book to read
Poor, poor Anansi with his Christmas woe

But there was just one thing about Christmas
That Anansi couldn’t wait to partake
Every Christmas his wife would prepare
The most delicious, scrumptious Christmas cake

Every year he sliced the biggest piece
Leaving his family to fight for the rest
Delicious, scrumptious with a scoop of ice-cream
This Christmas cake was always the best

Anansi made sure that everyone had gone
Before he scurried down for his Christmas treat
He looked in the oven, the cupboard the fridge
But couldn’t find any Christmas cake to eat

 “Surprise,” said his wife from behind him
“We are having fruit salad for a change!”
Then she handed him a large Christmas bowl 
Filled with tropical fruits of all range.

Poor Anansi - it’s such a crime
To have no cake at Christmas time!
To have no cake at Christmas time!
To have no cake at Christmas time!

Copyright © Elayne Ogbeta | Year Posted 2014

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Today it’s Sally’s birthday party; she’s the star of the show She’s a lovely little girl and all her friends are invited to go They arrive on the doorstep with presents in their hand Wearing their best clothes, oh don’t they look so grand Excited children are entertained by Coco the clown She’s jolly person but her face wears a sad frown Coco blows up balloons and amazing animals are created The children clutch them eagerly; they simply are elated The dining table is laden with glorious treats Sandwiches, crisps, cakes and biscuits to eat Sally’s birthday cake is shaped like a cute little cat Cats are her favourite animal; her kitten is called Pat The children sing ‘happy birthday’ and Sally makes a wish Her mum cuts up the pretty cake and serves it on a dish After tea is over a magician arrives to entertain He’s called The Great Suprendo but it’s not his real name! The magician does lots of magic tricks, the children think he’s ace When he produces a fluffy rabbit they have a smile on their face Soon the party is over and its time for the children to go home Sally had a wonderful time but now she’s sad as she’s now alone Secretly hiding in the kitchen is the Great Suprendo He gives her the rabbit, her shrieks of delight reach a crescendo! Mummy and daddy had planned this birthday surprise Sally is so happy that tears spring into her eyes Daddy had made the rabbit a wooden rabbit hutch Sally is overjoyed, and names her pet rabbit Butch Contest: The Birthday Party Sponsor: Nayda Ivette Negron 01~31~16

Copyright © JAN ALLISON | Year Posted 2016

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Many years ago, when we were all young,
We really thought life, would be so much fun.
While playing dress-up, trying on mom’s stuff,
Putting on make-up, we found to be tough.

Then came our schooling, and boy things would change,
“Those aren’t our parents”, when they acted strange.
Sometimes they were hip, but old-fashioned too,
That’s something I swore, I would never do.

Wishing you were older, adults had it made,
They would do nothing, yet still would be paid.
That is how little, we all had known,
We surely found out, once we were grown.

Loving the twenties, we’d go out with friends,
When we went shopping, we followed the trends.
Doing what we wanted, and staying out late,
It didn’t matter, what time we all ate.

Then came the thirties, and most of us wed,
Watch what you wish for, my parents had said.
We had to work hard, many bills to pay,
I guess they were right, what more can I say?

Raising your children, was hardest of all,
Needing some advice, your parent’s you’d call.
It seemed so easy, they needed no rest,
So now it’s your turn, you learned from the best.

The forties arrived, that was a shocker,
We’d spend lots of time, just at the doctor.
Back aches and headaches, so tired you’d be,
Trying not to cough, or else you would pee.

The fifties would come, and your grandkids too,
Where were your glasses? You hadn’t a clue.
You searched here and there, and under the bed,
“Hey grandma” they laughed, “They’re right on your head”.

Here come the sixties, now let’s have some fun,
You are retired; your work is all done.
To dinner with friends, you dressed and you wait,
They never show up, you have the wrong date.

Now the seventies, with friends playing games,
If only you could, remember their names.
You try hard to hide, those under-eye bags,
Gravity happens, and everything sags.

Enjoy every day, and have a good laugh,
All the steps you took, led down a new path.
Live life as it comes, each year a new page,
One thing is for sure, everyone will age.

Copyright © Kelly Zakerski | Year Posted 2009

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Tick Tock Pox

In my clock, I hear tickery tock
It just stopped!  No tick tock from my clock
Oh my dear tick tock box
Now I fear there's a fox
In my tickery tockery clock

A sly fox in your dear tick tock box?
Oh my gosh, I can see his striped socks!
Well a stinky striped sock
could put germs in my clock
and cause tickery tockery pox.

