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Trying something new

Trying something new , If you think you see something or someone you recognise .
It is purely coincidental.

I met a romantic queen
and made love to her in a dream 
Her mum said . Put him down 
Drive him out of town 
You've no idea where he's been . 

I have a friend named A.D.
I adore all of her poetry
Her writing puts me to shame
but when she mentions my name
I feel like she's flirting with me.

A beautiful lady named Nette 
Said she wouldn't be kissed for a bet 
but a gentleman I aint
If I kissed her she'd faint
and she'd be forever in my debt.

Our very good friend Tim
Swore a beautiful woman was stalking him
but since he's been missing 
He's discovered French kissing
Now our chances of finding him are slim.

I know a young lady named SKAT
When she makes love, She purrs like a cat
She is such a cute kitten 
I admit I am smitten
and I wouldn't mind hearing that.

We have a beautiful friend named F.J.
I asked what she knew about kissing one day
I could tell from her wink
She knows more than we think
and a lot more than she's willing to say.

I'll work on it. 

Copyright © | Year Posted 2014

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Date: 3/6/2018 9:56:00 PM
...I miss you knuckle head!
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Date: 3/2/2014 5:38:00 PM
hahahaah.. i like this.. :D hidden "desires"?! :P andyway.. you made me smile reading this.. GOd bless us all.. :)
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Date: 3/5/2014 1:25:00 AM
My hidden desires are always for chocolate , lol
Date: 2/28/2014 8:14:00 AM
Hey, Darren, what's to work on but add more verses. Love it and the poets you've fallen in love with. You've come to the right place, at last.
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Date: 2/28/2014 9:56:00 AM
Thank you I do believe we will keep being reincarnated until we find that place and person we are at home with. Byron is the poet I love most of all . I do hope he has been reincarnated as a lady this time.
Date: 2/27/2014 5:15:00 AM
Very adorable write...Hmmmmmm....Pretty women here! Wonder who that romantic queen is, but you ain't tell, that's for sure. ;) Oh well, the mystery is intriguing as well. Lucky Tim! Smooching up a storm. ;) Lovely write. Enjoyed it a lot!
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Manassian Avatar
Eileen Manassian
Date: 2/28/2014 9:08:00 AM
It sure seems like it, doesn't it, FLO???? ;) By the my post...that was supposed to read..but you ain't telling...are ya? I type so fast that there is hardly time for editing....silly me. Honestly...people see my fingers fly and they wonder if I'm actually making any sense...well...I guess this proves that sometimes I don't! HA HA!
Manassian Avatar
Eileen Manassian
Date: 2/27/2014 12:31:00 PM
You're kidding me, right? Good one! ;)
Date: 2/27/2014 9:33:00 AM
Eileen Look in the mirror , lol
Date: 2/26/2014 7:57:00 PM
hahaha. How cute!!! If this is our first time writing poetry, you are doing pretty great here. You just need to work a bit on the syllable count but your meter is not bad at all and you have a very clever humor. Thanks for what you said about my poetry. It's so great to get new and friendly poets here!! Fave!
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Date: 2/26/2014 8:23:00 PM
Lol . That one was for A.D. Watch your tongue Emily . Tim looks hungry to me , lol
Date: 2/26/2014 7:48:00 PM
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Date: 2/26/2014 7:52:00 PM
I'll get better , lol