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A Vaasokht is a type of Urdu poem that illustrates the displeasure that a person has with their lover. In addition to that, the persona also argues that his love for the woman is what adds to her worth and value. In the case that the lover fails to change her ways, then the persona will stop loving her, and she will be worthless.

In ancient time, the format of the Vaasokht was that it was made up of eight lines. The first six lines were in a rhyming sequence with the last two lines being having their own set of different rhymes. However, one of the pioneers of Urdu poetry by the name of Mir Taqi Mir changes the format to be as the same of the musaddas which are also a type of poem. The present-day Vaasokht is made up of a total of six rhyming lines. 

A poem describing the displeasure and carelessness of a lover.

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