Copyright © Kimberly Shaw | Year Posted 2015

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Spoonfang The Pudding Vampire

In the middle of the night,
When the moon shines bright, 
A creature stirs with a terrible bite, 
And his name is Spoonfang.

This vampire with a spoony face,
Has developed quite the taste,
For creatures of the pudding race,
Has the greedy Spoonfang.

So when the stars through dark clouds peek,
Into the kitchen he will creep,
And a tasty snack he’ll sneak,
Will the crafty Spoonfang.

Mousse and trifle, cake of cheese,
Ice-cream left in the deep freeze,
He’s had a bite of each of these,
Has the naughty Spoonfang.

But tonight he’s set his eyes,
Not on mother’s tasty pies,
But on Gran’s birthday surprise,
A gateau all for Spoonfang.

And so he creeps along the floor,
Tip-toes to the kitchen door,
But someone else is there before,
The bold and daring Spoonfang.

Count Spatula! The greatest Pudding Vampire of them all!

Both the vampires get a fright,
Their screams echo through the night,
And someone switches on the light,
On Spatula and Spoonfang.

Mother tuts and shakes her head,
Sends son and father back to bed,
Neither vampire has been fed,
Not Spatula nor Spoonfang.

Maybe there’s a little Pudding vampire in all of us!

Copyright © Sharon Smith | Year Posted 2014

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Can You Keep A Secret- Dr Seuss Contest

Can you keep a secret?
‘cause I’ve got one to share
I’ve a friend called Fazzbot
With green and purple hair.
Fazzbot met me yesterday
The day before today
Fazzbot is an alien
It’s a secret by the way.
He’s like a purple dragon
And a penguin too
He’s got green stripes 
All down his back
Like the zebras at the zoo
He’s really good at magic
All he does is flick his hair
With a whizzle… 
And a fizzling pop!
You’re neither here 
Nor there.
Last night he whizzled us
Right up to see the moon
We ate green cheese and lollipops
And floated on balloons.
We splashed around in puddles
Gave the mermaids such a fright
And when some pirates came to swim
He whizzled us
Out of sight.
He’d whizzled us invisible
No one could see us there
Could they see us? 
So we burped 
We burped right in their ear.
Then with a whizzle… 
And a fizzling pop!
We went behind the sun
Roasting marshmallows on some sticks
The sun is lots of fun!
Playgrounds full of whirly gigs
And whatsa-ma-call-its too
Mud that tastes like chocolate
Pink elephants 
That turn blue
Then with a whizzle… 
And a fizzling pop!
I could feel my head
Resting on my pillow
I was tucked inside my bed.
Can you keep a secret?
About Fazzbot, 
My secret friend
You and I 
And I and You
We’re off with our new friend.

Copyright © Mark Woods | Year Posted 2015

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Have you seen my Carflufflemoose

I wish to find my Carflufflemoose
He's smaller than a duck
With a long neck like a goose
Please tell me yes 
Oh tell me please
Have you seen one disguised as a trampolease.
He hops like a bunny
Bouncing quite high
A truly talented  Carflufflemoose
He can fly high in the sky
To tell you the truth 
You may be wondering why
His belly is so fat and he has purple eyes

He might be a bird
Though not one very wise 
An owl like demenor 
In parrot disguise!
With yellow contacts in those purple eyes
if you want to catch him offer him fries
Once I'm reunited I'll give you a prize 
Look real careful
He loves riding a red caboose 
He's really quite harmless 
Still he shouldn't be on the loose
After all he's a Carflufflemoose!

I put away my Dark Suess and came up with this one.
I hope you and Abbie enjoy it Casarah.

By: Richard Lamoureux

Copyright © Richard Lamoureux | Year Posted 2015

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Listen to poem:
This boogeyman was scared of the dark But tried frightening kids in the park When dusk started to fall For his mummy he’d call He'd go dashing home quick as a lark Young children thought it was great fun Seeing the poor boogeyman run They’d leap out from a bush Make him fall on his tush For he didn’t scare anyone So the boogeyman joined in a class His assessments he quickly did pass He leaps from dustbin lids Now he’s scaring the kids This transition he cannot surpass Contest Boogeyman sponsored by Nayda Ivette Negron 05~24~16

Copyright © JAN ALLISON | Year Posted 2016

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Captcha WHA6

When I was only five
Heard mommy always's say
Angel  keep being naughty and you won't make it to

Entry for Adam Hapworth's
Captcha Acrostic Contest
G.L. All

Copyright © Katherine Stella | Year Posted 2013

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G is for Grouchy

Grouchy is a grubby feeling,
with the nasty taste of blah;
makes you out of sorts with living,
the opposite of hurrah.

