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Rithimus Divisa 7

Contest Judged:  10/1/2020 9:47:00 PM
Sponsored by: Gregory Richard Barden | Send Soup Mail
See Contest Description

Contest Description

** Please READ the directions! **

(FOUR people entered poems last time, five the previous, that were not even CLOSE to the correct form)

Beautiful fractals : pics


Take FOUR lines from a previously written RHYME of yours, (in their original order), give that stanza a new name. At the bottom please reference the original poem it was taken from, put the current date and name of this contest - that's it!

Any questions, please Soup Mail me ... my example is at the link below.

Soften, Spring - Rithimus Divisa


First Prize - Most Glory
Second Prize - More Glory
Third Prize - Glory

 ... and seven more wonderfully glorious placements!


* Hints for higher placement *

Creativity, rhythm, musicality, EXACT rhyme, avoid lines that are too long, original but SENSIBLE imagery, proper context/syntax of words, consistent tense, beauty, (and "beauty" in poetry can be sad, ugly or dark), imagination, emotion, originality, and proper word USE, (don't plug in words from a thesaurus and then use them incorrectly - fancy or "big" words do not impress me unless they're used properly/creatively - this is a RAMPANT issue on poetry sites).

* Thank you - have fun! *


~ the bard