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Volleyball Poems

Volleyball Poems. Read and share great examples of poetry about volleyball. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets on PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for volleyball.

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New Poems

I was fortunate to see him coach his first game
at that time I didn’t know
how fortunate I really was…34 years ago.

Watching his manner, his patience, his kindness, 
his calmness…his overall approach
I quickly learned this man…was much more than just a...Read More
Categories: volleyball, life,
Form: Verse

Premium Member ERIC'S TREE
I pass it every time Ava has a home volleyball game 
and It makes me wonder about fate..
It’s a tree…growing outside my old classroom…planted in 1988.

It was for one of my Autistic students that this one tree came to be…
A...Read More
Categories: volleyball, inspiration, teacher,
Form: Verse
Volleyball Championship
The day of the volleyball tournament arrived,
We had practiced together all year.

I would travel from our parents' beautiful house,
I was accepted as a last minute valuable player.

My friend had sprained her hand and couldn't play,
They asked me to come on...Read More
Categories: volleyball, appreciation, blessing, god, leadership, miracle, poetry, sports,
Form: Free verse
biblically 6
so sayest this sixth
is not the life of the
party nor Christ or
Brian but mine  me

i've never spiked
a drink or volleyball
and haven't been

below the equater
belt if you know
what i mean but
not to try to please

a crowd but
just you and
me i'd...Read More
Categories: volleyball, muse,
Form: I do not know?
Premium Member Oodles of Childhood Memories
Picking berries on grandpa’s farm;
watching him milk cows in the barn.
Getting chased once by swarms of bees.
Oodles of childhood memories.

Books that I read with so much to gain.
Walking down that long country lane;
Hiding behind and climbing up trees.
Oodles of childhood...Read More
Categories: volleyball, childhood,
Form: Rhyme

Premium Member Summer

For children, summer is swing sets and slides,
ice cream or snow cones, carnival rides,
the school bell’s last ring as kids flee the school,
hot dogs at ball games and days at the pool.

It’s pitching a tent and eating s’mores,
then down at...Read More
Categories: volleyball, summer,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member SAND LESS BEACH- A Haiku

unfriendly foreshore
a little, bad hammer swims
beyond the sand less

mud color red clay
water dissipated skies
fish hidden gone where

capture unfriendly
a cross eyed, mad sea gull swims
on the sand less beach 

skydiving sea gull
people playing volleyball
on the sand less...Read More
Categories: volleyball, analogy, appreciation, beach,
Form: Haiku
Premium Member Spring Volleyball - A Haiku
Spring Volleyball - A Haiku

meandering thoughts
a  high, volleyball volleying
out of untied shoe


n the gym forthwith
before hardwood floor bouncing
because of the net


Written words by James Edward Lee Sr. 2019©...Read More
Categories: 10th grade, analogy, sports, volleyball,
Form: Haiku
School Sports
3 school sports I play
I can't do anything but pray 
I cheer, play volleyball and softball
Sometimes I feel like people want to brawl

Cheer is pain and pressure 
It really puts me in great displeasure
We're loud , proud, and sharp
We cheer...Read More
Categories: volleyball, 10th grade, cheer up, dedication, school, softball,
Form: I do not know?
Sanctuary III

My throat feels scratchy
I'm irritable and edgy
Coming down with the flu
Trying to go for success 
I'm still pending
Reaching out to you oh Lord
Please don't make your ears too heavy
I'm ready to repent as my levy
I'm turning down the intensity
I need...Read More
Categories: volleyball, anger, blue, character, conflict, deep, depression, emotions,
Form: I do not know?
Premium Member Have a Ball
Throw it, roll it,
  Bounce it, pass it
Dribble it, bobble it
  Kick it, toss it, miss it

Pitch it, hurl it
  Heave it, sling it
Fastball, slider
  Sinker, knuckler, curve

Underhand, sidearm
  Overhand, 3/4 arm
Whiffle ball, tennis ball
...Read More
Categories: volleyball, baseball, basketball, football, fun, sports,
Form: Light Verse
Different Ball Same Rules
I took a shortcut through the basketball court to get to the airport
But I started running up and down on the basketball court
I picked up a ball from behind the goal post
And join the boys on the court
I didn’t care...Read More
Categories: volleyball, appreciation, basketball, blessing, celebration, encouraging, england, games,
Form: Narrative
In sixth grade we discovered our love of volleyball together.  
She was the setter, I was the hitter. 
The perfect pair. 
We bonded over our distaste for the mustard yellow jerseys 
and our love for the black and yellow...Read More
Categories: volleyball, absence, betrayal, friendship, loss,
Form: Free verse
We watched our granddaughter play volleyball…”There she is!” we both exclaimed
when she stepped onto the court…when she got into the game.