You don’t like anything 
you used to really love;
instead of giving kisses
you would rather pinch or shove.

You are bored to tears;
your toys - worn out and old;
you sit before your breakfast
until the eggs are cold.

No one can please you,
not even mom or dad;
and if you are not careful,
you’re in your room for being bad!

Some people say, “You got up
on the wrong side of the bed;”
maybe you should get back in,
crawl out the other side instead.

What makes you feel so out of sorts?
You think you just might cry
and mommy says she’s sure you ate
a slice of gritty grumble pie.

We all have days that go kerplunk;
we do some things we shouldn’t do,
but it will soon get better;
pull your feet out of grouch goo.

Just put a smile on that sweet face
and tell the grump to go away;
the sun is up and life is good,
get busy, go outside and play!

© September 18, 2015
Faye Lanham Gibson

Copyright © Faye Gibson | Year Posted 2015

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Sister Bears

Deep in the meadow, where deer run wild in the open, 
Papa bear was waking his two cubs from their sheltered den. 

"Go out and play Cailyn and Jess, go discover something new, 
and always remember you take care of me and I take care of you" 

Jess went running as fast as can be leaving her little sister behind. 
She wanted to run to the river to see what fishes she could find. 

"wait up wait up" Cailyn shouted and hollered at her sisters back. 
She followed slowly and carefully inside her sisters foot track. 

Jess shouted back "Sis why can't you just let me be. 
I don't need you right now and you don't need me" 

This made little bear Cailyn so very sad, she ran and hid 
Crying and crying from what her sister cub just did 

Off in the distance she could here Jess scream 
" Cailyn, Cailyn, come help. I'm stuck in the stream" 

Cailyn went running as fast as her little legs would go 
Having to help her sister, the only friend she did ever know 

She just got there in time as Jess was about to fall 
Reaching Cailyn helped her out, whew what a close call 

The two dirty cubs went home to be with their dad 
They fell a sleep in the then den, both of them glad 

Papa bear's advice these two little bitty bear cubs was so true
"Always remember you take care of me and I take care of you." 

Children's Fable Contest

Copyright © CT Duet | Year Posted 2014

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Grrreeble Left the Zoo

Betty and Johnny, who were seven and eight,
lived close to the zoo, very near the front gate.
They visited often, with their mom and their dad,
and always told Gran about the fun that they had.

One day as the wind blew through the Crumpledink trees
tickling the crinkly bright yellow leaves.

Johnny and Betty decided to play,
out on the porch, where they'd stay there all day.

They opened the door, but to their surprise,
a blue fuzzy creature, smallish in size,

jumped up from the chair and stretched out his hand.
"Pleased to meet you my friend," his words rather bland.

"Who are you?" said Betty with a sheepish grin
as she held out her hand and his fur touched her skin.

"I am what I am, and my name is that too,
I'm a Grrreeble," he said, "and I live at the zoo."

"Then what are you doing here at our house?"
asked Johnny, his voice squeaked like a mouse.

"I saw you at the zoo in the star gazing dome.
You seemed so nice, I followed you home."

"But you can't stay here," Johnny croaked like a frog, "So,
back to the zoo, to the zoo you must go!"

Betty looked at the Grrreeble and said, "This may be hard..,
You know mom said we can't leave the yard."

But Betty, Oh Betty, what will we do,
How will we get Grrreeble, back to the zoo?

The Grrreeble just sat, head in his hands
"Johnny, I think that you don't understand."

Then he said, "I don't wish to go back to the zoo,
I like it here, I'll stay here with you."

Betty looked at Johnny and giggled with glee,
"Can we keep him?  I want him to stay here with me."

"No", Johnny said, "No we can't, no, No, NO!
as soon as he can, to the zoo he must go!"

Johnny looked at the Grrreeble and said with a sigh,
"We really do like you, but we must say goodbye."

