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DaRK CloUds - A collaboration with Liam Mc Daid

Grey clouds the innocent sky ambushing light turns dark 
stumbling over a tombstone opening up cold graves

When eyes become frozen behind scenes in hidden truth  
as a weight deadens upon the shoulders without hope 

A ghost from past experience consumes the present 
and golden sands blacken beneath your feet fallen one
Deep undercurrents strains awaken in the ocean 
Invisible cloaked dagger pierces without mercy

I pray waters calming find peace in this mortal frame
as the whirlpool of desires casts an ominous spell

Upon the sea of life Satanic storms enter Hell
and exudes within the malevolent clouds failure
Forgiveness stands at the crossroads beholden no more 
within promise of a dream transparent through the rain 

As yellow moonlight draws one pathway clearly cutting  
brings you safely home to love under a fragile roof   

Under black currents of loss when the heart returns beat 
in the last teardrop sorrow remained faithfully loved 

In collaboration with The Irish Poet Liam Mc Daid 

Copyright © Red Fiery | Year Posted 2016

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My insolent heart

My insolent heart
is audacious.
It dives into your words
Feels your presence,
Makes love to you
My insolent heart 
Knows the truth
you are unreachable.
it ventures around old memories, 
recalls ,
recollects and 
My insolent heart
Takes me away from sanity
Gives me a false hope.
Makes me irrational
Causes irreparable 
My insolent heart 
Knows no boundaries 
It immigrates to a forbidden land where 
love breaks the barrier.
I wonder why my heart is insolent. .
Your blue eyes 
Your  blue eyes


Copyright © Red Fiery | Year Posted 2013

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The WITCH- collaboration with Liam Mc Daid

                                                    The WITCH 
in the town,
draped in black gown,
a WITCH is brewing a storm.
Bringing nightfall to the dainty
spiked with malevolence and vanity
spitting a curse from her wicked tongue
       Silently scoffing the blood of old and young 
          eyes of medusa , cursed to the bottom of the sea
      she is the descendent of a dark world of fantasy.
The magic emanates from her ravenous eyes, 
rendering the stories of deceit and lies,  
grimaced into the gloominess,
of shallows and emptiness,
she is brewing a storm
draped in a black
Gown .

© By rEdfiery and Liam Mc Daid 2016 

Copyright © Red Fiery | Year Posted 2016

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I do not belong to your affluent society,

nor do I live at your mercy

A victim of social circumstances.

You sell your art and I bank on my flesh.

No body likes to  be  called by my name

for I am not a part of your fame..

yet you will sleep with me at night,

smelling my flesh gives u delight !

Don't you throw away your pounds!

Instead ,get some bones for your hounds !

I spit on the way this  society refutes

For no body is a born prostitute !

Smriti Jha aka Redfiery

Copyright © Red Fiery | Year Posted 2011

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Oh! Sky the lonely heart
Dwelling upon my untiring soul
Lost with an unspoken word.
Fountain of misery teaches him
That defiant endurance…
Oh! Sky the lonely soul
The creatures fly and obey
But the hollowness prevails.
The Sun burns him with anguish
Yet he weeps with pride.
Oh! Sky my undeniable hero
You made me the undefeated queen,
But I remained lost in my thoughts of isolation!
Now I wish to merge in you
Come my hero …my sky!

Copyright © Red Fiery | Year Posted 2011

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MiDnIgHt Verse-Introducing: Red Fiery and Poet Destroyer

The raven sky colored with white clouds 
lifted its veil 
Patiently waiting for its radiance to reveal 
I watch these stars while you bathe in the sun 
Our two world's apart, still the sky is one 
The sunlight touches my warm feet, 
While the gentle breeze embraces your heart beat 

Stardust and Nightingales paint the sky 
As the sun turns in, now it's my time to hide 
Tonight I embrace the same stars you slept with 
Dreaming while you savor the sun made myth 
This night I tuck my nightmares under my pillow, 
Bathed by the stars, you romanced with your glow 

Thank you so much Poet Destroyer for collaborating with me...Hugs Red

Copyright © Red Fiery | Year Posted 2016

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Darkness and stillness are my friends
I am poverty and beggary is my trend
A matter of surprise but a subject not to hide
Ignorance is my mother and I am a fatherless child
Soaked in blood and covered with mud
I live in this world like a hopeless bird.
if the whole world turns like me?
A little carelessness turns out to be
Sinking deep in this dilapidated sea
I cry for a life, I cry for your mercy!

Copyright © Red Fiery | Year Posted 2011

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Can I sleep with you

Incurable insomnia had perturbed my eyes 
Negligence had destroyed your hopes too 
You were drenched by a heavy shower of sadness. 
Till My bare lustrous skin approached your hours 
Your hands gradually caressing my dynamic curves 
 Long black curls had fallen on your shoulders 
The ecstacy of my passion reached its final hours 
Emotions ran down to my neck 
You were drugged by a blissful kiss 
Isolation was broken with this union . 
Endless nights  spent in your arms 
 Loneliness was ravaged by the kingdom of happiness 
I slept in your deep tranquil eyes . 
Till the moonlight disappeared in the lonely sky . 
This rapturous dream was beautiful and true 
Can I really sleep with you ?

Copyright © Red Fiery | Year Posted 2011

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Your beautiful soul

My  soft   rosy  petals 

willing to  kiss you

this   morning  bird

sings   with  you

charming   winds

waves   your  red  hair

 your   blue  eyes

meets   MY   sky

for  they  borrow

today and tomorrow

the   colours of  faith

 encompasses  your  breath   

to   learn   more

about   your  soul

The  rivers  ARE

Your  true  friends

For   they  have   always   followed   your  trends !

The  snow  melting  mountains  stands  for  you

 For   you    have   sincerely    adored   them  too..

I   write   my   heart   for  our   passionate  love

The   one   good  life  that   we  both  deserve !

Come   love! Come   love!


  copyright 2011  by smriti Jha 

Copyright © Red Fiery | Year Posted 2011

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my name is Red

Let yourself merge into my colors
for I have different shades,
Coated with mysterious walls,
allow yourself to see through my eyes
feel my agony
for I have different shades
You will find me,
deep within you,
In your heart ,
In your blood.
my name is Red. 

Copyright © Red Fiery | Year Posted 2013