She only played a short time…didn’t even have time to mess her hair
The ball never came her way, but that...Read More
Categories: volleyball, innocence,
Form: Verse
Days At Our Parent's House
The miracle days at our parent's  beautiful house,
Where my sister and sons and I lived with our parents.

I became a leader with the adults,
We would have discussions and I would plan and moderate discussions.

We went onto to win the...Read More
Categories: volleyball, appreciation, beautiful, god, grandfather, grandmother,
Form: Free verse
My Sister
My sister is creative
With every stroke of her paintbrush
To every strum on her guitar
She continues to impress
My sister is an artist

Everyday she is there for me
And continues to guide me
Every step of the way
Making sure I don’t fall
My sister is...Read More
Categories: volleyball, sister,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member The Beach
You walk along the sandy beach 
And you taste the salted air 
You step on very tiny shells 
As the wind blows through your hair
The ocean splashes on your feet 
As your baking in the sun 
You see a...Read More
Categories: volleyball, beach, ocean,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Summer Days
Singing birds and laughing children
Summer sounds seep into our senses

Friends, family and neighbors socialize
Backyard shaded lounging chairs
children playing nearby

Summertime sunshine and outdoor adventure
Fishing at dawn on smooth lake with dad
Swimming, volleyball, of course no teacher
Playing and riding bikes 'till called...Read More
Categories: volleyball, adventure, children, community, family, fantasy, father daughter,
Form: Verse
Premium Member BOY IN THE TREE

And on the child climbs the tree
As he arrives on the forked branch
He sits ever so still it's very windy
It's spring and the squirrels are chattering
As the robins and sparrows play volleyball in the leaves
The cat meows...Read More
Categories: volleyball, adventure, boy, cute, fun, tree,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Art
Art is a one liner
with a beginning 
a middle
and no end ( )
...Read More
Categories: art, identity, life, metaphor, philosophy, volleyball,
Form: Free verse
Wish that I
Am your friend

I don't know
What went wrong
Find the way

Be your friend
Want to tell

I love you
To come home
Give a chance

People dance
Love and joy
Throughout live

Is my wish
Be your friend
In new world...Read More
Categories: volleyball,
Form: Free verse
father, brother, friend, counselor
Brother of late Gabriel, Mary, Pokedia, Salome and Elizabeth
Lover of poetry, Volleyball, and basketball
Who feels love, pain and sympathy
Who fears disappointment, disagreement and hate
Who would like to see Athens, Brazil and Palestine
Resident of Mwanza, Tanzania
Abed....Read More
Categories: volleyball, me,
Form: Bio
Premium Member From the pen of an ex-Bore
Recently, when I was bored, 
I meditated upon boredom,
Over a cup of tea.
And three instances crossed my mind.

In the classroom:
Once, as a student, I was bored 
And dozed off;
Woke up with a start
When the drone of the lecture stopped.
The lecturer...Read More
Categories: volleyball, inspiration, motivation, psychological,
Form: Lyric
Birthday Blessing for Michelle
On a bitter cold snowy, snowy day
She entered the world her own way
My sweet courageous daughter 'Shelly
Beautiful blue eyes and a Fire in her belly

Bubble gum stuck in her curly blonde hair
With a heart full of compassion to share
Always up...Read More
Categories: volleyball, birthday,
Form: Lyric
Premium Member Nothing On
Folks in Old Coppice have been heard to say,
Sometimes a swirling evening mist comes down,
And glimpsed as in a waking dream they may
See wraith-like figures wandering on the lawn
In silent converse, they're so pale and wan,
And to a man, they've...Read More
Categories: volleyball, clothes, creation, happiness,
Form: Rhyme