So they played for a little 
games like frosty fooks frittle

with bright red hats and dressum up clothes
and loud frustal whistles, you blow through your nose.

Then later that morning after eating their brunch
they made him a sandwich, dinklebutter and jelly, to take for his lunch,

and turning away Grrreeble said, with tears in his eyes,
"Thanks, it's been fun, to play with you guys."

Now often they visit their friend at the zoo
with a dinklebutter sandwich, they hope you'll come too.


Copyright © James Inman | Year Posted 2015

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Driving My Kids Crazy

Driving my kids crazy
Every day and night
Because my mind is hazy
Nothing comes out right

Still, I keep on teaching
The foggy lessons in my head
At the end of all my preaching
There's but one thing said

"I know what you are saying...
You said that yesterday."
In their heads their praying
I will go away

Still, they do consult me
When they are truly stuck
But, if I get to wordy
They'll be out of luck

The message will start hazing
From their doe-eyed sight
This act starts with a glazing
Of eyes and face and light

I see their minds have left me
They are waiting out their time
And if, they ignore me
It is a small crime

I know my kids all love me
And I feel just the same
Still I hope they'd all agree
In this there's no blame

And so I may keep yapping
Each and every day
But If disaster's tapping
I'll be on the way

I just want to guide my kids
Not drive them away
As I watch them roll those lids
I see the end of day

Okay, I'll be quiet now
No more torture, pain, or strife
And if, you'll just show me how
I'll go e-mail my wife

Copyright © Steven Clark | Year Posted 2014

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Kids: Funny, Poor, And Sweet

We loved the lollipops, cracker jacks, Holloway candy sticks                           We adored the chocolate coated ice cream bars, and the tootsie rolls.
We could not get enough of the pop sickles, cool aids, and soda pops.          
We sang a love song saying, “Ice cream, soda water, cream on top,                                                             tell me the name of your sweet heart”. We had the best tasting cookies and cigarette candies that eyes had ever seen. We were just poor kids                                              in America’s poorest state; but no kids were sweeter than us.                      We were hot as fire, hassled and harassed by humidity and drops of sweat,  but we were sweet.

Life was hard in my little Mississippi delta town; But somewhere between hard work and chores; between feeding the chickens and the cows; between feeding the goats and the hogs; between watching TV and doing home work;
between the sun ups and the sun downs; and between the dawn and the dust;                                                 
Yes, in between, we found time to play. Most times we were okay, didn’t go astray, and had lots of fun in the barns, playing in the hay.

We rolled rubber tires like driving fast cars; laughed out loud as we sucked whining balls. Money was always lacking, but we did our share                                               of licking, chewing, and sucking the sweet stuff

We bought a lot for the few pennies, nickels, and dimes that we had.
We could buy our treats cheap back then. So we did our best to stay sweet,                                                             chewing bubble gum filled with sugar. We didn’t have a care, and learned how to share; and the sweet stuff was always there.013008

Copyright © curtis johnson | Year Posted 2015

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Poor little Zena zebra was feeling oh so sad She was born an albino, which made her look bad Zena desperately wanted to fit in with the others And have a stripy body like her sisters and brothers Zena thought hard and came up with a cunning plan She would paint some stripes, so she’d have great élan Zena went shopping in a local hardware store Bought some black paint for the stripes she’d adore Her stripes were brushed on by a trusted friend But quickly the can of paint came to an end Sadly Zena hadn’t got any more money Her half painted body looked rather funny How the other zebra’s laughed at poor Zena They called her names; they couldn’t be meaner But good luck was on little Zena’s side that day The rain lashed down and washed the paint away For Zena had purchased watercolour paint Now Zena’s back to white and she has no complaint She stands out in the crowd because she is unique Yes she’s different from the others but her look is oh so chic Zena stands proudly in her white coat which shines so bright She is delighted to say not everything in life is black and white Moral of the story it is our differences that make us unique A delightful Children’s fable Contest Sponsored by Carol Eastman. 07~10~16

