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Funny Verse Poems

These Funny Verse poems are examples of Verse poems about Funny. These are the best examples of Verse Funny poems written by international poets.

Premium Member Down A Path With Nature
Quote By Poet: "Morning arrives when the brilliant sun first kisses the earth."     
A new morning is now arriving

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Categories: verse, butterfly, dance, flower, joy,

Premium Member In My Pretty Garden
In my pretty garden, 
I see a new blossom.
Each morning the flowers,
welcome me with their silence.


I love to see the swirling butterflies,
going in for...

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Categories: verse, beauty, flower, old, silence,

Premium Member I Miss - What I Miss
I miss true friends,
today people want to have it their way.
I miss the ocean,
pretty blue waves with white caps.
I miss being a child,
when life was...

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Categories: verse, dad, friend, heaven, home,

Premium Member The Cheese Wars
It's a new day as the hot sun starts,
here reporting on the cheese battle.
Overnight the wine and cheese taverns,
moved in for the cracker spread.
The cider...

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Categories: verse, food, fun, giggle, sun,

Premium Member I used to be able to
I used to be able to run full steam all day with little sleep
Now I can barely walk unless I have a little cat nap

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Categories: verse, age,

Premium Member No ciro not amused
You're funny why you always have been impatient when it came to the simply pleasures of life fighting over phone time finally sending me all...

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Categories: verse, america,

Premium Member The World Jump - Dude Like Biblical?
every animal
insect, bird
every human
in the world
every thing
of living being
upon this one day 
did a jump
when all just jumped
the same moment 
then the thump
of the almighty...

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Categories: verse, animal, humanity, miracle, power,

Premium Member Me
A bit of me
Is the epitome
A part of me
The true of me
That’s truly me
The epic of me
A tome of me
So deep in me
The tomb of...

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Categories: verse, celebration, dedication, fun, funny,

Move on over ole Joe
Move on over ole Joe...

and let the youngbloods take the reins
infusing our promised land with hope.

You done good for America,
serving as laudatory President
from 2020 to...

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Categories: verse, america, anger, anxiety, care,

Premium Member Sprightly Sprites One Two Three
one witty Wibblesnow wobbling along

two terrible Tillymows tutting their tongue

three thin Thiggleheads throwing some spoons

four furry Fillimots flying in balloons

five feathered Foulies fumbling a dance


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Categories: verse, crazy, fairy, fantasy, fun,

Premium Member Pained
My head hurts 
Though everyone's head hurts
It's jack knifed stalks of eyes pain
With oh so careful precision slicing of brow
I am resting I suppose
But so...

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Categories: verse, pain,

Premium Member A Huge Tiny Creature
deep in the jungle 
of a desert lowland
lived a huge tiny creature 
the size of his hand

his mouth was just like 
a mountain ravine
with a...

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Categories: verse, character, crazy, fun, funny,

Premium Member U might KNOW OF ME BY MY WEAR-
You might know me by my wear;
Sorely I stand before me, yet the me not really me, yet surely be
if you were to open door...

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Categories: verse, analogy, appreciation, character, funny,

Premium Member When Summer Is Gone
It is time to get back to school,
seeing all our missed friends.
Closet cleaning and shopping,
we need some warmer clothes.
The beach and pool have been,
sent on...

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Categories: verse, beach, food, friend, fun,

Premium Member A Fairly Scary Ghostly Host
a creak, an eek and eery melt
in darkness subtle shimmer felt
berroling, droom in shadow dealt
tip-tipping softly shooming out 

a ghost that leaked and trickled through

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Categories: verse, fun, nonsense, scary,

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