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My way

And now as I hold her near
I turn and draw the bedroom curtain
She made what she wants so clear 
She's going to get it tonight for certain
I'm to be a raging bull 
and ravish her not in a shy way 
I'm to drive her into the erotic abyss 
By doing it my way 

Regrets, There have been so few
but the chocolate sauce I'd better mention 
You were supposed to lick not chew 
That's why I'm full of apprehension 
but what a night on the golf course
and the hard shoulder of the highway
After just one romantic kiss 
We did it my way . 

Yes there were times I'm sure you knew 
When I needed a minute or two 
but you didn't have to pout 
Like a sour faced old trout 
because I was soon standing straight and tall
and did it my way . 

We've loved , we've laughed and cried 
My rigidity I was losing 
With passing years stamina subsides 
and you find that so amusing 
Is that it ? I hear you say 
In your own demanding way 
Oh no , Oh no ''cos after a cup of tea''
We'll do it my way . 

For what is a man , What has he got 
If he can't do it twice on the trot 
Wear your dress whenever he feels 
Practice wearing your high heels 
The record shows I love sucking toes 
and I did it my way .

Copyright © DARREN WATSON | Year Posted 2014

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Trying something new

Trying something new , If you think you see something or someone you recognise .
It is purely coincidental.

I met a romantic queen
and made love to her in a dream 
Her mum said . Put him down 
Drive him out of town 
You've no idea where he's been . 

I have a friend named A.D.
I adore all of her poetry
Her writing puts me to shame
but when she mentions my name
I feel like she's flirting with me.

A beautiful lady named Nette 
Said she wouldn't be kissed for a bet 
but a gentleman I aint
If I kissed her she'd faint
and she'd be forever in my debt.

Our very good friend Tim
Swore a beautiful woman was stalking him
but since he's been missing 
He's discovered French kissing
Now our chances of finding him are slim.

I know a young lady named SKAT
When she makes love, She purrs like a cat
She is such a cute kitten 
I admit I am smitten
and I wouldn't mind hearing that.

We have a beautiful friend named F.J.
I asked what she knew about kissing one day
I could tell from her wink
She knows more than we think
and a lot more than she's willing to say.

I'll work on it. 

Copyright © DARREN WATSON | Year Posted 2014

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A broken heart away

She was my first love until it ended
It would last forever I believed
Was it the childish words that so offended
Or were we by our youth just being deceived.
I couldn't do a thing to stop you leaving 
Though I remember hoping you would stay 
but the final words I spoke I still believe in 
I will never be more than a broken heart away.

The memories of that love are still with me 
Loving feelings in my heart are tightly cleft
All around me I see a beautiful history 
Reminders of our love before you left.
Ornaments and pictures on the mantle 
Each a memory I can touch
I have even saved all the scented candles 
and the bible pressed rose you loved so much.

Now I'm hearing your new man has betrayed you 
I heard he hit you and you lived a life of hell 
You now know not a word he spoke has proven true
Since the day he first cast his evil spell.
I'm told you would come back if I asked you 
Nevermore would you feel the need to stray 
This time it would be forever and you'll be true
and you are only a broken heart away .

My friendship is there if you should need me 
My shoulder is yours if you wish to cry
All I own is given to you freely 
but I'm afraid my love I cannot lie 
My broken heart has now mended 
Though scarred by the bitter years of pain
What we shared has truly ended
I just cannot put my heart through that again ,

Copyright © DARREN WATSON | Year Posted 2014

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Prayer for today

Dear lord in heaven hear me I pray
Thank you for the blessing of this beautiful day
I know in your heart lord you wish only peace
I pray man will hear you and hatred will cease.

 You feel betrayed lord Man did not heed your word
You spoke of love but man never heard 
Today we worship riches, Diamonds and gold
For the price of a dollar our souls have been sold.

We make bullets and bombs lord to help us make war
Spread terror and hatred,Refusing to follow your law
For all of our sins lord I pray you will forgive 
Help us to stop fighting and dying , Teach us to live.

Teach us compassion , Teach us to care 
To look after each other in this world we share
Then as we learn lord please walk by our side
Help us to look after the living things you provide.

Mother nature is awesome full of beauty and grace 
Teach us to respect her and put a smile on her face
This is my prayer lord, Thank you for listening to me
Forever in your light I will walk happily.

Copyright © DARREN WATSON | Year Posted 2015

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So many shades of green

visitin me aunty Cushla
For the first time in Ballybay
I found meself beside a signpost
An I stopped to find me way.
It was then I spied a little feller
Laid behind a bale of hay
He was prepared to help me 
but wanted to know what I was prepared to pay.

Well I couldn't believe what I was hearin
He's a tight fisted scallywag
but he wouldn't listen to reason 
and jangled the coins in his money bag.
Would ye do that to a feller Irishman ?
I hope yer marry a sour faced old hag 
He said , Why do yer think I'm chargin yer
Shut yer gob an get out yer swag.

He rubbed his hands as I counted me money
Just like Ebenezer Scrooge 
Gigglin like an hyena 
With his cheeks the colour of rouge.
Twenty pieces of silver
I thought his price was huge
The guys a bloody comedian 
an I am to be his stooge.

He stood up from behind the bale
An dressed in so many shades of green 
With his funny hat and his little pipe
On his shillelagh he began to lean.
Now where was it yer said yer were goin
Ah Ballybay , Well to prove I'm not too mean 
I'm gonna walk there with yer 
Aren't I the most generous leprechaun yerv ever seen?

