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10 Lines, 5 Words: Rhyme

Contest Judged:  12/31/2017 8:17:00 PM
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See Contest Description

Contest Description

​Write me a poem in 10 lines using only 5 words per line and it MUST rhyme.

​Any rhyme scheme you wish as long as it rhymes

​Any theme you wish

​My example (I expect yours to be much better)

she sang like ivory doves,
knowing death would always ease-
when her sorrow didn't cease,
she chose to live above.

she wanted to tenderly hide,
wanted to end her pain-
only heartache and blame remained,
her only answer was suicide.

laying roses at her grave,
for my love, couldn't save.


​triple count word count!​

​MUST put date or no placement

NO names or inititals



​many thanks and have fun!

​~Laura Loo~ :):):):):):):):)