Copyright © JAN ALLISON | Year Posted 2016

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Dueling Would Be Violins

The vegetable orchestra was about to play Fred and Ted had to have their way Both the same, stubborn twins These two dueling string bean violins “I’m the lead violin” said Fred “No you’re not” said violin Ted “My strings are taught and so fine” “So what” said Fred, "so are mine" “And you’re warped in the middle” “Get lost” said Ted, “You’re just a second hand fiddle” “I'm as good as a Stradivari, don’t you know?, And I have the finest bow” “That doesn’t matter, you’re still a buffoon, Oh, and you’re always out of tune” “Look I’m lead violin, I won’t be thwarted” An angry Fred String bean, retorted The argument went on, it never diminished Until the concert was over and finished So who won?, that’s another story Roger the roobarb stole all the glory
For contest 'Show Me The Funny'

Copyright © Gary Wayne Hill | Year Posted 2013

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Kids Love For Animals

       Kids Love For Animals ( Poem )

Children’s favorite shows are of animals
I have hours in a playlist that are laughable
Like a camera pecking rooster and fun monkeys
To a mom and a baby miniature donkeys

Videos of wild turkeys and charming geese
Ducks in water and chicks learning to speak
Dazzling ostrich and many free birds
Some you would not want to move towards

A large unique animal is the alligator
The total opposite of the caterpillar
Camels and alpacas are tall and exquisite
But they spit at you when you try to visit

There are also hornpout and catfish videos
and a painted box turtle that is really slow
Beautiful miniature horses and elegant ponies
Border collies herding sheep to earn their trophies

Little kids pig scramble is stunning to see
and a little fawn as precious as can be
Cow’s hair that needs braiding is fascinating
With the most assortment you’ve ever seen

Come to my view with me youtube channel
If the kids are being hard to handle
Just start it up and walk away
To get your housework done for the day

By : Doris Anne Beaulieu
At :

Copyright © Doris Beaulieu | Year Posted 2014

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Dying Hurts

Swallowing pills to end your life,
 You are a mother, a daughter, a wife.
The pain and turmoil you've buried inside,
 Must be intense to have chosen this ride.
If you could see the love and care,
 Your children have, they need you there.
To kiss and hug their pain away,
 To comfort them, and be ok.
I hope some day you'll see I'm right,
 Push through the fog and see the light.

Copyright © Jamie Grattan | Year Posted 2014

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Silly Billy Goes To The Zoo -

Silly Billy went along to the zoo Right after he had the flu That day the whole sky was blue And he carried along his teddy Pooh Silly Billy love walking to the park every day He love watching the clouds in the sky, Silly Billy was just a regular kid too And he had a lot of friends at school like you. Silly Billy best friends were Sue and his Pooh, So when his parents took him to the zoo, He was so happy to bring along his Pooh, And show him all the places to see. Silly Billy wanted to see everything in the zoo, Starting with: the bears, the tigers, and all the monkeys too. Silly Billy asked his dad to let him feed all the animals you see, But his dad told him, he couldn't do that, 'cause that was a wrong thing to do. Silly Billy loved all the animals in the zoo He was so happy to have spent there the day He had so much fun enjoying all the view His father promised him to bring back another day. Silly Billy went back home content with his Pooh, He gave a big hug to his mom and his dad that day; The day was still beautiful but was almost through Silly Billy smiled and looked up at the sky still blue. Silly Billy went along to the zoo Right after he had the flu Silly Billy went along to the zoo With his family and his teddy Pooh. Dorian Petersen Potter aka ladydp2000 copyright@2007 October, 5, 2014

Copyright © Dorian Petersen Potter | Year Posted 2014

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Make it last

Oh what a delight
If I had it my way, enjoy something I like
Drop everything and just take flight 
No stress no worries like a kid, just me and my bike

Lesson at hand don't grow up too fast
Childhood days are just a short span
Before you know it you'll have reminisces of the past 
Hoping and wishing you was Tinker bell or Peter Pan
Not trying to scare or make you fear
Just take your time
Never know what's in store year after year

Copyright © Donesha Beeler | Year Posted 2017

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Sleep My Love Sleep

Sleep my love, sleep.
Rest your head on my breasts
and place yourself into my keep.
Then, dream us on a mighty quest.

To a land where dragons exist.
Where we can run through mystical forests, 
as we chase unicorns through the mist.
Then, on pretty balloons will float, I promise.

As through the marsh we must flee.
Toward evil knights guarding the keep, 
where the buried treasure is we seek.
Before we escape on the murmuring seas.

Sleep my love, sleep.
Close your eyes and spread your wings.
There is no reason for you to weep, 
for in your dreams you are king.

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Copyright © Alesia Leach | Year Posted 2014