As we walked I told him about me aunty Cushla
an me bein on holiday fer two weeks
He handed me back me money 
I'm so dumbfounded I can't speak
Ah to see a leprechaun yer must believe 
He said,So yer must forgive me cheek
An its luvvly to see a young Irish lad
Who didn't treat me like a freak.

Well Shamus an me became buddies
Fer the duration of me stay
Downin pints an eatin colcannon 
an dancin in the Irish way
He could really play a fiddle 
An no more did I have to pay
I loved me visit to see aunty Cushla
On me first trip to Ballybay. 

Copyright © DARREN WATSON | Year Posted 2014

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A romantic dream

This world can be cruel 
and people unkind 
but love is a jewel 
Each of us can find 
Desperately lonely 
He's feeling alone 
The explorer is searching 
For someone of his own .

He'll search forever 
If that is what he must do 
To build a life together 
With the love he feels is true
Through disease and sickness
Heartbreak and pain 
Once his heart is given 
In love he'll remain.

So he travels the oceans 
Across borders and skies 
Following his heart 
For its there all truth lies
Time has no meaning 
Forever has no face 
Be it determination or dreaming
He roams place to place .

If his heart is to be sated 
He'll find what was meant to be 
So long fate has waited 
To find love eternally 
Then they'll build a new life 
Into the country they'll flee
A simple man and his new wife 
Escaping life's misery .

In the midst of a forest 
A new log cabin they erect 
Building a new life of beauty
Built on love and respect .
Families will grow strong here 
True love will thrive
They will work together
For the rest of their lives .
True friends are welcome 
To visit our idyllic scene 
We'll even help them 
If they wish to share in our dream.

For any poem#17
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Copyright © DARREN WATSON | Year Posted 2014

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The naked ramblers society

Wobbly bits , Hairy bits and dangly bits galore
So if you're feeling squeamish
Draw your curtains and lock the door
For today is the day in Yorkshire 
When the naked ramblers go on tour.

They will walk beside the railway line
From Settle to Carlisle
All their bits a bouncing 
For mile after mile 
You are welcome to join them
but you can wear nothing but a smile .

One of the guys must have fallen in a puddle 
I think his name is Jim 
Some things shrink when they're in water 
and you'll feel really sorry for him.
The lady garden of Hairy Mary 
Really needs a trim . 

One lady must be American 
Well her wobbly bits have certainly gone 
To the very deepest south .
She's spitting out tobacco juice 
From the corner of her mouth 
Her lady garden looks angry 
With that mass of ginger hair
Goodness gracious , She bent over
Now that really gave me a scare.

I hope I have inspired you 
So if you're feeling brave 
Pop into the bathroom
and give your bits a shave 
Then you can apply to join 
The naked ramblers society 
Don't forget to give me a wave
I'm the guy hiding behind the tree.

Copyright © DARREN WATSON | Year Posted 2014

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Limerick 3

A very beautiful young  lady named Jan 
Explained the things she does for her man
I cannot believe what she said 
The vision won't leave my head 
If she wants to do it to me *She can.

A tribute to a dear friend .lol

Copyright © DARREN WATSON | Year Posted 2014

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My honky tonk angel

I have dreamed so many dreams of life in Texas
Of cowboys and of the history I'd find there
So many hours I have been driving 
but all I see are oil wells everywhere .

Long dusty roads and lorries hauling 
Miles and miles of heavy industry 
but just as I felt my spirit falling 
A vision of loveliness appeared to me . 

Calling to fill my car with fuel 
Perhaps a diet coke to quench my thirst 
Sat behind the counter on a stool 
An angel giggled as I cursed .

She was so pleased that I was from England 
She said my accent sounded like a song 
She listened intently to my story 
Then bluntly told me where I'd been going wrong .

There's a nice hotel in town if you are staying 
You can pick me up at seven by the door 
You're a nice guy but I hope you don't mind me saying 
No guy ever needed my help more .

I drove her to that honky tonk at seven 
Those jeans so tight I swear they're made of paint 
With every word she spoke I felt I was in heaven
Those green eyes would make the toughest cowboy faint.

We danced then I sang her a ballad 
My rendition of always on my mind 
We kissed and we talked for hour on hour
Never have I met anyone so kind .

I walked her safely to her front door
A ranch style house on a leafy avenue
She gave the kind of kiss that shook me to my core
The strangest most beautiful woman I ever knew .

In the days that followed I found Texas 
It was everything I ever thought it could be
and all the while my wonderful honky tonk angel 
Was right there sharing every sweet moment with me .

Copyright © DARREN WATSON | Year Posted 2014

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The things as yet to be

Summer sunshine gently fading 
Casting shadows on the lawn
Weeping willow , Branches cascading 
My quiet corner now adorns.
The last rays of sunshine seeming 
To inspire the butterflies to dance
In that moment I am dreaming 
Of true love and romance .

Kisses in the twilight 
Soon the moon will rise 
The romantic air of midnight
Stars shimmering in the skies.
Tender kisses become demanding
As we feel our passion soar
Two lovers understanding 
We can wait no more .

Touches soft and tender
Ignite feelings of desire
Soon we must surrender
To the flames of passions fire.
Kisses that burn with longing 
Hearts beat as if they'll burst
Feelings of warmth and belonging 
Passionate quenching of our thirst.

I know you are out there somewhere
I'm searching desperately for you 
I've spoken of the moments we'll share
and the things that we will do.
My quiet corner of reflection 
Has once more worked for me 
I have felt true loves affection 
and seen the things as yet to be.

For the any poem goes #15 contest
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Copyright © DARREN WATSON | Year Posted 2014